Additional Labelling Of Sheep Meat Rules

Original Language Title: Aitu gaļas papildu marķējuma noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 272 Riga 2 June 2015 (pr. No 27) sheepmeat additional labelling rules Issued under the food surveillance article 13 of the law of the third subparagraph of paragraph 3 1. Latvia shall determine the requirements of the slaughtered domestic sheep (Ovis aries) species (sheep) additional marking of meat, meat is distributed to the Latvian market. 2. the rules apply to all stages of the food chain. 3. a slaughterhouse, on the basis of the agricultural data centre's electronic database of available information, all sheep identified by age and after slaughter sheep carcases fall into two categories: 3.1.-the carcases of lamb carcasses, which at the time of slaughter have not yet reached the age of 12 months; 3.2. the carcases of other sheep – ovine carcases, which at the time of slaughter reached 12 months of age and over. 4. employee of the slaughterhouse 60 minutes after slaughter sheep carcases shall be marked with the category identification letter: 4.1.  "J" when the sheep slaughtered up to the age of 12 months; 4.2. If A sheep slaughtered and over 12 months of age. 5. the labelling of sheep carcasses beside the category identification letter: 5.1 the first row-slaughter date, where X-year XxxD last number xx-year week, D-day of the week; 5.2. in the second row – slaughter sequence number (in Arabic numerals) in a given day. 6. the outer surface of the carcases of ovine animals shall be marked with a stamp. If half of sheep carcases or half-carcases or ceturtdaļliemeņo is divided into three parts, each labelled ovine carcase piece. 7. Seal using an indelible and non-toxic ink. 8. the marks used in letters and numbers at least two centimetres high and clearly legible. 9. Fresh, chilled or frozen meat of sheep (broken or not broken) the label and accompanying documents in all stages of the food chain indicates the sheepmeat trade name use: 9.1 "Lamb", if a sheep slaughtered up to the age of 12 months; 9.2. "mutton", if a sheep slaughtered and over 12 months of age. 10. If the final consumer retail sheep meat offered in bulk, the relevant food distribution site in place clearly visible, legible and indelible a written indication of this provision, the information referred to in paragraph 9. 11. Labelling, accompanying documents and this provision 10. in the case referred to in paragraph in addition you can specify a particular piece of meat or edible offal in the name or designation. 12. Be declared unenforceable for Cabinet 9 February 2010 No. 127 of the rules "rules for the labelling of sheep" (Latvian journal 2010, 25 no). The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of the farming Minister Newsletters John of Dūklav