A Police Officer's Aid, Work Organisation And Job Rules

Original Language Title: Policijas darbinieka palīgu darba organizācijas un pienākumu pildīšanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 958 Riga 2004 23 November (pr. No 67 34) police officer Assistant work organisation and duties Regulations Issued in accordance with the law "on police" 30. the second paragraph of article i. General questions 1. down the police officer's Assistant (Assistant) work organisation and duties, as well as their rights and obligations.
2. Assistant work is organized according to the national police and of the police criminal police tasks and employee functional responsibilities.
II. The Assistant and release procedures 3. a Person who wishes to become a helper, submitted to the National Chief of police or State police territorial authorities (hereinafter territorial authority) the application addressed to the warden and CV.
4. the national police or the territorial authority shall check the accuracy of the information provided in the resume.
5. the national police chief or territorial authority boss posted a police officer familiar with this provision, the information referred to in paragraph 4 and prepare a recommendation to the National Chief of police or the Chief of territorial authorities. The recommendations are set out in detail and justify the need for the adoption of the Assistant.
6. the national police chief or Chief of territorial authorities evaluate the police officer's recommendation, as well as the person's application and resume.
7. the Person shall be taken as the Assistant to a specific police officer with the national police chief or Chief of the territorial authorities of the order. On the basis of that order, the person shall issue a numbered certificate Assistant.
8. the national police chief in the territory of Latvia provides a single helper certificate numbering, accounting, issuance, holding, transfer and disposal.
9. The Assistant works under the authority of the police officers, out in the country's police chief or chiefs of territorial authority orders. With the consent of the Assistant national police chief or chiefs of territorial authorities may ask the Assistant to a specified period of time or a specified task to perform the duties of the Assistant in other police officers.
10. If a police officer who works in the Management Assistant, is retired from service or moved to another post, the National Chief of police or the Chief of territorial authority with the consent of the Assistant of the other police officers who will work under the guidance of the Assistant.
11. police officers may operate under the guidance of several assistants.
12. The Assistant shall be released from their duties to Assistant national police chief or chiefs of the territorial authority of the order in the following cases: 12.1 the election after Assistant;
12.2. the Assistant does not comply with the given tasks to him;
12.3. Assistant abuse their status;
12.4. Assistant with your behavior could compromise police.
13. The Assistant may be exempted from duties to Assistant national police chief or chiefs of the territorial authority of the order in the following cases: 13.1. listing and assessing the work of Assistant quarter is found to have been given Assistant tasks;
13.2. change of residence, employment conditions, State of health or other circumstances prevent the helper to perform their duties successfully.
14. After the release of his assistant's certificate Assistant shall be referred to the appropriate territorial authorities.
III. Organization of the work of the Assistant 15. The national police and the territorial authorities: 15.1 to ensure observance of the legality of control Assistant jobs;
15.2. to provide the Assistant work;
15.3. to analyse the results of the work of the Assistant and Assistant to implement measures for improving the effectiveness of the work;
15.4. to provide Assistant with logistical means needed to exercise him.
16. A police officer, the head of running mate, has the following responsibilities: 16.1. ensure Assistant training according to the nature of the tasks;
16.2. to present Assistant with the laws that regulate police tasks, as well as with the task execution tactics;
16.3. to list and evaluate the work of the Assistant;
16.4. to submit to the national police chief or territorial authorities proposals for Assistant Manager working efficiency;
16.5. to submit to the National Chief of police or the Chief of territorial authorities proposals on Thanksgiving helper or Assistant express award, as well as for his release from the Assistant duties.
17. the national police chief or Chief of territorial authorities for a good helper duties can express gratitude or rewarding him with a valuable prize or cash award.
18. The Assistant of their duties of employment or training in his spare time. National Police Chief or chiefs of territorial authorities, if required, is entitled to involve police Assistant Assistant in his work duties or training, in advance and in writing their agreement with the Assistant employer or educational institution.
IV. responsibilities and rights Assistant 19. Assistant responsibilities: 19.1. provide assistance to the police action of police officers control the statutory duties, performing technical or organisational tasks;
19.2. the Assistant's capacity to detect criminal offences and administrative infringements causes and predisposing conditions and take measures for preventing them from participating in the legal education of persons;
19.3. the time and according to the instructions given to execute its tasks and responsibilities, except that rule 21 of the cases provided for in paragraph;
19.4. to report to the police for offences that are committed or are under preparation;
19.5. the police in carrying out the tasks of the employee survey to find out the parties involved in the offence and the offence of witnesses;
12.2. independently to take measures for the safekeeping of the scene of crime, if the foot is the Assistant or the scene arrived before police officers;
19.7. to the extent possible, to provide assistance to victims;
19.8. to affirm its authority, by the person presenting the request Assistant certificate;
12.4. any measures taken independently writing to report to the police officers, whose leadership he works.
20. The Assistant shall have the right to require that the person comply with public order offences and stops.
21. If the Assistant believes that the task assigned to him is in conflict with the law, he has the right not to carry out this task by giving police officers under the direction of which he acts, and higher police chief.
22. Assistant does not have the right to take criminal procedure legislation regulating the procedural acts, as well as to apply administrative means to influence on administrative violations.
V. work of the Assistant accounting and rating 23. Assistant work record and evaluate the results of a police officer whose management assistant runs.
24. The Assistant job assessment prepared, summarizing the results of the work for each quarter.
25. the Assistant shall accompany the description of the Rating, which includes information on how to comply with the Assistant legislative requirements, as well as proposals for future cooperation.
26. The Assistant job evaluation approved by the National Chief of police or the Chief of territorial authorities and added the Assistant personal file.
VI. final question 27. Be declared unenforceable by the Council of Ministers of 28 September 1992 decision No. 405 "concerning the rules on police staff assistant" (official Edition AROUND the MP, 1992, nr. 59).
Prime Minister i. Emsis Interior Minister er ivry Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by December 1, 2004.