Rules For The Latvian Et Seq Of The Lbn 201-15 "construction And Design"

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Latvijas būvnormatīvu LBN 202-15 "Būvprojekta saturs un noformēšana"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 281 in Riga on 9 June 2015 (pr. 1. § 28) the rules on the Latvian et seq of the LBN 202-15 "Construction and design" Issued in accordance with article 5 of the law on construction of the first part of paragraph 3 of rule 1 et seq of Latvia confirmed the LBN 202-15 "Construction and design" (hereinafter referred to as the Latvian et seq of the LBN 201-15). 2. The Ministry of economy in cooperation with the relevant technical standards Committee recommends that national bodies for standardisation in relation to these provisions, the reliance and designing standard applicable list. 3. National standards institution Web site publishes the list of Latvian National standards which are applicable in the Latvian et seq of the LBN 202-15. 4. Projects which are developed in or submitted to the būvvald reconciliation rules for the entry into force of the corresponding period in the normative requirements need not be processed according to the Latvian et seq of the LBN 201-15. The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of economic Newsletters, Minister Dana Reizniec-oak approved by Cabinet on 9 June 2015 by Regulation No. 281 of the Latvian et seq of the LBN 201-15 "Construction and design" 1. General questions 1 et seq of the construction plan requires text content and drawing style. 2. Et SEQ applies to any construction or building project the minimum composition and detail drawings, except construction intentions, other meta pre-project graphical or text materials, as well as the demo. 3. development of a construction, not less than three copies: one copy – 3.1 projects with the consent of the original – keep a construction developer archive in the procedure prescribed by law; 3.2 one copy-construction with the reconciliation of the original – a construction developer submit būvvald or institution which performs the functions of the būvvald, for storage in the archive, but the law on construction of the first paragraph of article 6.1 of the cases referred to in paragraph 1 – two copies shall be submitted to the būvvald; 3.3. a copy of the original construction plan with reconciliation – a construction developer passes the customer. 4. the drawings used for drawing up the design and other calculations are not included in the construction plan in special būvnoteikumo is not otherwise specified. This material shall be kept in a construction developer archive law and present principal or building control bodies (national and local) at their request. 5. the body issuing the technical or special rules for drawing up the projects, you can specify which parts of the construction drawings (in one instance) after the construction of the būvvald or the examination of the institution which performs the functions of the būvvald, the storage must be submitted to the archive. 6. Construction contains also the text pages, documents and drawings, 5.1.1.the by binding or in one or more books (volume) depending on the part or section number. 7. A construction developer is entitled in the documents set out in et seq to submit an electronic document if the document has been prepared according to the law on electronic document design. 2. Construction of the text page contents 8. text page contents building project the necessary information and descriptions about the interpretative site, construction solutions construction of developers, customers, time, and location. 9. Construction of text pages is the following: 9.1 construction cover sheet; 9.2. the composition of the construction sites; 9.3. the table of contents (volume projects contained in the text and drawings of a table of contents with page references); 9.4. the civil design of the necessary documents, including engineering studies and reports and technical opinions; 9.5. the explanatory descriptions; 9.6. fire safety measures. 10. Cover page indicating the following information: 10.1 a construction Developer's name, registration number of the business register and the registration number of būvkomersant – legal persons or a construction Developer's name and certificate number – natural persons; 10.2. the Subscriber's name, registration number and registered in the commercial register address-legal persons or the name and domicile-natural persons; 10.3. the order number; 10.4. the name and address of the site; 10.5. construction plan or section name; 10.6. the volume number and the title of the part or mark; 10.7. the persons responsible for the būvkomersant name, surname, signature and seal, if a construction developer is a legal person; 10.8. a construction manager's name and signature; 10.9. the preparation of the construction site and year. 11. Construction of the page displays the following information: 11.1 and section titles; 11.2. the brand and the serial numbers of the relevant projects to the volume. 