With The Radiation Safety Arrangements For The Construction Of Structures

Original Language Title: Ar radiācijas drošību saistīto būvju būvniecības kārtība

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/91240

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 600 in Riga on 13 July 2004 (pr. No 42, § 38) with the radiation safety arrangements for the construction works Issued pursuant to article 6 of the law on construction of the first part of paragraph 5 i. General questions 1. rules determined by the radiation safety of structures of civil design, construction and acceptance of the works, as far as not provided for by other laws governing construction.
2. The terms used in the following terms: 2.1 with radiation safety related structures — structures that are located or planned national ionizing radiation, as well as the construction of objects that are located or planned to deploy fixed technological equipment, which directly affect the operation of radiation safety and nuclear safety national nuclear facility, where actions can result in a significant increase in the exposure of potential;
2.2. the significant potential increase in exposure, potential exposure dose rate increase for more than 50% compared with the last five years measurements found the average radiation dose to employees or the potential increase in exposure, which may be exceeded in the radiation dose limits and endangered the health of the population (the lowest value);
2.3. the acceptance of the works, the adoption service or construction demolition job.
II. The radiation safety of structures civil design and construction 3. Minister of environment created with the radiation safety of the construction of the permanent premises of the Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Standing Committee). Permanent Commission shall include one representative from the Ministry of defence, Ministry of environment, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of health, Ministry of education and science, Ministry of welfare, regional development and local government Ministry, radiation safety and radioactive waste management state agencies. Environment Minister after consulting with the mentioned ministries approved regulations and the Standing Commission personnel.
4. the radiation safety of structures in construction, on behalf of a Subscriber does the Ministry responsible for radiation safety with related structures (hereinafter referred to as the customer).
5. prior to the commencement of the principal civil design submitted to the Ministry of the environment of the construction application — tab card.
6. the Standing Committee shall evaluate the application, construction records and adopt appropriate decisions. If the decision is positive, the Commission shall, within 20 days after the construction of the application — the timecard registrations down civil design of the initiation of the necessary documents (annex 1) and issue planning technical task (annex 2).
7. The customer shall submit a construction Ministry of the environment. The Standing Committee shall assess the projects and one month after its submission or request a construction accepts Amendments to construction and set a time limit for amendment.
8. The Standing Committee accepted construction plan is the basis for a decision on the issue of the building permit. Building permits (annex 3) shall be issued by the Ministry of the environment.
9. The Standing Committee decisions may be challenged in the Environment Ministry.
10. radiation safety related structures construction, if it happens the operator a controlled area in which activities with ionizing radiation sources, by those in addition to the license for būvuzņēmējdarbīb or būvpraks certificate of a special permit (license) activities with ionizing radiation sources.
11. the debris and waste resulting from the radiation safety in the construction of buildings, classified as follows: 11.1 No radioactive waste, which is to be determined in accordance with the hazard Cabinet of 19 June 2001, regulations No 303 "rules on the classification and characteristics of the waste, which makes the waste hazardous ';
11.2. the radioactive waste.
12. before the adoption of the works submitted to the Standing Committee the principal proof of completion of the works (annex 4).
III. The radiation safety related structures construction making arrangements 13. Works adopt environment ministers established the Commission for construction works (hereinafter the Commission). The Commission is chaired by a representative of the national būvinspekcij. The Commission is the representative of the Standing Commission, the principal representative of the principal contractor's representative and a representative of the municipal administrative territory of which made with radiation safety related construction works.
14. The Commission is empowered to initiate the adoption of the work if the work shared by all its members.
15. The Commission Chairman has the right to call upon the work of the Commission and other officials and experts with advisory capacity.
16. The works are accepted if they are made in accordance with the construction plan, as well as the laws and requirements of radiation safety requirements and the requirements of the environmental impact assessment (if any) in the final report.
17. The Commission of the adoption of the legislation on public works (annex 5). Works are accepted by the Act of signing day.
18. the adoption of the legislation on public works shall be made four copies. One copy shall be submitted to the Permanent Commission, one for būvvald, two copies are stored at the Subscriber.
Prime Minister i. Emsis Environment Minister r. vējonis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 17 July 2004.