Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 2 January 2001 Of Regulation No 3 "rules On Industrial Fishing In Inland Waters"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 2.janvāra noteikumos Nr.3 "Noteikumi par rūpniecisko zveju iekšējos ūdeņos"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 905 Riga 2004, 2 November (pr. No 63 31) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 January 2001 of Regulation No 3 "rules on industrial fishing in inland waters" issued under the Fisheries Act, in article 13, first paragraph, point 2 done Cabinet January 2, 2001, by Regulation No 3 "rules on industrial fishing in inland waters" (Latvian journal, 2001, nr. 3; 2003, no. 183) the following amendments: 1. Express 38 as follows: "38. If your violation of these terms, suffered the loss of fish resources, environmental protection, public authorities (officials) to determine the amount of damages for the loss of any natural or legal person, unlawfully did get a fish and invertebrates, internal waters. If the damage is not compensated, the amount voluntarily enforced in court. In determining the amount of the damages, take into account the following conditions: 38.1. This provision is set out in annex 2 of the taxi, except that rule 38.2. cases referred to;
38.2. the use of this provision in annex 2 of the triple a taxi for such offences: 38.2.1. fishing without holding a fishing permit (license);
38.2.2. relevant fish species fishing prohibited in time or place;
38.2.3. illegal fishing gear and catches, as well as the use of fishing gear and fishing types use not specified in the authorization (licence). "
2. Make annex 2 as follows: "annex 2 Cabinet January 2, 2001 regulations No 3 rates for the purpose of calculating the amount to be recovered for the loss of any natural or legal person, unlawfully did get a fish and invertebrates of inland waters No.
Species of fish or water loss Measured-BC
invertebrate species compensation unit (ls) 1.
Salmon, sea trout 32.50 1 PCs.
2. Sam, stream trout and rainbow trout 7.50 x 1
3. the whitefish, Zander, eel 5.00 x 1
4. Ālant, carp (sazān), reps, Chub, ASP, vimb, 1.50 of forkbeard 1 PCs.
5. Pia, snapper, lamprey, blue cancer and šaurspīļ cancer 1.00 x 1
6. Fish eggs 100 g 7 10.00.
Grayling 17.00 1 PCs.
8. Pike 5.00 x 1
9. other species 0.20 x 1
10. the larvae of Chironomidae, sānpeld 100 g 1.50 "Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 5 November 2004.