Procedures Are Identified And Credited To The State Budget In The Profit Share Paid And Other Payments For State Capital

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā tiek noteikta un ieskaitīta valsts budžetā izmaksājamā peļņas daļa un citi maksājumi par valsts kapitāla izmantošanu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 996 in 2004 30 November (pr. No 68 54) procedures are identified and credited to the State budget in the profit share paid and other charges for the use of the Issued capital of the country, in accordance with the law on budget and financial management of the second paragraph of article 5 and the law "on State and local government owned capital shares and enterprises ' 3. the first paragraph of article 1 the provisions establishing the State controlled Corporation of dividends payable minimum profit and the order in which the business community in the country to be part of profit and other charges for the use of public funds are credited to the State budget.
2. the commercial companies in the country to be part of the profits (dividends) are: 2.1. meeting of the members of the Corporation the decision specified in the Corporation's profits to be paid in that part of the country agrees with the proportion of State-owned capital in nominal amount;
2.2. General partnership approved by the members of the profit, which the public as a member of a general partnership may be required to pay if it does not harm the general partnership and public investment (equity) share of the general partnership is not impaired;
2.3. the limited partnership members approved part of the profit, which the public as a member of the limited partnership may be required to pay, except where its capital in respect of a certain amount of the investment is impaired due to loss or reduced its profit share costs.
3. the minimum dividends paid profit, except for the provision in paragraph 4, the State-controlled enterprises have 27 percent of the Corporation's action concerned the remaining net profit, or about a current year's State budget law.
4. the Cabinet of Ministers after the holder of the shares of State-controlled to a reasoned proposal to the Corporation may establish different minimum dividends paid profit for the financial year, the rules laid down in paragraph 3. Proposal on dividends payable to different minimum profit the State capital, the holder shall submit to the Cabinet of Ministers with the following corporations net profit use justification 4.1. economic justification, if it is necessary to prevent danger to business for sustainable development and competitiveness;
4.2. legal background, if the dividends to be paid different minimum part of profits based on the agreement of the members of the Corporation;
4.3. other grounds that meet business support control requirements of the law.
5. public joint stock company "latvenergo" in addition to the provisions referred to in paragraph 3, dividends including dividends paid back to the State in accordance with the current year's State budget law amounting to: 5.1 in 2005 — 1097397 lat;
5.2. in 2006-1097397 lat;
5.3. in 2007 — 847615.
6. public joint stock company "latvenergo" the rules referred to in paragraph 5 of the additional dividends credited to the following time limits: 6.1 the 2005 and 2006 — each year the twelve equal parts each month to the fifth day;
6.2. from January 2007 to September — in nine equal parts each month until the fifth day.
7. A corporation or a partnership, the members of the society who perform recordkeeping, dividend mandate paid into the account specified by the Treasury within 10 days after the approval of Member dividends at the meeting or by the State as a partnership Member's representative, or other time period if the contract for the formation of companies, statutes and other legislation has specified otherwise, and placed in the national budget in accordance with the current year's State budget law.
8. other payments on the country's capital paid into the State Treasury and credited to the account specified in the State budget in accordance with the current year's State budget law.
9. If dividends or other payments for public capital company (person's) fault has not been paid in due time and amount of State revenue service on behalf of the State as a shareholder of a corporation or a partnership and the members of the representative on behalf of the State as a representative of the owner of the capital calculation and late recovered it in the law on budget and financial management, civil law, commercial law and other laws.
10. the holder of the national capital and the State as a member of the partnership's representative shall notify to the State revenue service on a corporation's share capital (the amount of total investment), the State capital (investment), net profit for the year, the State piekritīgaj dividends, members, meeting date and the date up to which pay dividends.
11. national institutions responsible for overseeing the national capital, shall notify to the State revenue service jurisdiction for State payments for public capital, payment terms, and the legal basis on which the jurisdiction of the State of the payments, as well as other relevant information.
12. The Corporation, which in 2004 has been a non-profit organization status, dividends for the year 2004 and the calculation of the profits gained from a period of re-registration in the commercial register of the Corporation until the end of the reporting year.
13. in paragraph 3 of these regulations certain dividends in accordance with these rules shall be determined and calculated from the profit gained by the company, starting with the reference year 2004.
14. the implementation of these provisions provides the State revenue service.
15. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 27 February 2001, Regulation No 95 "procedures are paid and credited to the State budget of dividends (payments for state capital)" (Latvian journal, 2001, no. 40; 2003; 2004, nr. 18, 85, 97. nr.).
Prime Minister i. Emsis Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to the 7 December 2004.