12. Construction part or section and volume table of contents page with page references added after construction of the cover page and pages in each volume. 13. Construction of interpretative description contains general information about the site, architectural solutions and inženierrisinājum in General. Interpretative description shall also indicate the projected construction of the main technical indicators, energy efficiency, the building housing the main constructive solutions and materials used, as well as the building's main use according to the classification of structures, accessibility and fire protection measures, solutions and other construction representative data according to specific requirements in būvnoteikumo. 14. Construction part or section explanatory description relevant part or section contains information about the individual projects or the parts of the solutions contained in the section. 3. Construction drawing design 15. Construction drawings to determine the design size drawing pages in accordance with the standard LVS EN ISO 5457:2007 "production of technical documentation. The drawing page size and layout ". 16. If the contract contains no specific civil design, construction drawings comply with this annex 1 et seq of the standard requirements. 17. the scale of the drawings shall be adopted in accordance with the standard LVS EN ISO 5455 technical drawings: 2007 ". Scale ". 18. Graphic signs shall be adopted in accordance with the standard EN ISO 128-20:2007 "technical drawings. General principles the diagram-part 23: lines on construction drawings ". 19. Construction master plan indicates the projected structure explication to the cadastral designation (if one is assigned), and the main route of building (building area, būvtilpum, etc.), as well as the main building of the raksturojošo parameters (building density, building intensity, free green area index, building height, etc.). 20. Construction parts or drawings entered in the section of the General page which includes: 20.1 of part or section of the list and the drawing of the mark; 20.2. the used and a list of the documents attached; 20.3. construction materials required for a list of technical information – the legend, the way; 20.4. instructions (can be combined with interpretative description) and the standard designation; 20.5. construction part or section of the driver attestation in būvnoteikumo according to specific requirements. 21. the Drawing page in the lower-right corner of the machine the rakstlaukum specifying the following information: 21.1. building project developer name – legal persons or the name and domicile-natural persons; 21.2. site name; 21.3. the drawing page name or content; 21.4. the order number; 13.4. number of make and drawings; 21.6. the total number of pages in the section, only to the General page; 21.7. scale; 21.8. the construction or under the Manager's name, signature, date; 13.6. page technical developer's name, signature, date; 21.10. the registration number of the archive. 22. Reuse drawings of equipment rakstlaukum indicating the following information: 22.1. order number; 22.2. the page referrer last name, signature and date; 22.3. part or section leader's name, signature and date; 22.4. Drawing by mark and number; 22.5. the registration number of the archive. 23. the Construction of the individual part, section, work or drawing names shortened, with a specific drawing. Drawings by mark labels specified in this annex 2 et seq. Economy Minister Dana Reizniec-oak annex 1 et seq of the Latvia LBN 201-15 "Construction and design" (approved by Cabinet of Ministers on 9 June 2015 regulations no 281) a construction drawing design standards applicable to list

Nr. p. k. Standard cipher standard name 1. EN ISO 128-20:2008 technical drawings. General principles the diagram-part 20: basic lines 2. EN ISO 128-20:2008 technical drawings. The General principles of the scheme – part 21: preparation of CAD system for Line 3. EN ISO 128-20:2008 drawings. Display general principles. Part 22: Pamatnorun on the link line and the shelf, use 4. LVS EN ISO 3098-0:2008 product technical documentation. Article. Part 0: General requirements (ISO 3098-0:1997) 5. LVS EN ISO 3098-5:1997 production technical documentation. Article-part 5: Latin CAD article, numbers and marks 6. LVS EN ISO 4511:2004 construction drawings. Concrete reinforcing simplified representation 7. LVS EN ISO 4157-1:2007 construction drawings. The legend system. Part 1: buildings and parts of buildings 8. LVS EN ISO 4157-2:2003 construction drawings-designation systems – part 2: Room names and numbers 9. LVS EN ISO 4157-3:2003 construction drawings-designation systems – part 3: room identifiers 10. LVS EN ISO 4172:2003 technical drawings, construction drawings – prefabricated assembly drawings 11. LVS EN ISO 5261:2008 drawings. A simplified rod and profile display (ISO 5261:1995) 12. LVS EN ISO 5456-1:2008 