Educational Content And Examination Regulations Of The Centre

Original Language Title: Izglītības satura un eksaminācijas centra nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 915 in 2004 (9 November. 64 21) educational content and examination centre in accordance with the regulations issued by the State administration of machine article 16 of the law, the first paragraph (I). The general question 1. Educational content and examination centre (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) is the Minister of education and science of the direct regulatory authority. II. functions of the Centre and right 2. the Centre shall have the following functions: 2.1. develop primary education and general secondary education (General education);
2.2. develop uniform quality of general education (learning outcomes) and national evaluation systems test content;
2.3. to coordinate and support the general education teacher training system and development;
2.4. organize professional obligations require language skills;
2.5. provide general education educators support in matters related to the General content of education, the State tests, teachers ' continuing education system, and other issues related to the operation of the Centre;
2.6. to examine and approve textbooks for compliance with national standard of basic education and the relevant subject or State standard of the General secondary education standard and the standard subjects, compose the recommended training literature lists, make public procurement training tools for picking and purchase;
2.7. identification of trainees during talantīgo, organizing and supporting the subject Olympiad in Latvia and promoting student participation in international Olympiad;
2.8. to support the continuing education of teachers supports the activities of the Organization, to analyze and evaluate the Fund submitted a national recognised study programmes and teachers ' mastery of the course. 3. in order to ensure the function execution, the Center performs the following tasks: 3.1 General education organise content approval and correction;
3.2. compliance with national education standards proposes a general education subject standards and teaching program samples;
3.3. in accordance with the national education standards and the relevant school subjects develop State standards test programs and tasks;
3.4. organise public quest progress, scoring and reporting results;
3.5. study and analyze the content of education, quality of education (learning outcomes) assessment and general education teachers ' continuing education experience;
3.6. to advise and inform the educational administrations, professional associations and teachers ' associations, educational administration, school subjects, the teaching methodological Association of managers, and the public of the content of education, quality of education (learning outcomes) assessment and general education teachers ' continuing education issues;
3.7. coordinated education and participation in international events and projects related to the education content, quality of education (learning outcomes) assessment and general education teachers ' continuing education issues;
3.8. in the national language skills test and develop language skills testing methodology;
3.9. complaints about State language skills or professional obligations require language skills testing procedures or the foreigners ' complaints about State language knowledge and language skills testing procedures, which are eligible to request a permanent residence permit;
3.10 ensure official language skills certificate preparation, tracking and service;
3.11. collect and analyse information on teacher training and develop appropriate proposals;
3.12. in the continuing education of teachers development projects, educational programs and professional development methodology;
3.13. organizes continuing education courses for teachers;
3.14. maintain the required teaching literature information database, general regulatory documentation information base and data information base;
3.15. ensure that education at an information Office have access to fresher information about the General content of education, quality of education (learning outcomes) and the general education teacher continuing education. 4. The Centre shall have the following rights: 4.1 to make quality education (learning outcomes) study and analysis of general educational institutions;
4.2. create expert groups, Advisory Council and working groups, as well as a project of the Centre of competence for the performance of tasks;
4.3. to provide paid services in the field of education in accordance with the legal provisions governing the procedures of the national budgets for funding bodies may provide paid services. III. structure of the Centre and the competence of officials 5. The Centre shall be administered by the Centre Manager. The head of the Centre is the national civil servant. Centre Manager shall be appointed and relieved of the post of Minister of education and science. 6. the head of the Centre to fulfil government facilities Act of direct public administration functions. IV. activities of the Centre and ensuring the rule of law activities 7. Center for Justice provides the Centre Manager. The Centre Manager is responsible for management decisions to the establishment and operation of the system. 8. the Centre supervisor has the right to cancel the decision of the officials of the Centre, as well as the internal regulations. 9. the Centre's Manager decides on individuals contested Center officials issued the administrative act or the officials or employees of the Centre's actual action if external laws and regulations unless otherwise specified. 10. the Centre's managers succeed administrative provisions and actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of education and science. The Ministry of education and science of the decision may be appealed in court. 11. the Centre's manager not less frequently than once a year, provide to the Minister of education and science review of the implementation of the sectoral policy, the Centre's functions and the use of budget resources, as well as the laws and regulations established shall prepare an annual public report on the implementation of the sectoral policy. Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of education and science Radzevič of J.