The Order In Which Political Organizations (Parties) Illegal Assets Acquired Candidate Country Ownership

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā politisko organizāciju (partiju) pretlikumīgi iegūtā manta nododama valsts īpašumā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 751 in Riga august 31 2004 (pr. No 51 11) order in which political organizations (parties) illegal for property owned by the issued transferable in accordance with the political organizations (parties) Act article 7, third paragraph, article 10, second and third subparagraphs 1. determines the order in which political organizations (parties) illegal for property, including anonymously and illegally received gifts and donations (goods), candidate for State property.
2. If it is established political organizations (parties) Act, article 2 of the first and third parts, the first part of article 3, article 4, of the first and second subparagraphs, article 6, article 7, first and third subparagraphs, and article 10 of article 8.4 of part three of the violations, corruption prevention and combating Bureau (hereinafter the Office) boss decides that the property is recognized as a State, and jurisdiction in the political organization of the (party) puts this stuff public domain.
3. the political organization of the (party) within five days after receipt of the decision of the Office shall notify the Office of the State-owned assets to be located.
4. at the request of the Office of the concerned political organisation (party) provides a smooth things and the person in charge of the Office shall draw up a first description of the property (valuation) Act, which specifies the type of property, quantity, characteristics, differences in quality and value.
5. anonymous donations (donations) received a political organisation (party) five days written notice to the Office and to specify the location of the property. The Chief of the Bureau, on the basis of political organisations (parties) notice, shall take a decision on the transfer of State-owned property, and the person in charge of the Office shall draw up a first description of the property (valuation) Act.
6. the person in charge of the Office takes over from the political organizations (parties) listed the first and ensure its preservation until the transfer of the accounts receivable in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 19 May 1998, the regulations No 188 "rules on the jurisdiction of the State accounting, evaluation and marketing".
Prime Minister i. Emsis Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 4 September 2004.