Field Support Service Charter

Original Language Title: Lauku atbalsta dienesta nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 876 in 2004 (19 October. No 60 60) field support staff regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment in the first part of the general issue I. 1. the rural support service (hereinafter service) are under the supervision of the Minister of agriculture existing direct regulatory authority.
II. the functions, tasks and competences 2. Service meets the rural support service statutory functions.
3. in order to ensure the fulfilment of service function performs the following tasks: 3.1 introduction the administrative, financial and technical management system, for the implementation of the State aid and EU support measures, as well as other agricultural policy measures;
3.2. in accordance with the competency of the European Commission and the Council of the European Union working group and Committee meetings;
3.3. create, maintain, improve and update the integrated information system for the administration of agricultural and rural policy, State aid and EU support measures;
3.4. State aid in the European Union and the beneficiary of the scheduled and extraordinary control and inspection;
3.5. ensure drainage systems exploitation, conservation and hidromelioratīv construction control and supervision of the State;
3.6. organised by the national drainage system, the waterworks structures, polder, pumping station and the operation of devices concerned;
3.7. controlled drainage system design and construction, compliance with rules and regulations pursuant to the provisions of the special hidromelioratīv construction;
3.8. the reclamation cadastre and turn out the hidrometrij melioratīv;
3.9. provide services existing on the balance sheet of the State of conservation of the property;
3.10. provides the following paid services: 3.10.1. transformation of land preparation and issuance of permits;
3.10.2. the issue of the technical regulations for construction;
3.10.3. preparation of town planning;
3.10.4. the adoption of the hidromeliorācij structures in service;
3.10.5. drainage system for the recycling of the Passport preparation;
3.11. National behalf by private transactions that are required for the operation of the service;
3.12. in the Ministry of Agriculture presented the information necessary for the agricultural and rural development policy, and provide agricultural statistical surveys;
3.13. the time to inform the public of the State aid and the conditions for granting support to agriculture and rural development in the calendar year concerned;
3.14. the laws shall be submitted in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of finance and other institutions reports and information;
3.15. provide information to the international community, at the same time inform the Ministry of agriculture.
4. Service according to competency is entitled: 4.1 to request and receive, free of charge from national and municipal authorities, as well as external regulations — cases — from individuals service tasks required for the implementation of the information and documents;
4.2. the laws and regulations in order to test national support and recipients of aid of the European Union;
4.3. prepare and make suggestions about service tasks necessary financing from the State budget;
4.4. cooperate with the institutions of the European Commission of European Union support;
4.5. to create the Council, the Commission and the other institutions of the consultative and methodical, invite experts and professionals.
III. the structure and administration of the service is the Central 5 apparatus, territorial departments, regional agricultural administration — and the land drainage system of the Aiviekste public administration.
6. the service is headed by a Director of the service.
7. the Director of the service, after the approval of the nomination of the Cabinet of Ministers is appointed and released from Office by the Minister of agriculture.
8. the Director shall make the public administration Act and other equipment service specific regulations governing the direct administration of the managerial functions and tasks.
9. the Director shall be appointed and relieved of the post of the central apparatus of the service's officials and the heads of the administrations, as well as recruiting and dismissal of the central apparatus of the service staff.
10. the Director may be alternates. The Deputy Director of the professional competence of the Director of the service.
11. the Director shall establish service departments define their functions and tasks.
12. regional and agricultural administrations of the drainage system of the Aiviekste government operations led by the head of the Government concerned. The head of Government is accountable to the Director of the service.
13. the heads of the Governments appointed and released from Office by the relevant government officials, as well as recruiting and dismissal of employees.
14. the heads of Government may have alternates. The regulatory competence of the Deputy head shall determine the Administrative Manager.
IV. activities of the service provision of the rule of law and the review of the operation of the service and State budget funds 15. Service activities are the rule of law provides the Service Director.
16. the decisions of the officials may challenge the field support service in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.
17. Service not less frequently than once a year, submit to the Minister a report for the Ministry of service, service functions and State budget funds.
V. closing question 18. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers on 24 October 2000, Regulation No 366 "field support service Charter" (Latvian journal, 2000, 380./
Prime Minister i. Emsis farming Minister, Minister for the environment r. vējonis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 23 October 2004.