Children, Family And Integration Affairs Ministry Regulations

Original Language Title: Bērnu, ģimenes un sabiedrības integrācijas lietu ministrijas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 687 in Riga on august 3, 2004 (Mon. No 46) children's and Family Affairs Ministry regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. Child and Family Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) is the leading national authority on the rights of the child in the field of the protection and rights of children and the family.  2. the Ministry is directly subject to the child and Family Affairs (hereinafter: the Minister). 3. the Ministry is the highest authority subordinated to the Ministry of national regulatory authorities.
II. The Ministry's functions, tasks and responsibilities 4. Ministry functions: 4.1.  develop a national policy on the rights of the child in the field of the protection and rights of children and the family; 4.2. to organize and coordinate the implementation of the policy on the rights of the child in the field of the protection and rights of children and the family; 4.3. perform other functions set out in the legislation.
5. in order to ensure the fulfilment of the functions of the Ministry: 5.1. organise and coordinate monitoring of compliance with the laws and the rights of the child; 5.2. provide methodological assistance for the local professionals on the rights of the child and protection of children's ārpusģimen in the field of the organisation of care; 5.3. provide child care facilities of ārpusģimen supervision and methodical management of the rights of the child; 5.4. provide family courts (pagastties) (except for the functions set out in the law "about a fosters and pagastties" in chapters VII and VIII) supervision and methodical management; 5.5. provides adoptable child and adoptive single records in the registry and adoption legislation in the order issued to the adoptive parents of the child orders of ārpusģimen care institutions; 5.6. appropriate competency organizes international cooperation in child protection and child and family law; 5.7. organizes research on child protection and family law issues, analyse the implementation of the rights of children in the process, reports, proposals and recommendations on the situation of the rights of children, and child and family law; 5.8. every five years, be prepared for submission to the United Nations Committee on the rights of the child report on the situation of children in Latvia and the rights of the child protection measures taken; 5.9. develop such projects for cooperation with foreign countries, international institutions and associations related to the protection of the rights of the child and family law issues, coordinate the execution of the projects mentioned, as well as participation in international planning assistance programmes and participating in them; 5.10. the Ministry allocated State provides budget used for the intended purposes; 5.11. the laws and carrying out other tasks.
6. Ministry: 6.1 develop industry regulatory legal acts and policy planning documents; 6.2. provide opinions on other institutions developed acts and policy planning documents for projects; 6.3. the external regulations issued in the cases specified in the regulations; 6.4. the laws prepared and duly submit proposals for legislation and relevant policy planning documents for the implementation of the measures and tasks of the Ministry necessary financing from the State budget; 6.5. appropriate competency represent national interests in international organisations and European institutions; 6.6. National behalf by private transactions that are required for the operation of the Department; 6.7. the functions check, as well as other checks in subordinated to the Ministry of public administrations; 4.2. ensure public order research application development, as well as to promote the effective use of research results in policy development in the sector; 6.9. inform the public about the national policy the Ministry competence areas and consult with non-governmental organizations in the decision-making process, as well as promote social dialogue on issues related to policy development and implementation; 6.10. provide a binding for Latvia between-and international contracts according to competence.
7. The Ministry has the right to involve the: 7.1 sector policy issues Ministry, other government agencies, municipalities and other authorities; 7.2. to participate in the international organization held events, to conclude international cooperation agreements, and coordinate international cooperation; 7.3. in accordance with the Child Protection Act, article 65.1, on its own initiative or on the basis of the complaint, check for any State or local authorities, or other social service activities on the rights of the child in the field of defence and to request information from the relevant authorities in this area; 7.4. to request and receive, free of charge from ministries, local authorities and other governmental and non-governmental institutions in the Ministry's tasks required for the implementation of the information and documents; 7.5. to exercise other legal rights.  
