The Public Prosecutor's Office And Court Staff Pay Rules

Original Language Title: Prokuratūras un tiesu darbinieku darba samaksas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 960 in 2004 (23 November. No 67 32) Prosecutor's Office and court employee Issued wage rules in accordance with the public prosecutor's Office Act, the second paragraph of article 45.1, the law "on judiciary" article 106, second subparagraph, and article 62 of the Labour's fifth rule 1 determine the prosecution and court employees (hereinafter employees) pay (monthly salary, allowances and bonuses).
2. The employee's monthly wage specific amount shall be the head of the authority, in accordance with the provisions of the annex.
3. a staff member for additional work to be done gets a bonus of up to 40% of their fixed monthly wage level. If the employee's allowances for several different works, in addition to the sum of the premium may not exceed 40% of the stated her monthly wage.
4. For additional work — absent or vacant Office — compliance by several employees, the total amount of the premium shall not exceed the employee's absenteeism or vacant position's monthly wage.
5. the specific conditions associated with increased risk to his safety or health, receives a bonus of up to 20% of their fixed monthly wage. The specific conditions and the premium percentage is determined by the authorities.
6. employees on night work shall receive not less than 50% of their stated hours or daily rate.
7. An employee for overtime work, work during the rest of the week or holidays receive bonus of not less than 100% of their stated hours or daily rate.
8. employees of high performance materials can stimulate the work according to their contribution. The material used for the stimulus funds and 15% from the planned remuneration Fund and pay the money saved means from the Fund.
9. Rules of finance the State budget for the year in salary provided for in the framework of the Fund. The request for additional funding for the current year shall be decided by the Cabinet of Ministers, drawing up the draft budget for the year.
10. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2005.
Prime Minister i. Emsis Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2005.
The annex to Cabinet of 23 November 2004, the Regulation No 960 of the public prosecutor's Office and court employees ' monthly salary no PO box
Title of monthly wage amount (in LCY) 1.
Prosecutor's Office 1.1.
Administrative Director 229-594 1.2.
administrative Deputy Director 149-527 0.8.
Head of unit 131-505 1.4.
Deputy Head of unit 131, 437 1.5.
senior specialist 101-376 1.6.
Assistant Prosecutor 100-320 1.7.
the interpreter: 342 85 1.8.
specialist 85-269 1.9.
Clerk-269 82 2.
Court 2.1.
Assistant to the Chairman, 149 – 460 2.2.
Legal Assistant 131-460 2.3.
Office Manager – 460 2.4.131
«Deputy Head of the 131-437 2.5.
Court Secretary 131-342 2.6.
the Justice Secretary – 131 342 2.7.
court interpreter 131-342 2.8.
Court consultant 123-376 2.9.
Court administrator 123-400 2.10.
the Court Archivist 123-269 2.11.
specialist 101-269 Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš