Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 28 May 2002, The Regulation No 219 "order In Which Recoverable With The Missions And The Staff Of Travel-Related Expenses"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 28.maija noteikumos Nr.219 "Kārtība, kādā atlīdzināmi ar komandējumiem un darbinieku darba braucieniem saistītie izdevumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 990 Riga 2004 30 November (pr. No 68 37) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 May 2002 No. 219 "in the terms of the order in which recoverable with missions and staff travel costs" Issued in accordance with the law "on personal income tax" 9. the first subparagraph of article 16 to make the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 May 2002 No. 219 "in the terms of the order in which recoverable with the missions and the staff of travel-related expenses" (Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 94; 2004 , 124 no). the following amendments: 1. To replace paragraph 1:1.1., the words "company (company)" with the word "operator"; 1.2. the words "military, commanding the composition" with the word "soldiers". 2. Make the paragraph 2, introductory part the following: "2. the mission considered the head of the institution approved by written order of the employee trip for a certain period of time to another populated place in Latvia or abroad, as well as from foreign countries to the Republic of Latvia (if the employee's regular job is abroad) to:". 3. The deletion of paragraph 3, the words "and according to the industry Ministry approved professions (posts) enumerated." 4. To replace paragraph 6, the words "public companies as well as companies" with the words "and company". 5. Express 7.4. subparagraph by the following: "7.4. the costs of the hotel (accommodation), including breakfast in hotel costs;". 6. Replace paragraph 7.7, the words "urban transport" with the words "City public transport (including taxis)". 7. To supplement the provisions under section 7.7.1 as follows: "employees driving expenses 7.7.1 Latvia city public transport (including taxis) to pay an amount that does not exceed 30% of the allowance provisions, if such expenses have been submitted supporting documents;". 8. Express section 7.8.1. by the following: "medical and transport 7.8.1. expenses outside the European Union and the European economic area;". 9. Add to paragraph 8 of the first and the second sentence after the words "budgetary authority" with the words "and public agencies". 10. Express 10.1. the second sentence of the subparagraph as follows: "amounts of money and Repaid the advance billing for the mission is applied to the Exchange, the exchange rate specified in the receipt or, if no such receipt, Bank of Latvia exchange rate at the settlement date". 11. Express 10.2. subparagraph by the following: "10.2. travel (travel) the expenditure conforms to the norms, but exceed the amount received in advance, an employee of the overdraft amount according to documents submitted to pay in local currency (if the employee has been in the Republic of Latvia) or in his choice of convertible currency or local currency (if the employee had been abroad) at the exchange rate specified in the receipt or, if no such receipt, after the Bank of Latvia exchange rate at the settlement date." 12. paragraph 13 be expressed by the following: ' 13. If the employee gives the training mission for a period which is longer than 30 days, then for a period exceeding 30 days, the daily allowance shall not be paid. The Secretary of State or other central public authorities, in certain cases, the Manager is entitled from the Ministry or other central State administration divided into national budget resources to determine daily allowance or portion of the training mission, which is more than 30 days written notice to the Ministry of finance and State control. In some cases, the merchant is entitled to determine the date the employee or part of the money for the training mission, which is longer than 30 days. " 13. Express 19.2. subparagraph by the following: "subsistence 19.2. — four lat for each travel day. If the employee travel time each day you can return to the place of residence and it is economically justified, the head of the institution may decide to cover the daily subsistence allowance of 50% of the amount in question. If the employee is posted only on one day and you can return to the place of residence, subject to the regulations for work and rest periods, the daily allowance is paid; ". 