drawings. Projection methods. Part 1: synopsis 13. LVS EN ISO 5456-2:2008 drawings. Projection methods. Part 2: the Ortografisk display (ISO 5456-2:1996) 14. LVS EN ISO 5456-3:2008 drawings. Projection methods. Part 3: the Aksonometrisk display (ISO 5456-3:1996) 15. LVS EN ISO 5456-4:2008 drawings. Projection methods. Part 4: Central projection (ISO 5456-4:1996) 16. LVS EN ISO 5845-1:2008 drawings. A simplified skrūvējum, kniedējum and similar mounting clip. Part 1: General principles (ISO 5845-1:1995) 17. LVS EN ISO 6284:2008 construction drawings, instructions for the limit tolerance 18. LVS EN ISO 6411:2008 drawings. A simplified representation of Centre holes (ISO 6411:1982) 19. LVS EN ISO 6412-3:2008 drawings. A simplified representation of the pipelines. Part 3: ventilation and drainage fittings (ISO 6412-3:1993) 20. LVS EN ISO 6428:2008 drawings. Mikrokopējam requirements for drawings (ISO 6428:1982) 21. EN ISO 7296-2:2008 cranes. Graphical symbols-part 2: mobile cranes 22. LVS EN ISO 7437:2003 technical drawings, construction drawings-general rules for the production of prefabricated building blueprints design 23. LVS EN ISO 7518:2008 drawings. The construction drawings. Simplified building and other structure demolition and representation of pārbūvēšan (ISO 7518:1983) 24. LVS EN ISO 7519:2008 drawings. The construction drawings. General principles of representation and an exploded view drawing overview (ISO 7519:1991) 25. LVS EN ISO 8560:2003 technical drawings, construction drawings-module size, line and a network of 26. LVS EN ISO 9431:2003 construction drawings. Drawing area, a text area and position of drawings rakstlaukum 27. EN ISO 10628:2013 the chart in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Part 2: graphical symbols (ISO 10628-2:2012) 28. LVS EN ISO 11091:2008 construction drawings. Landscape drawing practice (ISO 11091:1994) 29. EN ISO 13567-1:2008 technical documentation of the products. CAD data organizing and naming of layers. Part 1: Overview and principles (ISO 13567-1:1998) 30. EN ISO 13567-2:2008 technical documentation of the products. CAD data organizing and naming of layers. Part 2: concepts used in construction documentation, formats and codes (ISO 13567-2:1998) Economic Minister Dana Reizniec-oak annex 2 et seq of the Latvia LBN 201-15 "Construction and design" (approved by Cabinet of Ministers on 9 June 2015 regulations no 281) a construction drawing of the mark Nr. p. k. Brand name notes i. General 1. I.E. topographic studies 2. » I geotechnical survey 3. TIS technical exploratory opinion Existing structures 4. The Visual inspection of the VAS opinion Existing structures 5. UR drawings Uzmērījum Existing structures 6. FF Fotofiksācij existing structures 7. Historical studies VI, Existing buildings 8. Ami research Existing artistic Architectural structures 9. AA landscape analysis of landscape projects II. part 10 of architecture. The TS section of the territory 11. 12. the master plan Construction ÌPA With architectural solutions 13. ARD architecture solutions, advanced 14. IE equipment placement public (public) building projects 15. In interior part III Inženierrisinājum 16. BK If volume is construction, you can combine the BOM, KK, DZK 17. The design of the reinforced concrete DZK 18. Design of reinforced concrete, detailed DZKD 19. MK metal structures 20. Metal constructions, MKD advanced 21. KK 22 wooden structures. KKD wooden structures, advanced 23. PK plastic design 24. AVK heating, ventilation and air conditioning Also aukstumapgād, pretdūm protection 25. THIS water supply and sewerage networks internal to 26. GA gas supply networks internal to 27. SM Siltummehānik boilers, equipment 28. EL Internal networks electricity supply 29. EU electronic communication systems communication and alarm notification system of the district 30. UAS automation systems for fire automatic fire-fighting systems of the automatic fire alarm system 31. The VAS management and automation system 32. THIS water supply and sewerage, the external network of 33. DT drainage networks in 34. Rain water drainage COC network in 35. GAT a gas supply, external network to 36. SAT, heating, external network of 37. Power supplies, external ELT network in 38. EST electronic communication networks, external network of 39. CAN environmental protection measures IV. Technological part 40. TN technological part v. economic part 41. IR equipment, design and specification of construction summary of 42. List of the works volume BA 43. T cost calculation estimates VI. Other terms 44. The work of the Organization, the draft DOP 45. DVP DVP works project can be included in the composition of construction by special order, but the designer in developing the project "design-build" case, 46. MBPS minimum Construction composed of 47. BP is 48. Construction plan DR. detail working drawings 49. SP sketch project 50. TP technical project note. *-applies to construction documentation, developed before 1 October 2014. Economy Minister Dana Reizniec-oak