Rules For The Latvian Et Seq Of The Lbn 213-15 "aluminum Structural Design"

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Latvijas būvnormatīvu LBN 213-15 "Alumīnija būvkonstrukciju projektēšana"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 247 in 2015 (26 May. No 26 § 3) rules on the Latvian et seq of the LBN 213-15 "aluminum structural design" Issued in accordance with article 5 of the law on construction of the first part of paragraph 3 of rule 1 et seq of Latvia confirmed the LBN 213-15 "aluminum structural design" (hereinafter referred to as the Latvian et seq of the LBN 213-15). 2. The Ministry of economy in cooperation with the national control of construction Bureau and the relevant standards technical Committee recommended national standards institution in connection with these terms, reliance and designing standard applicable list. 3. National standards institution after consulting with the Ministry of economy published a website to the list of national standards and the national standards, applicable to annex the Latvian et seq of the LBN 213-15. 4. Aluminium constructions projects in accordance with Eirokodeks standards and their national attachments to the building permit issue date published a list of applicable standards in Eirokodeks national standardisation institutions website. 5. If you are made to this provision to the date of entry into force of existing buildings the design alteration or renewal of the constructive elements of aluminium local checks for appropriate structures are considered to be a design that matches the design of the et seq was in effect from 1988 until the date of entry into force of the rules, if you are under the following conditions: 5.1 after the conversion or renovation is not increased the load on the constructive element; 5.2. is not changed in constructive calculation scheme; 5.3. during the technical survey found no virsnormatīv in the post or other structure without safety features. 6. Projects that the accepted or submitted for evaluation to the provisions būvvald the entry into force of the technical solutions which correspond to the period of the existing regulatory requirements are not to be processed, according to the Latvian et seq of the LBN 213-15. Projects that are developed based on the planning and architectural tasks, issued until 2014 October 1, may not be processed according to the requirements of this regulation. 7. the rules shall enter into force on 1 June 2015. The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of economic Newsletters, Minister Dana Reizniec-oak approved by Cabinet of Ministers of 26 May 2015 regulations no 247 et seq of Latvia LBN is 213-15 "aluminum structural design" et seq 1 lays down the requirements to be observed when designing the aluminium constructions of buildings and engineering structures. 2. in the design of aluminium structures apply Eirokodeks LV EN 1990 "basic design", 1. Eirokodeks design standard family EN EN 1991 "Euro code 1. Effects on structures "and 9. Eirokodeks design standard family EN EN 1999" Euro code 9. Aluminium construction design "standards and relevant national attachments Web site is published by the national standardization bodies. Economy Minister Dana Reizniec-oak