14. Replace paragraph 19.3.1. number and the word "25 dollars," with a number and the word "30 lat". 15. Express 22 the following: "22. If the hotel (accommodation) Bill is credited to expenditure on clothing and footwear, clothes ironing cleaning or repairs, as well as other personal expenses (including expenses on the bar or the use of the minibar), you pay the employee from his date of money (compensation for additional expenditure). " 16. Add to 26.5. section behind the words "passing through the territory of several countries" with the words "including the territory of the Republic of Latvia". 17. Make the paragraph 32 as follows: "32. If travel expenses are reimbursed from the intended purpose of foreign financial assistance and aid provider has specified the use of criteria and norms, institutions that are financed from the budget, these rules apply to the calculation of the employee's travel expenses. " 18. To supplement the 33.3. section behind the words "specialised Attaché" with the words "Secretary of the Ministry". 19. Amend paragraph the words "Ministry Secretary"; 19.2. the words "and the heads of the National Committee". 20. the express 37 as follows: "37. If the persons exercising diplomatic and consular service by diplomatic and consular representations abroad, going on a business trip to his home country, they pay only travel expenses and the costs of the hotel in accordance with the procedure laid down in these rules. " 21. Delete paragraph 38. 22. Supplement with 24.3 points as follows: "39.1 If Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Latvia, Ambassador, special tasks dedicated Attaché or other person who has been granted diplomatic rank, the Defense Ministry and the military representative to international organizations or employee is posted on the Republic of Latvia, his only travel expenses reimbursed under this rule 7.2. section and paragraph 27 and shall bear the costs for the hotel (accommodation) in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 19.3, and 22 If the place in Latvia where he is posted, is outside his declared place of residence. " 23. Amend paragraph 40, the words "administrative bodies". 24. Add to paragraph 41 after "specialised Attaché" with the words "Secretary of the Ministry". 25. Express attachment as follows: "Cabinet of Ministers of 28 May 2002, the Regulation No 219 of 24-hour Expenditure norms for business travel (travel) to foreign countries no BC State allowances (compensation for additional expenditure) rule (in dollars) cost margin currency amount 1. England United Kingdom 50 pound Japan 155 2.40 us dollar 40 275 3. Denmark Danish krone 1000 4. Netherlands 40 Euro 165 5.40 euros 165 6. Iceland Ireland 40 us dollar 201 7. Norway 40 Norwegian krone 1379 8. Greece 40
Euro 165 9. Greenland 40 Euro 165 10. Switzerland 40 Swiss franc United States 249 11.33 us dollar euro 33 182 12. Andorra Austria 150 13.33 euro Belgium euro 150 15 150 14.33.33 euros Italy France 150 16.33 euro 150 17.33.182 18 Israel us dollar New Zealand 33 Australian dollars 130 19.33 Canada Canadian dollar 180 20. Liechtenstein 33 Swiss franc 150 21. Luxembourg Principality of Monaco 33 33 Euro Euro 150 150 22.

23. Portugal 33 euro 150 24.33 euro 150 25. Finland Spain Sweden 33 euro 150 26.33 Euro 165 27.33 euro 150 28. Czech Republic Germany 25 Euro 120 29.25, England Gibraltar pound 60 30. Kuwait 25 146 31.25 US dollars us dollar People's Republic of China 146 32. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 25 Euro 120 33. Romania 25 Euro 120 34. Serbia and Montenegro 25 Euro 120 35.25 us dollar Singapore 146 36.25 us dollar Taiwan 146

37. Ukraine 25 us dollar 180 38. Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg) 25 us dollar 160 39. Australia 20 Australian dollar 150 40. Bosnia and Herzegovina 20 euro 100 41. Bulgaria 20 euro 100 42.20 us dollar South Korea 119 43.20 us dollar Guatemala 119 44. Croatia 20 euro 100 45.20 us dollar India 119 46.20 us dollar Iraq Iran 119 47.20 us dollar 119 48. Cyprus 20 euro 100 49. Liberia 20 us dollar 119 50. Malta
20 euro 100 51. Poland 20 euro 100 52.20 euro 100 53. Slovakia Slovenia Turkey 20 euro 100 54.20 us dollar 119 55. Hungary 20 euro 100 56. Virgin Islands 20 us dollar 119 57.20 euro 100 58. Estonia Lithuania 20 euro 100 59.18 us dollar 160 60. Azerbaijan Georgia Kazakhstan 18 us dollar 160 61.18 us dollar 160 62. Russia (except Moscow and St. Petersburg) 18 us dollar 110 63. Uzbekistan 18 us dollar 160 64.
Other countries 18 us dollar 110 "Prime Minister i. Emsis Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš