The Procedure For The Grant Of Planning Mērķdotācij Regional, District And Local Government Planning Development

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā piešķir mērķdotāciju plānošanas reģionu, rajonu un vietējo pašvaldību teritorijas plānojumu izstrādei

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 848 in 2004 (October 12. No 59 45) order in which grant mērķdotācij planning regions, districts and local government planning development, Issued in accordance with the law on spatial planning 11 the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determines the order in which you want to grant the planning region, mērķdotācij district and local development planning (mērķdotācij).
2. Regional development and local government Ministry is granted from mērķdotācij funds under the State budget law for the current year for the planning region, mērķdotācij district and local development planning.
3. Mērķdotācij planning grant or amendment thereto.
4. Regional development and Municipal Affairs (hereinafter: the Minister) establishing the Commission, which shall decide on the grant of mērķdotācij (hereinafter referred to as the Commission). The composition of the Commission includes representatives from the regional development and the Ministry of local government (hereinafter the Ministry), the Ministry of finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the environment, Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of the economy and the local Union of Latvia. The Commission's Charter, approved by the Minister.
5. the Commission may grant mērķdotācij: 5.1 the planning region Development Council;
5.2. the District Council;
5.3. the local municipality.
6. the Mērķdotācij shall be granted up to 75 per cent of the total planning or its amendments, development costs, but not more than: 6.1.-planning regions 15000 lat, district and town planning of the Republic;
6.2.12000 lats town and municipality — layout;
6.3.7000 lats-parish planning;
6.4.4000 lats — amendments to the design district or local government planning if you need to determine the European Union's regulation, law or Cabinet regulations.
7. additional mērķdotācij of 1000 lats planning or the development of the amendments granted those authorities, in accordance with the Cabinet of 23 March 2004, the provisions of no. 157 "procedure to do strategic environmental impact assessment" required an environmental impact assessment strategic.
II. Mērķdotācij procedure for granting 8. Planning region Development Council, District Council or local authority (hereinafter applicant for mērķdotācij) following the adoption of the decision on the launching of the development planning Ministry submitted application for mērķdotācij (hereinafter application) in accordance with the provisions of annex 1.
9. The Ministry shall evaluate the eligibility of the application of these rules and: If the application 9.1 meeting the requirements of this regulation, be referred to the Commission;
9.2. If the application does not meet the requirements of these rules, send a mērķdotācij to the applicant on the reasoned opinion of non-compliance.
10. The Commission shall examine the application of the applicant and the mērķdotācij shall decide on the grant of or refusal to mērķdotācij grant mērķdotācij.
11. the decision on the grant of mērķdotācij: mērķdotācij beneficiary; 11.1.
11.2. mērķdotācij allocation;
11.3. the amount of the allocated mērķdotācij;
11.4. the advance payments in the amount of mērķdotācij.
11.5. the report and the final report submission deadlines.
12. the Commission's decision shall enter into force when it is approved by the Minister.
13. The Ministry decision on the granting of the mērķdotācij two weeks after the approval of the recipient and sent to the mērķdotācij Treasury. The Treasury paid in advance 50% of the allocated mērķdotācij, taking into account in the financing plan approved by a certain amount.
14. Planning or the development costs of the amendments that have not yet paid for part of the mērķdotācij to the mērķdotācij for the part borne by the recipient of mērķdotācij from its own funds.
15. Mērķdotācij the beneficiary undergoing 18 months of the decision of the Commission of the date of entry into force.
16. the Commission's decision set out in the final report may be amended if the received substantiated application of the requested mērķdotācij.
17. in the receipt is preferred mērķdotācij: 17.1. areas of the design, which has not been mērķdotācij;
17.2. The Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga coastal areas programming;
17.3. the administrative and territorial reform process the United local authorities (County) area development planning;
17.4. the municipal territory planning, in which more than 30% of the municipal territory occupied by the law or the provisions of the Cabinet of Ministers created the specially protected natural areas, with the exception of the Ziemeļvidzem biosphere reserve's neutral zone.
18. applications will not be accepted if the applicant has not provided an overview of the use of previously assigned mērķdotācij or submitted a planning document, which was developed on the previously assigned mērķdotācij and municipal co-financing funds.
III. Review the submission and the remaining part of the cost of the mērķdotācij 19 mērķdotācij twice learning period not later than six and 12 months after the granting of the mērķdotācij-mērķdotācij holder shall submit to the Ministry a report on the mērķdotācij and local authorities granted the use of funding (annex 2). The report shall be accompanied by evidence of the financial expenditure.
20. Mērķdotācij recipient after planning a development or amendment thereto not later than 15 of these provisions within the time limit set in paragraph shall submit a final report in the Ministry. The final report shall be accompanied by the following documents: 20.1. binding terms and conditions on which the adopted planning or its amendments;
20.2. the report on the use of funds (annex 3);
20.3. the financial implementation of the formal copies.
21. The Ministry evaluates the month end report submitted documents and: 21.1. If documents submitted, planning or its amendments meet the requirements of the law, shall be transmitted to the Commission for consideration and a decision on the remaining part of the cost of the mērķdotācij;
21.2. If the submitted documents, planning or its amendments do not comply with the requirements of the law, inform the recipient of the mērķdotācij the necessary clarification, indicating the deadline by which inevitably shortcomings.
22. The Ministry for the prevention of those identified may fix a time limit, not exceeding six months.

23. If the mērķdotācij the beneficiary within certain shortcomings, the Commission shall take a decision on the remaining parts of mērķdotācij without a reduction in the amount of the payment or whether the crackdown Court mērķdotācij the recipient to repay all or part of the advance paid.
24. If the recipient of the mērķdotācij submitted a reasoned request, the Ministry has the right to extend the final date for submission of the review document (not more than six months). The Ministry shall inform the Commission thereof.
25. If the recipient of the mērķdotācij specified period has not submitted the final report documents or are not asked to extend the deadline for the submission of the Commission, but not in the part of the mērķdotācij reduced 1% per day of delay.
26. Ministry remaining part of the mērķdotācij mērķdotācij is transferred to the beneficiary within two weeks after the Commission decision on the mērķdotācij of entry into force of the remainder of the cost.
IV. Closing questions 27. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet's April 1, 2003 the regulations No 150 "the procedure for the granting of State planning region, mērķdotācij district and local development planning" (Latvian journal, 2003, nr. 53).
28. the recipients of Mērķdotācij, which was assigned to the mērķdotācij and paid in advance 50% of the amount of mērķdotācij granted in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 25 May 1999, Regulation No 187 of the "procedure for the granting of the mērķdotācij municipal area development plan of development", the remaining part of the cost of the mērķdotācij, on the basis of those rules.
29. Mērķdotācij of recipients who have been mērķdotācij under Cabinet 1 April 2003 regulations No 150 "the procedure for the granting of State planning region, mērķdotācij district and local development planning", the report documents the measures shall be submitted in accordance with those rules.
30. The Ministry shall consider the applications: 30.1. deleted from the list of applicants mērķdotācij those applicants who are up to the date of entry into force of the provisions in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers April 1, 2003 the Regulation No 150 "the procedure for the granting of State planning region, mērķdotācij district and local government planning development" paragraph 24 is not renewed;
30.2. applications that meet the Cabinet 1 April 2003 regulations No 150 "the procedure for the granting of State planning region, mērķdotācij district and local development planning", for consideration by the Commission, it is driven registration procedure;
30.3. inform applicants of the need to clarify the applications according to these rules.
Prime Minister i. Emsis, regional development and local Government Minister a. Radzevič Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 20th October 2004.