Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 6 April 1999, Regulation No 134 Of The "charter For The Betterment Of Procedures And Criteria '

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1999.gada 6.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.134 "Nolikums par promocijas kārtību un kritērijiem"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 747 in Riga august 31 2004 (pr. No 51 37) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 6 April 1999, the provisions of Regulation No 134 "for the Betterment of procedures and criteria", issued in accordance with the law "on scientific activity" article 10, second subparagraph, and article 12 to make a Cabinet of Ministers of 6 April 1999, the provisions of Regulation No 134 "for the Betterment of procedures and criteria" (Latvian journal, 1999, 107./ the following amendments: 1. Make the paragraph 2 by the following: "2. the doctoral degrees granted for thesis work independently (hereinafter referred to as the thesis) containing original scientific, test results and provide new insights on the science industry sector. " 2. Make paragraph 5 by the following: "5. the thesis main results should be published." 3. Express 11.1. subparagraph by the following: "11.1. the President of the Council call upon for the Betterment of the three reviewers, one of whom is an expert in this Council, but two – from other scientific institutions. About thesis reviewers may be Latvian or foreign scientists who are international level experts in the scientific sector. Thesis evaluation in foreign pieaicinām international expert; ".
4. Make the following point 12: ' 12. Thesis judged by the following criteria: 12.1 the thesis is developed independently; 12.2. the thesis is completed the study and have sufficient amount; 12.3. the dissertation results provide new knowledge to selected science sector; 12.4. the thesis represents the ability of doctoral candidates to analyse and critically evaluate research material; 12.5. the thesis is not a fraud or plagiarism, as well as developing, it is not done by someone else; 12.6. the thesis has added information about scientific publications and international conferences that provide a report on the main results of the work. "
Prime Minister i. Emsis education and Science Minister j. Radzevič Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by September 2, 2004.