Amendments To The Latvian Central Depository Regulations No. 10 "de-Registration Of Financial Instruments"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Latvijas Centrālā depozitārija noteikumos Nr.10 "Par finanšu instrumentu dereģistrāciju"

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Latvian Central Depositary of amended provisions of the Latvian Central Depository No 10 "de-registration of financial instruments" approved by the Latvian Central Depository Council of 2 June 2004, a coherent financial and capital market Commission of the Council of 4 June 2004, in the Latvian Central Depository regulations No. 10 "de-registration of financial instruments" (published in the "journal" No. 18, 04.02.2004.) the following amendments: 1. Make the following paragraph 2.6.3: "2.6.3. all rights arising but is separated from the dereģistrējam financial instruments and located in SRI, dereģistrēj automatically with financial instruments (do not need a separate request for de-registration), except the shares that de-registration owners have not adopted a final share buy-back offer and which the de-registration is made in these rules, 4. nodaŗ. "
2. To add a new fourth of nodaŗ by the following: "4. de-registration procedures of shares in the stock buy-back offer final results 4.1. these provisions of the nodaŗ determines the order in which it is dereģistrēt shares and the rights which flow from them, which are posted on the LCD when SR., 81, and 82 of law. in accordance with the procedure laid down in article is expressed in the final share buy-back offer (hereinafter referred to as the final offer) and is not accepted by the shareholders (hereinafter referred to as a former shareholder of) the final offer it made within the time limit.
4.2. Starting with the next day after a final offer until the maturity date of the LCD out of the rules referred to in point 4.1 of this nodaŗ in the de-registration of shares.
4.3 LCD dereģistr the SR to the former name of shareholders shares posted the final offer raised the personal financial instruments account only after a final offer made in person in the LCD Bank cash account is ieskaitījus money amount (in LCY) that calculates to a former shareholder, SR posted the number of shares multiplied by the final offer set out in the prospectus of shares buy-back price.
4.4. Dividends that are calculated and that the issuer has paid the rules referred to in point 4.1 the shares until the final offer and for which there is a former shareholder claims are not dereģistrēt with shares, but are counted in terms of money referred to in paragraph 4.3 of the account in the Bank of Latvia.
4.5. the former shareholders of money due to him līdzekŗ (the consideration for the shares and atpirktaj outstanding dividend, if any) can be obtained by submitting a request for money LCD. The application must specify: 4.5.1. former shareholder properties (physical person: name, surname and personal code, or other identification number, legal person — name, registration number);
4.5.2. the share issuer's name and the number of shares, if the former shareholders can give accurate information about the number of shares.
4.6. LCD participant immediately, but not later than the next business day after receipt of the request, the cost of sending the notice of cash cost LCD demand, in addition to 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. for information referred to in paragraph 1 shall also indicate the ISIN code of the shares.
4.7. LCD check whether the information provided in the notice meets the LCD information available, i.e. the person specified in the notice or the day following the final quotation expiry date was registered and the name of the SR was posted on the shares. According to the results of the check LCD on the second working day after receipt of the notification: 4.7.1. send member approval for money LCD costs, if the information given in the notification complies with the LCD on-current;
4.7.2. sending a participant to take the LCD refusal of the money if the information given in the notification does not comply with the LCD on-hand.
4.8. If the LCD member receives from the LCD's refusal to take money out of the operation, the LCD participants kŗūd. Participants will examine and compare LCD LCD sent notification data provided by former shareholders of the data provided in the request and, if a test found that: 4.8.1. kŗūd occurred at the LCD members, creating an announcement file, the LCD participant on the date of receipt of the refusal of the correction and kŗūd repeatedly served notice on a cash cost LCD demand;
4.8.2. kŗūd a former shareholder as a result of the information provided, then a member of the LCD after refusing money receipt shall notify the former shareholder who submitted the request for money. In this case, the cost of money request is held to be invalid, and the former shareholders must be completed and submitted to the members of the new money the LCD costs.
4.9 LCD dēŗ of each first working day even LCD participant a sum of money (the consideration for the shares and atpirktaj outstanding dividend, if any) in the previous dēŗ not received and approved. LCD LCD participant from the received sum of money within one business day including former shareholders of money specified account. "
3. To consider the fourth nodaŗ of fifth nodaŗ, changing the numbering of the fifth nodaŗ.
4. Express 5.1. point as follows: "5.1. rules and amendments shall enter into force the day after their publication in the newspaper" journal ", if the LCD is not specified by the Council of the entry into force of the later period."