The Order In Which Develops And Supports The Position Of The Republic Of Latvia Of The Treaty Establishing The European Community, Within The Framework Of The Infringement Procedure

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā izstrādā un atbalsta Latvijas Republikas nostāju Eiropas Kopienas dibināšanas līguma pārkāpuma procedūras ietvaros

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 553 Riga, June 21, 2004 (pr. No 38, 27) the order in which develops and supports the position of the Republic of Latvia of the Treaty establishing the European Community, within the framework of the infringement procedure Issued under Cabinet installations article 14 of the law, first paragraph, point 3 i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the development and support of the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter Latvia) the position of the Treaty establishing the European Community, of the 226.227. and article 228 of the infringement procedure provided for in (infringement proceedings) (the position).
2. Position designed to express official views of Latvia and the effective protection of the interests of Latvia, where the European Commission (hereinafter the Commission) has found the Treaty establishing the European Community and of formal notice sent by the exact violation, giving the opportunity for Latvia to submit observations or by receipt of the observations of Latvia issued a reasoned opinion on the matter, which put the executable specified period requirements for the prevention of irregularities.
II. coordination of the infringement procedure on 3 position is responsible for the preparation of the Ministry or a special task Minister's secretariat (hereinafter referred to as the responsible Ministry), which defines the Mission of Latvia to the European Union (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) in accordance with the Statute of the Ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers of 11 June 2003 order No. 385 "The Ministry and the other State authorities in matters of the European Union".
4. If it is not possible to determine a single Ministry responsible, determined by mutual agreement between the institutions. Disputes addressed in chapter III of these rules.
5. developing the Latvian position, participating institutions provide cooperation in the course of the infringement procedure.
6. Representation at the Commission's informal notification (notification sent by the Commission, when not found violations, but has launched a review of the alleged infringement and has asked the responsible Ministry or its officials comments), a formal notice or reasoned opinion of it without delay to the competent Ministry and the Justice Ministry.
7. Receive informal communication, responsible Ministry: 7.1. in cooperation with the participating institutions prepare answers;
7.2. sending the Mission response for submission to the Commission, and a copy of the response for submission to the Ministry of Justice.
8. on receipt of the formal notification, the responsible Ministry: 8.1. in cooperation with the participating institutions prepare draft position and submit it for consideration by the meeting of senior officials of the European Union (hereinafter referred to as the senior officials meeting);
8.2. the senior officials meeting of the coordinated project submitted for the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers;
8.3. representation of the position send for submission to the Commission.
9. on receipt of a reasoned opinion, the responsible Ministry: 9.1. draft position development convene a meeting attended by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Chancellery (the Office for European Affairs) and other issues related to the appropriate representatives of the institutions;
9.2. submit draft position in the Cabinet of Ministers for approval;
9.3. inform the relevant Parliamentary Commission, if a position requires the adoption of new laws or amendments to current legislation;
9.4. send mission position for submission to the Commission.
10. The Ministry of Justice coordinates the preparation and submission of the position of the Cabinet of Ministers for approval, subject to the Commission's formal notice or in the reasoned opinion the position set out in the submission deadline.
III. Resolution of disputes 11. If the preparation of the position of the representatives of the institutions cannot agree on the Division of powers or any other matter relating to the position, then the responsible Ministry or the Ministry of Justice (if the responsible Ministry has not been determined) appearance of the proposal at a meeting of senior officials.
12. If the senior officials meeting, agreement has been reached, the matter shall be submitted to the Cabinet.
IV. final question 13 to these rules that create the meeting of senior officials to the meeting of senior officials conducted a meeting of senior officials on issues of European integration.
Prime Minister i. Emsis in place of the Minister of Justice, Minister of defence (A). the Editorial Note: Slakter rules shall enter into force on July 7, 2004.