The Procedure For The Determination And Recoverable Losses Associated With Deterioration Of The Drainage System, Destruction Or Restriction Of Their Use

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā nosakāmi un atlīdzināmi zaudējumi, kas saistīti ar meliorācijas sistēmu bojāšanu, iznīcināšanu vai to izmantošanas tiesību ierobežošanu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 520 Riga, June 1, 2004 (pr. No 33 49) procedure for the determination and recoverable losses, connected with the drainage system, destruction or deterioration of their rights of use Issued under the Reclamation Act article 9 1. determines the procedure for the determination and recoverable losses associated with deterioration of the drainage system, destruction or restriction of their use (loss). 2. A Person with unlawful act or omission done or made drainage system damage (also arbitrarily entering the commercial activity of modified and untreated waters), destruction or restriction on its use (hereinafter referred to as the cause of loss), compensation for damages in full. 3. Losses are determined based on the amount of work and cost estimates required to restore your damaged or destroyed the drainage system to a previous state or prevent drainage systems exploitation rights. 4. the rural support service losses shall be based on one of the following documents: 4.1 application for drainage system destruction or damage to its use because of the disqualification loss (annex 1) (hereinafter referred to as the application). The application shall be submitted to the person who provides the relevant reclamation systems operation and maintenance, or its authorized person (hereinafter the applicant);
4.2. the Act concerning the drainage system tampering, destruction or restriction on its use. Act drawing up the rural support service of the regional administration in agriculture (hereinafter referred to as the regional agricultural administration) official. 5. the calculation of the loss the applicant may call up the hidromelioratīv construction of the licensed or certified individual. Pieaicinām a person indicates in the application. 6. The applicant shall submit the application to the regional agricultural administration, the territory of which the drainage system. 7. for the purpose of calculating losses and determine the reimbursement deadline, regional agricultural administration set up by the Commission. Panelists include: 7.1 the regional agricultural administration representative;
7.2. the provisions of paragraph 5, if the persons referred to in the application, the applicant pointed out;
7.3. the municipal representative. 8. for the purpose of calculating losses, the Commission is entitled to invite the applicant, as well as the experts, the cause of injury. If the damage is not caused, the damage calculation without his participation. 9. Within ten working days following this rule 4.1 or 4.2 of the document referred to in the Commission calculation and the regional agricultural administration redials for the drainage system of the deterioration, destruction or limitation of the right to use them because of the damage caused (annex 2) (hereinafter referred to as the Act). 10. The Act specifies the estimated damages and shall determine the period within which the damaged or destroyed to restore the drainage system or the amount of damages payable. 11. a copy of the Acts issued or sent by post to the applicant and the agent losses. 12. Damages caused within the time limit set in the legislation to pay the calculated losses by restoring the damaged or destroyed the drainage system to a previous state or including the calculated amount of loss the account specified by the applicant. 13. If the loss of the time-limits laid down in the acts of the agent does not pay the calculated losses, the laws and the applicant duly submitted to the Court for the recovery of damages. Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of Agriculture m. Roze annex 1 Cabinet on June 1, 2004 Regulations No 520 of Agriculture Minister m. rose annex 2 Cabinet on June 1, 2004 Regulations No 520 of Agriculture Minister m. rose