National Agency "k.ulmana Memorial Museum" Haddock "charter"

Original Language Title: Valsts aģentūras "K.Ulmaņa piemiņas muzejs "Pikšas"" nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 986 in 2004 30 November (pr. No 68 25) National Agency "k.ulmana Memorial Museum" haddock "Charter Issued in accordance with the law of public agencies 8. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. public agency" k.ulmana Memorial Museum "haddock" (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) is the Minister of agriculture in the national monitoring authority. 2. the Agency's goal is to collect, preserve and study with Dr. k.ulmana and his collaborators activity-related cultural heritage, promote it as the Latvian boom, homeland of love and virtue of the work, as well as providing relevant information available to the public. II. the Agency's functions, jurisdiction and rights 3. the Agency shall have the following functions: 3.1 collect and reflect the Museum's exhibit of materials and related information about Dr. k. Lee and his collaborators;
3.2. ensure Heritage Collections — National Museum inventory parts, appropriate care, accounting and management;
3.3. to study Dr. k.ulmana family history, objectively reflect Dr. k.ulmana lifetime contributions and give it a rating of today's hits;
3.4. provide information about Dr. k. Lee, public access, through the Agency of the Museum and educational measures;
3.5. to maintain and develop the Museum's operation required infrastructure also houses "haddock". 4. the Agency shall have the following tasks: 4.1 to list, add, store, and use the Museum's inventory in the laws on the National Museum in the order of items;
4.2. to maintain existing and create new exposure and exhibition about Dr. k.ulmana and his lifelong contribution to mate, also of the President of Latvia, who came from Jelgava district;
4.3. preparation and implementation of educational programs, as well as to create other forms of cooperation with educational and correctional institutions;
4.4. provide public services and ensuring the Agency's measure of publicity: 4.4.1 manage tours, read lectures, organize events, as well as develop and implement scientific and educational programs on teaching the first principal in the crop and its role in the development of the entire country and Zemgale district rich opportunities in the modern development of agriculture;
4.4.2. issue guides, catalogues and other information material on Dr. k.ulmana lifelong contribution to family history and Kârlis Ulmanis family lives, as well as the Museum of history and the Agency's scientific and educational measures;
4.4.3. to provide other services related to the activities of the Agency;
4.5. in accordance with the competence to cooperate with State and local authorities, non-governmental organizations, natural and legal persons. 5. the Agency these regulations 3 and 4 above functions and tasks carried out in the medium-term strategy and action plan for the year and budget. Medium-term business strategy after checking with museums, the Government confirms the Minister of agriculture. 6. the Agency shall have the following rights: 6.1. to request and receive from legal and physical persons in the execution of the tasks of the Agency the information required;
6.2. charge for public services;
6.3. to receive donations, donations and foreign financial assistance;
6.4. buy it requires the Agency, as well as to alienate the existing national in possession of movable property;
6.5. invite experts to carry out the Agency's operational tasks;
6.6. with the permission of the Minister for finance to take loans and to assume a guarantee in the law on budget and financial management. III. Agency governance 7. The work of the agency headed by the Director of the Agency. The Director of the Agency shall act in accordance with Government equipment, public law agency law, this regulation, the regulatory agreement and the employment contract. The Director of the Agency and shall be exempt from the Labour Minister of agriculture. 8. to address the development issues of the Agency, the Minister of agriculture shall establish the Advisory Board and approved its Statute. 9. Minister of Agriculture Ministry of agriculture among the civil servants appointed officials who supervise the activities of the Agency and inform the Minister. The Agency's annual report shall be submitted to the Museum of work in public administration. 10. The Director of the Agency shall establish an inventory of the Museum Commission and approved its Statute. The Commission has the following items in the main roles: 10.1. to decide on the new muzejisk of compliance with the Museum's profile and the inclusion of the item in the Museum;
10.2. assess the Museum's collection to complement the proposed objects;
10.3. provide opinions about the Museum's inventory. 11. the Agency with its possession passed to the Act public law agency in article 16. 12. the Agency's inventory of the Museum Act Museums Act. IV. the financing of the Agency 13. The budget of the Agency shall consist of: 13.1. Government grants from the general revenue;
13.2. the same revenue, revenue for paid services rendered by the Agency;
13.3. donations, gifts and foreign financial assistance. 14. the Agency is entitled to participate in project competitions. V. Agency official for appeal of decisions of the Agency's staff of 15 actual action may be challenged, by the Director of the Agency for the application. The Director of the Agency's decision may appeal to the Administrative Court in the process of regulatory legislation. 16. The Director of the Agency to succeed administrative provisions (except paragraph 15 of these provisions in that decision) and actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of agriculture. The Ministry of agriculture decisions may be appealed to the Administrative Court in the process of regulatory legislation. VI. final question 17. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2005. Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of Agriculture m. rose