III. structure and officials of the Ministry competence 8. Ministry led by Minister. 9. Ministers: 9.1. without express authorisation by the representative of the Ministry; 9.2. instructs the Secretary of State and the political officials of the Ministry; 9.3. instructs the Ministry of administration officials and employees who inform higher officials; 9.4. give orders to officers and employees of the Ministry and manages those binding internal legislation, in so far as external laws and regulations provide otherwise; 9.5. external regulations defined within the competencies of the Ministry supervises the operation, as well as officers or empowered the Ministry officials then; 9.6. you can cancel the Parliamentary Secretary, Secretary and other administration officials at the Ministry could have internal regulations, decisions and orders, excluding administrative provisions; 9.7. appointed and released from the post of State Secretary of the Ministry; 9.8. the internal audit system of the Ministry; 9.9. external laws and regulations prescribed concludes international agreements; 9.10. the laws and regulations of other specific functions.
10. Parliamentary Secretary to make public administration facilities Act and other legislation. 11. Secretary of State: 11.1. organizes the sector policy and strategy development and implementation of sectoral policies; 11.2. runs the administrative work and organise the Ministry functions; 11.3. ensure the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary of the order; 11.4. create a rational structure for the functions of the Ministry; 11.5. the financial resources of the plan the Ministry's subordinated to existing national regulatory authorities; 11.6. adopt managerial decisions and issue internal regulations; 7.3. without express authorisation by the representative of the Ministry; 11.8. give direct orders the Ministry of administration officials and employees; 7.4. ensure Ministry continuity, in the case of the political leadership of the Ministry; 11.10. other equipment of the public administration Act direct authorities public administration functions and other legislation in certain functions.
12. The Secretary of State can be alternates. Deputy Secretary of State, as well as the competence of the Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry for internal departments down the Secretary of State. 13. The Ministry's departments is the Department, it Department and independent sections.  14. the Department, it Department and an independent section creates, reorganize and eliminate the Secretary of State. The Department, it Department and an independent chapter of the regulations after consulting the Secretary of State shall issue the relevant head of Department. 15. the departments and chapters are independent of the subject to the Secretary of State or a Deputy Under Secretary in the Division of functions provided. 16. the Department is headed by the Director of the Department. The Department's Deputy Director can be. Department and a Deputy Director of the competence in the official job description or employment contract.  17. the Section is headed by a head of Department. Department heads may have a Deputy. Head of unit and Deputy competence in the official job description or employment contract.  18. the Minister and State Secretary in the Ministry can create a Council, working groups and the Commission. Such institutions can engage other institutions authorised representatives, as well as individuals. The institution of the regulations approved by the Minister or Secretary of State.
IV. activities of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of the provisioning mechanism of the activity reports

19. The Ministry of Justice provided the activities of the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is responsible for the management decisions for the creation and operation of the system. 20. The Secretary of State has the right to cancel the decision of the Ministry of administration officials and internal regulations. 21. The Secretary of State adopted the decision on the individual's contested the Ministry's administration officials issued the administrative act or Government officials and employees, the actual action if external laws and regulations unless otherwise specified. 22. the Secretary of State issued administrative provisions and the actual action of an individual may appeal to the Court. 23. The Ministry not less frequently than once a year, provide to the Minister reports on the implementation of the policy of the sector, the Ministry's functions and the use of budget resources, as well as the laws and regulations established shall prepare an annual public report on the implementation of the sectoral policy.   24. The Minister shall have the right at any time to request a review of the sector or individual areas of policy implementation, as well as the Ministry's subordinated to the activities of the national regulatory authority.
V. Ministry of subordinated to the national regulatory authority is subordinated to the Ministry 25 maintenance guarantee fund administration.
VI. final question 26. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 4 February 2003, the provisions of no. 57 "the Minister with special responsibility for children and Family Affairs of the Secretariat of the Charter" (Latvian journal, 2003, no. 21).
Prime Minister i. Emsis child and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions with the 7 august 2004.