The Order In Which The Constitutional Protection Office Paid Official Of Retirement Pension

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā izmaksājama Satversmes aizsardzības biroja amatpersonu izdienas pensija

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 513 Riga, June 1, 2004 (pr. No. 33) order in which the constitutional protection Office paid official retirement pension issued under the constitutional protection Office's official retirement pension Act, article 9 of the sixth and article 14 1. determines the order in which the constitutional protection Office paid official of the retirement pension (retirement pension). 2. A retirement pension is paid each month. The constitutional protection Office (hereinafter the Office), on the basis of the application receiving the retirement pension, retirement pension transfer she specified credit institutions of the Republic of Latvia, or settlement system (SSS) or sent by post to the account of a home on retirement pension beneficiary's address. Request to transfer retirement pension credit or PN account renewable every 12 months. 3. The retirement pension beneficiary who leaves to live abroad, the Office shall submit a written application for a retirement pension costs continue and indicate the credit institution of the Republic of Latvia and the account to be charged for a retirement pension. 4. recipient of the retirement pension to which the after departure to foreign countries continue, the cost of the retirement pension each year up to December 15, restores the application for a retirement pension. Submitted by: 4.1 the application personally, arriving in the Office during the period from 1 October to 15 December;
4.2. with an authorized person or sent by mail. In this case, the application shall be accompanied by no earlier than the year's October 1 notarial assurance given that the retirement pension beneficiary is alive. If the request is submitted by an authorised person, the presentation of the relevant mandate. 5. Expenses related to retirement pension or retirement pension costs, part of the Office of the State budget. 6. After the award of old-age pensions retirement pension beneficiary cost: 6.1. State social insurance agency (hereinafter Agency) — old-age pension;
6.2. the Office: the difference between the amount of the retirement pension and old-age pensions granted about (retirement pension). 7. to determine the payments part of the retirement pension, retirement pension beneficiary by the law "on State pensions" of a certain age, as well as officials of the Office, which interrupted service (working) relationship with the Office if the age reached and requested retirement pension at the age of retirement shall be submitted to the Office, the Agency issued a certificate of age pension and the date of the award. 8. any age pension changes to the agency within seven days notify the Office. 9. payment of the retirement pension that interrupted the constitutional protection Office's official retirement pension in the cases stipulated by law, renewable with the day when newly acquired the rights to it. Prime Minister i. Emsis Defense Minister a. Slakter States