The National Agency Of The Youth Programme Of The International Agency "regulations

Original Language Title: Valsts aģentūras "Jaunatnes starptautisko programmu aģentūra" nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 592 in Riga on 13 July 2004 (pr. Nr. 42) 21 government agencies "youth program" International Agency Regulations Issued under the public law agency 8. the third paragraph of article i. General question 1. National Youth Agency "international program agency" (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) is the Ministry of education and science in the national monitoring authority, the purpose of which is to promote young people's activity and mobility, participation in youth volunteering, informal education and youth information programmes and projects, as well as to promote non-formal education of young people in the context of lifelong learning.
II. Agency functions, tasks and rights agencies function 2 is: 2.1. to ensure the European Union's youth programme implementation;
2.2. ensuring European youth information network administration in Latvia and the European Youth Portal information for national renewal and replenishment;
2.3. ensure the national youth information network building and administration.
3. the tasks of the Agency are: 3.1 to inform and educate the public and local government bodies and non-governmental organizations international youth non-formal education;
3.2. to inform and educate the public and local government bodies and non-governmental organizations for youth international cooperation and European Union youth programmes;
3.3. to ensure the competence of the Agency International youth non-formal education programme and project coordination, management, monitoring and quality control;
3.4. to cooperate with the countries of the European Union and other government bodies to develop youth international programs and projects in Latvia;
3.5. to organize information on international youth program and project development and results in Latvia;
3.6. to organize the provision of information and advice on planning international cooperation projects for youth organisations and those working with youth;
3.7. promoting youth exchange projects with the countries of the European Union and other countries;
3.8. to promote opportunities for the youth and the people who work with youth, learning the international experience of informal education;
3.9. to provide information on youth cooperation projects.
4. the Agency shall have the right to: 4.1 to request and receive from the State and municipal institutions, as well as the laws and regulations in the order of natural and legal persons of the agencies function information required;
4.2. to publish information material and to provide the media information on the competence of the Agency questions;
4.3. to participate in the Ministry of education and science activities, project and program coordination, planning, preparation and implementation in the context of non-formal education for young people and those working with youth;
4.4. preparing proposals for legislative projects youth non-formal education and to submit it to the Ministry of education and science;
4.5. create, reorganize and liquidate branches of the Agency after the decision in coordination with the Ministry of education and science;
4.6. organize and manage seminars and conferences;
4.7. the charge for public services provided by the Agency;
4.8. in accordance with the laws and regulations to deal with the Agency's action in existing buildings, facilities, equipment, inventory, other material values and financial assets.
III. Agency governance 5. The work of the agency headed by the Director of the Agency. Deputy Director can be.
6. The Director of the Agency's responsibilities are defined in the law, public agencies, public facilities, the law of contract and management contract.
7. the Agency's territorial unit — an affiliate — chaired by the Branch Manager. Branch Manager of recruiting, dismissal and disciplinary penalty the Agency Director. Branch Manager's duties, rights and responsibilities determined in the employment contract and regulations branch.
8. the Agency issues the Director issue management decisions and internal regulations.
9. The Director of the Agency shall take a decision on the contested decision, and officials of the Agency the Agency's employee's actual action. The Director of the Agency's decision and the actual action can challenge the Ministry of education and science of the administrative process of regulatory legislation.
IV. Agency Advisory Council 10. According To international trends in non-formal education to promote the implementation of national policies on youth non-formal education in the field of development, Minister of education and science established the Agency's Advisory Board (hereinafter the Board). The Advisory Forum is an advisory agency of the law.
11. the Advisory Council shall operate in accordance with the Minister of education and Science approved the Charter.
12. the Advisory Board has the following tasks: to promote the development of the Agency 12.1. strategies for effective implementation;
12.2. to assess the compliance of the activities of the Agency in the public administration and the national youth policy;
12.3. to promote non-formal education for youth development institutions involved in implementation of the concerted action.
13. the Minister of education and Science determines the numerical composition of the Board and its manpower be approved.
14. the composition of the Board of the Minister of education and science sectors include professionals, as well as public institutions and non-governmental organisations authorised representatives.
15. the work of the Council to ensure the Agency's facilities.
V. property of the Agency and funded 16. the Agency's financial resources shall consist of: 16.1. State budget grant from the general revenue;
16.2. income from paid services rendered by the Agency;
16.3. foreign financial assistance;
16.4. donations and gifts.
17. the Agency with its possession passed to the Act public law agency in article 16.
18. the law on the Agency's budget and financial management in the order with the permission of the Minister of Finance has the right to take loans and to enter into leasing contracts. Prior authorization of the Minister of finance transactions that the documentation prepared by the Agency to coordinate with the Ministry of education and science.
Prime Minister i. Emsis was the Minister of education and science in place of Welfare Minister d. Staķ is the Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 17 July 2004.