Social Care Centre "ezerkrast" In A Charter

Original Language Title: Sociālās aprūpes centra "Ezerkrasti" nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 788 in 2004 14 September (pr. No 53) social care center "Ezerkrast" Issued in accordance with the Statute of the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General question 1. social care center "Ezerkrast" (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) is the welfare of the Ministry's direct regulatory authority.
II. functions of the Centre, and right in the center of 2 implements the national policy for long-term social care and social rehabilitation with regard to disabled children with severe mental disabilities who have not reached 18 years of age (children).
3. the Centre shall undertake the following tasks: 3.1 ensure children housing and social care to satisfy their basic needs, promote the return of children in the family or family type care transfer;
3.2. provide child rearing, education and social rehabilitation to develop or improve their social functioning;
3.3. implementation of other social services and social assistance law and other legal tasks.
4. The Centre shall have the right to: 4.1 to request and receive from State and local authorities for the functions and duties of the Centre required information and documents;
4.2. to provide paid services to social services;
4.3. to take private transactions that are required for the operation of the Centre;
4.4 according to the competence to cooperate with foreign and international organisations to participate in transnational cooperation programmes and projects.
III. structure of the Centre 5. The Centre shall be administered by the Director of the Centre. The Director of recruiting and employment contract concluded with him Minister of welfare.
6. the Director of the Centre shall carry out public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions.
7. The Director of the Centre is the Deputy.
8. The Centre shall have a unit. Center unit is headed by a head of Department. Center unit types and their tasks laid down in the rules of procedure of the Centre.
IV. activities of the Centre for Justice and reports on the activities of the Centre 9. Center for Justice provides the Director of the Centre. The Director of the Centre is responsible for the internal control system and management decisions for the creation and operation of the system.
10. the Director of the Centre shall be entitled to cancel the Centre staff.
11. the Centre's administrative provisions issued by an individual can be a challenge in the management of social services, if external laws and regulations unless otherwise specified. Decisions on the disputed regulations can be appealed in court.
12. The Centre of the actual action of an individual may be challenged, by the submission of the Director of the Centre. The Director of the Centre's actual action can be a challenge in the management of social services. The decision on the contested actual action may appeal to the Court.
13. the Centre at least once a year, submit a report of the Ministry of Welfare of its operations and the use of budget resources, as well as the laws and regulations established shall prepare an annual public report.
14. The Welfare Minister has the right at any time to request a review of the Centre's activities.
Prime Minister i. Emsis Welfare Minister d. Staķ is the Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 18 September 2004.