Environmental Requirements For Sawmill And Woodworking Equipment

Original Language Title: Vides prasības kokzāģētavām un kokapstrādes iekārtām

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/92097

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 691 in Riga on august 3, 2004 (Mon. No 46 80) environmental requirements for sawmill and woodworking equipment, Issued in accordance with the law "on pollution" in the second paragraph of article 24.2 i. General questions 1. provisions shall be set out in specific environmental requirements of polluting operations carried out in the woodworking machinery and sawmill. 2. the rules apply to polluting activities of category C when carried out: 2.1 at sawmills for the processing of logs in 2000 m3 and more year; 2.2. wood processing plants that use wood cutting technique (e.g. sawing and garenfrēzēšan); 2.3. installations for the production of fuel from wood residues.
3. If the sawmill or woodworking facility also carries out other pollutants action according to the law "on pollution" or Annex 1. The Cabinet of Ministers of 9 July 2002, rule no. 294 "procedures of piesakām A, B, and C categories of activities and pollutants in question permits A and B category contaminating activities" 1. in the annex, the operator must obtain a permit, and the category of those provisions, the requirements laid down are minimum requirements to be taken into account in addition to the other requirements set out in the permit.
II. requirements for the control of pollution and the control Operator 4 equipped woodworking machines, which are located on the premises and in the time of dust, with nosūcējventilācij. Air from cleans the exhaust before nosūcējventilācij ciklono or filters to limit dust dispersion in the environment. 5. air treatment plant operated in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications or instructions that are available in the work place. Filters are fitted with a differential pressure difference meter to control the operation of the equipment, if required by the manufacturer's specification. 6. Wood dust concentration in the air after treatment as one-hour mean value does not exceed 50 mg/Nm3 (0 ° c, 101.3 kPa, dry gas) new installations and 75 mg/Nm3 (0 ° c, 101.3 kPa, dry gas) equipment put into service before the date of entry into force of the provisions. 7. the locales cyclone exhaust emissions point is not less than two metres above the mill or woodworking machinery building top roof ridge and radius not less than 50 m above the roof ridge of the building if the building people staying longer than eight hours a day. 8. Operator provides daily air purification equipment, to ensure that they operate according to the manufacturer's instructions. If non-compliance is observed, the operator stops the production and repair of equipment. For non-compliance and any repairs made to the accounting records of the journal. 9. at least once a year, the operator shall take the mill or woodworking equipment for air purification equipment maintenance. All the damage prevents the records and the accounting log. 10. Sawmill and woodworking equipment boilers operate under the laws and regulations on environmental protection requirements for burning (incinerators). 11. The mill or woodworking equipment in places where the wood is made chemical treatment against zilējum and mold (with dip method) that are stored in this process the necessary wood protection products, shall be equipped with secondary containment of the monolith (pretinfiltrācij) of the surface, to avoid these chemicals into the soil and ground water. Wood protection products collected used or managed pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 16 of these terms. 12. after processing the wood against mold and zilējum to sawmills or wood storage area, when used for the treatment of wood protection products no longer Castle. 13. Wood processing waste water in the production process and discharged under the Cabinet of Ministers of 22 January 2002, the Regulation No. 34 "regulations on the emission of pollutants in the water." 14. If a facility handles a number of logs a year 50000 m3 and, in the area where the block spraying with water, covered with concrete (pretinfiltrācij) solid surface and be equipped with rainwater and after sprinkling with the sewage collection system. Waters collected may be used for spraying. It is not permissible for the direct discharge of waste water into the environment without previous treatment. 15. The Operator shall ensure the sawdust in the territory of the company and frēzskaid storage, avoiding the territory of adjacent piegružošan, and store it for no longer than 12 months (stored for more than 12 months may be only after coordination with the regional environmental governance). 16. Sludges from sawmills or wood-processing equipment tanks, where chemical treatment of wood, is gone and the management, as it is used in certain wood protection chemicals or chemical product safety data sheet.
III. the Operator carried out monitoring and control 17. data recorded by the Operator pursuant to paragraph 18 of these rules of accounting journal (on paper or electronically). Accounting journal for environmental State Inspectorate presented the request. The operator stores the information for at least five years. If the record is performed electronically every six months made log data prints. 18. Journal of accounting including the following data: 18.1. protection of wood chemical consumption per month (l); 18.2. air treatment plant annual maintenance and repair work carried out to date.
19. Hazardous waste tracking journal, according to the Cabinet on 23 July 2002, the Regulation No. 319 "hazardous waste tracking, identification, storage, packaging, labelling and transportation accounting procedures". The journal shall also indicate: 19.1. waste oil and hydraulic fluids (l); 19.2. sludges from chemical wood processing tanks (m3).
20. If the operator does not perform waste or even wood waste management or effluent treatment, by the State environment inspectorate presented the request of contracts: 20.1. transfer of waste management; 20.2. for waste water treatment; 20.3. for wood waste transfer.
21. compliance with the provisions of the control of the State environment inspectorate.
IV. concluding issues 22. If the sawmill or wood processing equipment put into operation until the date of entry into force of the provisions and does not meet the requirements of this regulation, the operator of six months from the date of entry into force of the provisions submitted by the regional environmental management plan to ensure the mill or woodworking equipment to comply with the requirements of this regulation. If the mill or woodworking equipment in accordance with the action plan required reconstruction, it must be carried out not later than three years from the date of entry into force of the provisions. 23. regional environmental administration a month from this provision of the plan referred to in point 22 of the date of receipt of the decision on approval of the plan and inform in writing the mill or machine operator. If the plan does not provide this provision requirements, regional environmental administration adopt a reasoned decision to refuse approval of the plan. 24. This provision of the decision referred to in paragraph 23 May a month to challenge the environmental impact assessment State Bureau. The environmental impact assessment State Bureau's decision can be appealed in court.
Prime Minister i. Emsis Environment Minister r. vējonis Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions with the 7 august 2004.