Public Goods Commission Regulation

Original Language Title: Sabiedriskā labuma komisijas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 976 Riga 2004 30 November (pr. No. 68 11) public goods Commission Regulation Issued in accordance with the public good of the organization law of the fourth paragraph of article 6, and State Government facilities article 13 of the law i. General question 1. Public goods Commission (hereinafter the Commission) is a collegiate advisory body which provides an opinion to the Ministry of finance, according to the public good of the organization law of the second subparagraph of article 6.
II. composition of the Commission the Commission shall consist of 2 12 members of the Commission. Of those six, the powers that rule laid down in paragraph 4, the national authorities and six designate an open competition of the Republic of Latvia registered associations and foundations put candidates in accordance with the laws and regulations, establishing procedures for the society and foundation representatives to the Commission in the public good.
3. the Commission's term of Office shall be three years from the time when the Cabinet approved the establishment of the Commission.
4. the Commission shall include representatives authorised by the authorities of the following: 4.1 the Ministry of finance;
4.2. The Ministry of welfare;
4.3. The children and Family Affairs Ministry;
4.4. The Ministry of education and science;
4.5. The Ministry of culture;
4.6. the special task Minister for society integration Affairs Secretariat.
5. the Commission shall be chaired by the representative of the Ministry of finance. Vice-President of the Commission in the first meeting of the Commission be elected by the members of the Commission by a simple majority.
6. The Member of the Commission is right to resign by submitting a written notice to the President of the Commission.
7. the national authorities have the right to withdraw your authorized member of the Commission shall submit to the President of the Commission, the national authorities concerned of the decision and the Commission delegating to another representative.
8. the Association or Foundation has the right to withdraw the proposed Panelist (who selected by a tender), submitted by the President of the Commission of the relevant association or Foundation governing body decision.
9. If the removal or resignation of a member of the Commission, who is selected by a tender, the month is hosted on the free competition Commission members (for the remainder of the term of Office of the Commission).
10. If you are withdrawn or resign more than half of the tender selected members of the Commission, is the contest to all the six members of the Commission, provided for in the Republic of Latvia registered associations and candidates, raised by the Foundation to a new term of Office.
11. If the Association or foundation that is raised by a member of the Commission, terminate the transaction or if you eliminate the national authority, which raised the Member of the Commission, Member of the Commission concerned shall lose the status of members of the Commission.
III. Activities of the Commission and decisions 12. Ministry of finance not later than one week before the meeting of the Commission shall transmit to the Commission the establishment of the society, and religious organizations submitted applications, and the accompanying documents. The Commission shall examine the documents and give an opinion on the public good the organization status.
13. the Commission shall convene a meeting of the President of the Commission. The regular session of the Commission on the date the President of the Commission shall inform the members of the Commission at least five business days in advance and place the information of the Ministry of Finance website on the internet, showing the meeting agenda and list of organisations that things will be dealt with at the relevant meeting.
14. Commission meetings are open to the public, they may participate in one representative from each of the associations, foundations and religious organizations, if their cases are pending at the relevant meeting. Other persons may participate in the meeting, if at least three working days before the meeting is logged on to the Finance Ministry.
15. the Commission shall be valid if the Commission hearing, more than half of the members of the Commission.
16. If the Commission is not valid, the five days of the session shall be convened again, without changing the agenda.
17. If necessary, the hearing of the matter, the matter under consideration may invite the professionals. Invited professionals not vote in decisions of the Commission.
18. the meeting chaired by the President of the Commission. In the absence of the President of the Commission, his functions shall be the Deputy Chairman of the Commission.
19. the Commission shall adopt decisions by simple majority, vote. If the vote splits equal, the final decision shall be taken after a review of the matter.
20. If a member of the Commission is directly or indirectly interested in the decision, he is obliged to announce it before the voting session. Interested members of the Commission vote is not taken into account in the determination of a quorum, and has no voting rights in the decision making.
21. The Commission shall examine the documents submitted, if required, hear the applicant's representative and shall take a decision: 21.1. about applicant's compliance or non-compliance with the public good nature of the Organization;
21.2. the Association, Foundation or religious organisations and the use of the financial resources or lack of compliance with the public benefit organizations the provisions of the Act;
21.3. the suspension of the examination of the issue. In this case, the Commission shall request additional information from the Association, Foundation or religious organizations that qualify for the public good, the Organization shall determine the question of the review and, if necessary, decide on the evidence of the Commission of experts at the next hearing.
22. the Commission's decision be in writing in the form of an opinion. The opinion shall include the grounds for the decision, the relevant activities of the Organization and the Organization of each public good criteria for evaluation for this organization. The Commission shall, not later than three working days after the decision, the opinion shall be submitted to the Finance Ministry.
23. Commission sessions are recorded. The minutes shall be signed by the President and the Registrar.
24. A member of the Commission, as well as the specialists invited to the Association or Foundation representative in that case the relevant meeting, have the right to request that their views be recorded in the minutes.
25. the minutes of the proceedings of the Commission President to the members of the Commission within seven days after the session of the Commission.
26. the members of the Commission on the work of the Commission shall not receive remuneration.
Prime Minister i. Emsis special task Minister for society integration Affairs n. Levine Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 4 December 2004.