The Rules On The Reimbursement Of Costs, The Interpreter To The Witness And Expert Administrative Procedure In Court

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par atlīdzības izmaksu lieciniekam, tulkam un ekspertam administratīvajā procesā tiesā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 748 in Riga august 31 2004 (pr. No 51 8. §) rules on the reimbursement of costs, the interpreter to the witness and expert Court issued in the administrative procedure under the administrative procedure law in article 18, third subparagraph 1. rules shall determine any remuneration paid to a witness, interpreter and expert on participation in the administrative procedure in court, and its extent. 2. the provisions governing the procedure for the payment of remuneration and the extent to which the experts working in the national examiner's authority, or interpreters, which is the work of legal relations with the judicial authority. 3. A witness, expert and interpreter to pay the following expenses: 3.1. travel costs for the journey from home to the place where the Court has called him, and back in the following: 3.1.1. If used in a public vehicle, expenses in accordance with the relevant public vehicle rates, based on the costs of supporting driving documents; 3.1.2. If used in a personal vehicle, expenses for consuming fuel, taking into account the trip route and mileage, as well as the necessary relevant brand fuel and based on the station for those issued by the expenditure supporting documents (cheques, receipts); 3.2. accommodation (hotel) costs, if the witness, expert or interpreter in the place to which the Court is called to him, staying longer than a day, in accordance with the paid invoices. The maximum amount of expenditure on accommodation (hotels) in Riga is LVL 25 for 24-hour, in other localities-20 lats for day; 3.3. a daily allowance of three dollars per day.
4. The rules referred to in paragraph 3 of the reimbursement of witnesses, experts and interpreters shall be calculated and paid in court administration. 5. the experts and interpreters, who, on the invitation of the Court fulfilled the main tasks of the free time or who are not in gainful employment, is entitled to receive remuneration for the work done on behalf of the Court. Consideration, having regard to the qualifications of the experts and interpreters (work experience and education) and on the basis of the Court's reference on participation (annex), calculated and paid the Court Administration assigned to the national budget. 6. in order to receive the reward, an expert and interpreter of the administration of Justice shall submit progress reports and inquiries about participation in the Court.
Prime Minister i. Emsis, Minister of Justice v. höche Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 4 September 2004.
Annex a Cabinet of 31 august 2004, the terms of Reference of the interpreter no 748 or expert participation in court