Regulations On Explosive, Fire And Important Objects That Created Fire, Fire-Fighting And Rescue Services

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par sprādzienbīstamiem, ugunsbīstamiem un īpaši svarīgiem objektiem, kuros izveidojami ugunsdrošības, ugunsdzēsības un glābšanas dienesti

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 674 in Riga on august 3, 2004 (Mon. No 46 39 §) rules on the explosive, fire and important objects that created fire, fire-fighting and rescue services Issued under fire and fire fighting law article 5 second subparagraph 1. determines the criteria according to which the explosive and fire objects to the explosive, fire, and especially important in the list of objects that created fire protection, fire and rescue services (hereinafter list), as well as the order in which the list (annex 1) is to be included in these objects.
2. the list shall include the following explosive and fire objects: Objects 2.1 containing explosive and fire chemicals and chemical products (hereinafter referred to as fire-hazardous substances) in a quantity exceeding that laid down in annex 2 of the rules of the most qualifying; 2.2. railway stations and railway infrastructure in which dangerous goods are transported and which carried and stored the carry flammable substances sometimes exceed this rules set out in annex 2 of the lowest qualifying quantities.
3. the qualifying quantities of substances or carry flammable object that contains several types of carry flammable substances (annex 2) shall be determined by adding the quantity of the fire, which is stored in the object for more than two days in a year, and assuming a ton to annex 2 of these provisions referred to in paragraph 1 or carry flammable substances is equivalent to two tonnes, this provision of the annex referred to in paragraph 2 or carry flammable substances or two cubic metres of annex 2 to these regulations, paragraph 3 of the fire. 4. to object to be recognised as particularly important and included it in the list, a natural or legal person in the Ministry of the Interior submitted to justify the proposal. The Interior Ministry said the proposal presented in the draft legislation and move it in the Cabinet for approval. 5. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 30 September 2003, the provisions of no. 540 "regulations on explosive, fire and important objects" (Messenger of Latvia, 2003, nr. 137).  
Prime Minister i. Emsis Interior Minister er ivry Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions with the 7 august 2004.
1. the annex to Cabinet on august 3, 2004 Regulations No 674 explosive fire and important objects that created fire, fire-fighting and rescue services no PO box
Object name object address I. 1.
Oil terminal in Riga Lake Street, 22 2.
Oil base and warehouse Riga steam Street 7a 3.
Riga railway station "Shunting" Riga Krustpils Street, 81b II. Division 4.
TPP-2 (thermal power plant), a plant area of Riga Salaspils rural territory Acon 5.
Olaine oil base Riga region Olaine, Riga-Jelgava Highway 6.
Inčukalns underground gas storage Division of Riga Krimulda witch III. Daugavpils and Daugavpils District 7.
Daugavpils-Daugavpils railway station, the other in street 8.
Line production dispatcher station (LRD) "Located" (oil base) Daugavpils district Šēder parish LRD "ilūkste" IV. Paris 9.
Jelgava-Jelgava railway station Station Street 1a v. Baltimore 10.
Lewes railway station Liepaja Emily Street 1 VI. Rezekne 11.
Railway station "Rezekne" Rezekne locomotive 11 VII. 12, Saldus district.
Oil base Saldus district of Saldus parish p/n Ripple "towers" VIII. Ventspils 13.
Chemicals, chemical products and oil products Terminal in Ventspils amber Street 66 14.
Oil products Terminal in Ventspils amber Street 90 15.
Oil product Terminal at Ventspils Street Tulsa 75 16.
Ventspils Ventspils railway station Depot Street 1 Interior Minister er ivry annex 2 Cabinet on august 3, 2004 Regulations No 674 or carry flammable chemicals and chemical products qualifying quantity no PO box
Or carry flammable chemicals and chemical products (groups of)-unit minimum quantity in the biggest qualifying qualifying quantity 1.
Extremely flammable, highly flammable and flammable chemicals and chemical products t 5000 50000 or 30000 2.
Liquid combustible chemicals and chemical products t 10000 100000 3.
Explosive gas (normal pressure under normal conditions), m3 10000 100000 note.
If the object contains more than 200 tons of other very toxic and toxic substances and chemical products, the largest quantity according to qualifying is 30000 tonnes.
Interior Minister er ivry