National Agency "latvian Environment, Geology And Meteorology Agency" Regulations

Original Language Title: Valsts aģentūras "Latvijas Vides, ģeoloģijas un meteoroloģijas aģentūra" nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 956 Riga 2004 23 November (pr. No 67 40) National Agency "Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency" Regulations Issued under the public law agency 8. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. Public Agency "Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency (hereinafter Agency) is under the supervision of the Ministry of the environment existing State authority. 2. the agency created to collect and process environmental information, environmental monitoring and inform the public about the environment, to ensure the Fund subsoils geological monitoring and rational use of subsoils, and implement public policy, meteorology, climatology of geology, hydrology, air quality and transboundary air pollution effects. II. functions and responsibilities of the Agency 3. The Agency shall make the law "on environmental protection", the law "on pollution, chemicals and chemical products law, Established in law, the law" on Earth ", the packaging Act, water Act and other environmental laws governing certain functions, as well as: 3.1. environmental, geological, hydrological, meteorological observations and provide their assessments by international, national and regional projects and programmes as well as ensuring environmental quality, geological, hydrologic and meteorological information accumulation, storage, filing and completion;
3.2. creating and developing a uniform environmental information system;
3.3. in accordance with the competency provides the public, State and local authorities, as well as the European institutions and international organisations, environmental, geological, hydrological and meteorological information;
3.4. provide public services, as well as contract work in relevant policy areas. 4. in order to ensure the performance of Agency functions: 4.1 coordinate uniform and comparable measurement methodology observations and the use of environmental laboratory analyses;
4.2. improve national environmental monitoring and indicator systems;
4.3. evaluate environmental quality and the State of the natural resources, trends, forecasts and risk factors, prepare environmental reports and Latvian National reports;
4.4. type of eco-label;
4.5. tests the quality of the environment;
4.6. developing weather, hydrologic, and other specialized forecasts;
4.7. provide the information required for air navigation;
4.8. subsoils of Latvia provides resource evaluation and identification of resources, as well as creating the conditions for rational and sustainable use of resources the subsoils;
4.9 environmental protection laws regulating order shall be issued on the use of the subsoils permission (license);
4.10. managed by the Latvian state geological and drilling cores and etalonparaug storage area;
4.11. environment information system within the Ministry of the environment organised by subordinated institutions to establish a computer network and the inclusion of a single national information system;
4.12. the Agency's staff provides qualifications in accordance with the relevant international organisations;
4.13. provide advice, organise and carry out research in the field concerned;
4.14 supports the international commitments of the country, according to the relevant area of activity;
4.15. the meteorological institution functions according to the 7 December 1944 Convention on international civil aviation;
4.16. the country representative of the World Meteorological Organization, as well as in other international organizations whose activities related to meteorology, hydrology, geology and environmental quality assessment, as well as the European Environment Agency Coordination Centre in Latvia;
4.17. inform about dangerous meteorological and hydrological phenomena, as well as phenomena related to changes in environmental quality and can lead to disaster, damage and accidents;
4.18. legislation in the cases and in the procedure participates in emergency management;
4.19. provides information the artesian wells in the planning of protective measures and the provision of water supply, if there is a risk to the country. 5. the Agency shall have the following rights: 5.1. legislation in order to request and receive, free of charge from natural and legal persons in the execution of the tasks of the Agency the information required;
5.2. the procedure laid down in the laws and about the charge for the services provided;
5.3. to test, calibrate and install specialized equipment and tools;
5.4. in interact with environmental protection, scientific research and other institutions in Latvia and abroad, participate in national and international environmental information systems;
5.5. to receive donations, donations and foreign financial assistance;
5.6. to perform purchases according to the law "on procurement for State or local government needs". 6. the Agency shall be empowered to enter into commitments in the amount of the settlement or to compensation for non-performance would not affect the Agency's functions. The Agency has no right to take loans and to assume a guarantee without the Ministry of environment and the Minister of finance. III. Agency governance 7. The work of the agency headed by the Agency's Director, ensuring its continuity, efficiency and the rule of law. The Agency's Director of law by public agency and the equipment of the public administration Act direct authorities managerial functions. The Director of the Agency can be alternates. 8. The Director recruiting and dismissal of Minister of environment. 9. The Director of the Agency shall be specified in the Agency's structure, as well as the heads of the departments functions and competence. 10. The Director of the Agency is responsible for the administration of the Agency and the performance of the contract, as well as the State budget allocated for targeted and effective. 11. The Director of the Agency's Permanent Representative of Latvia to the World Meteorological Organization. 12. the Agency's officials issued administrative provisions can challenge the environmental monitoring national Office. Environmental monitoring national Office can appeal the decision in court. IV. Financing of 13 Agency. the Agency's financial resources shall consist of: 13.1. grant from the General State budget revenues;
13.2. donations, gifts and foreign financial assistance;
13.3. income from fees for services rendered and other revenue. V. Agency Advisory Board 14. To assess the sector's development and support the continuous, high-quality and diversified development, Environment Minister creates Advisory Board. The composition of the Board shall include State and local governments authorized persons, professionals in the sectors concerned and non-governmental organizations authorized representatives. 15. the Advisory Board has the following tasks: to promote the development of the Agency 15.1. the effective implementation of the strategy;
15.2. to make recommendations to the Minister, to ensure the functioning of the Agency in compliance with the national policy and strategy;
15.3. to promote harmonious operation of participating institutions to implement its strategy. 16. the Advisory Council shall operate in accordance with the regulations approved by the Minister of the environment. Vi. Closing questions 17. Be declared unenforceable: 17.1. Cabinet of Ministers of 25 September 2001, Regulation No 413 "national geology Service Charter" (Latvian journal, 2001, no. 138);
17.2. The Cabinet of Ministers of 29 October 2002, Regulation No 479 "State Agency" Latvian Hidrometeoroloģij agency "Statute" (Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 158). 18. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2005. Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of environment r. vējonis