Station Rules

Original Language Title: Staciju nolikums

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Provisions of the Ministry of transport no. 22 in Riga 2004 6 October Station Charter Issued in accordance with article 19 of the law of the railways, the fourth part i. General questions 1. railway station (station), station work tasks and the station employee rights and obligations.
2. the station aims to provide the railway operations.
3. the station after its functions are divided into: 3.1 passenger;
3.2. load;
3.3. sorting;
3.4. precinct;
3.5. the intermediate.
4. public-use railway infrastructure manager (infrastructure manager), depending on the train station to the carriage of passengers, freight and volume of technical operation and status, granted in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 July 1996, regulations no 246 "rules on border crossings and border posts and border crossing point to the position of the Republic of Latvia" determines the breakdown of classes and station railway station class procedure.
II. Station criteria and job tasks 5. Depending on the nature of the work executed and stations have the appropriate infrastructure to ensure transport operations, train making, forming, izformēšan and transmission of shunting work, embarkation, disembarkation and servicing, cargo and baggage acceptance, issuance, loading, unloading, sorting and storage, car maintenance and repair, car, train and the weighing of wagons and komercapskat open defects, passenger cars and ekipēšan of the supply.
6. passenger station is the station, whose main task is associated with passenger trains operation. Passenger station provides passenger train and dispatch, passenger train movement and composition of ekipēšan, passing passenger boarding and disembarkation of passengers, luggage and hand luggage storage and issuance, ticket sales, passenger information about train arrival and departure time, passenger and luggage carriage driving.
7. Freight station is the station, whose main task is to load and execute komercoperācij. Freight station provides for the carriage of the cargo acceptance, weighing, storage, freight, container handled, transport documentation, freight trains forming, izformēšan, maintenance and komercapskat, reception and dispatch, job wagons passing maneuvers and harvesting to the loading and unloading sites.
8. Sorting stations are stations that are concentrated in the shunting work involving a freight train making, forming, and izformēšan. Sorting stations provide grading, wagon train and wagon maintenance, komercapskat and open defects, transport document processing, refining and rolling stock repair, preparation for the loading of wagons. Sorting stations are performed on the locomotive and locomotive crews replacement trains.
9. Precinct station is the station, whose main task is to tranzītvilcien pass, freight train-forming izformēšan. Precinct station provides train reception, processing and transmission of technical and komercapskat, open defects, locomotives and locomotive crews replacement, shipping documents, cargo and komercoperācij performance on public roads and the road.
10. the Intermediate station which is the main task of the train, and anchorage. Intermediate ensure disconnection of wagons and piekabināšan operation of trains, trucks and komercoperācij. Individual intermediate can take the train, passenger train forming composition cropping, technical operations.
11. Technical procedures for the use of the station determines the technical action Act (TRA). 3 develop and approve of the infrastructure manager.
12. The THREE specific policy is mandatory for all employees whose job responsibilities involved with the movement of work and transport, shunting process station.
13. the stations work is organized in accordance with the station, THREE train timetable, the station's working process, train, forming, loading, unloading of wagons and wagon monthly uptime technical standards and operational tasks.
14. The station work process develop and approve the infrastructure manager.
15. All the station buildings and technical installations must meet the train and shunting work safety, employee safety, environmental protection, and the cargo saglabātīb rolling stock requirements.
16. If the station premises and technical equipment does not conform to paragraph 15 and the operating rules of the railway technical requirements, the operation should be stopped immediately to deficiencies.
III. the station the rights and obligations of employees 17. organizes the work of the station the Station Manager.
18. The Station Manager of the railway, which is appointed and released from Office by the infrastructure manager.
19. a stationmaster's right: 19.1. check stations and the use of private rail infrastructure railway technical compliance with operating rules;
19.2. to require from employees that work in the area, regardless of the subordination, station maintenance and technical operation of the lack of funds and the prevention of damage, as well as to give them binding guidance on issues related to the work of the station;
19.3. to examine administrative infringement cases and impose administrative penalties on rail transport on behalf of the institutions, in accordance with the Latvian Code of administrative offences;
19.4. to suspend any person who works in the area, regardless of the subordination, duties when they act or omission results in a danger to public safety, the safety of train movements and cargo transported saglabātīb, immediately report it to their primary drivers;
19.5. in matters within their competence, to organize a Commission work and to convene a meeting of the Organization of the activities of the station by the carrier and other representatives of the companies participating in the operations provided for in the station;
12.2. prepare proposals on necessary measures for improving the work of the station, the station infrastructure repair and construction plan.
20. duties of the station master: 20.1. to organize work of the station, and to ensure in this Charter and other laws and the performance of the tasks prescribed;
20.2. to divide the responsibilities between the stations employees and monitor compliance;
20.3. to control the work process of the station and the THREE requirements, train safety, saglabātīb and rolling stock safety measures, the technical means used for station work, structures and equipment maintenance conditions;
20.4. to carry out an investigation into the service station allowed irregularities, as a result, been disturbed by work station with railway related accidents in employees and their managers, regardless of the exposure;
20.5. in their work to comply with the law and legislative requirements.
21. a stationmaster's guidance on the working process of the station, 3, train and work safety requirements, both for the lack of damage prevention and technical means, structures, tracks and turnouts is mandatory for all employees serving the station infrastructure, as well as carriers and other companies participating in the process of carriage or station for the operations.
22. Station employee rights and obligations laid down in the station, the THREE stations working technological process and position descriptions or instructions.
Traffic Minister ad interim a. shlesers Railway Department Director j. Eiduk is