Amendments To The Cabinet Of 15 April 2003, Regulations No. 183 "invitation Approval Procedure"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 15.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.183 "Ielūgumu apstiprināšanas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 484, Riga, 18 May 2004 (pr. No 29 37) amendments to the Cabinet of 15 April 2003, regulations No. 183 "invitations" issued the approval procedure in accordance with immigration law article 3, third paragraph, and article 13, first subparagraph make the Cabinet of 15 April 2003, the Regulation No 183 of the approval procedure for "invitation" (Latvian journal, 2003, no. 65) the following amendments: 1. Add to paragraph 10 by the following sentence: "such documents administration officials may not require If you invite a spouse, parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren, as well as if the inviter in the signature certifies that he has a sufficient livelihood support and invited a foreigner staying in the Republic of Latvia does not become a burden on the social assistance system of the country. "
2. Make the following paragraph 11.2.2.: "11.2.2. nationality, the status of the specified State;".
3. To supplement the provisions of this paragraph 11.2.6: "the estimated visa 11.2.6. submission of the request."
4. Make the following point 12: ' 12. One request may specify several uzaicināmo of foreigners, if they have a common goal of visa of entry and request they will submit one mission. "
5. Supplement with 15.1 points as follows: "15.1 If a foreigner in accordance with the laws and regulations that govern the working of the application for the permit and the procedure for issuing foreigner wants to get a visa and a work permit to become employed in the Republic of Latvia, the inviter welcome approval: 15.1 1. submit the education qualifications of foreigners or work experience with a copy of the identity document, except if: 15.1 1.1. intended to employ foreigners, from the national budget and local government-funded cultural institution on the composers, musicians, singers, choreographers, dancers, film, theatre or another Director or actor, circus artists or performances involved in providing technical staff;
15.1 1.2. foreigner's consultant (expert) who provides assistance at national or local authority, or help with the international project, which is a Member State of the Republic of Latvia;
15.1 2. employment contract, submitted to the enterprise agreement or other contract a copy of the civil law;
15.1 3. work permit is issued to provide the necessary information: 15.1 3.1. employment of foreigners;
15.1 3.2 for foreigners in specialty (Professional);
15.1 3.3. working time in hours a week;
15.1 3.4 salary per month. "
6. To express the following paragraph 16: "an official decision on the 16 invitation approval takes two working days after receipt of the request. An official decision on the approval of the invitation takes 10 working days if a decision to require additional testing, or 30 days if the State security authorities shall carry out additional checks, received information that additional inspection within 10 working days to make. If the decision requires further examination, the officer shall inform the host. "
7. Add to subparagraph behind number 19.1. "9." with the number "12".
8. Express section 21.3.2. the following wording: "21.3.2. nationality, the status of the specified State;".
9. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph in the 21.3.8: "the estimated visa 21.3.8. submission of the request;". Prime Minister i. Emsis Interior Minister er ivry