Amendments To The Cabinet Of 23 April 2002, The Regulation No 164 ' Requirements Main Pipes And Main Technical Supervision Procedures "

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 23.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.164 "Prasības maģistrālajiem cauruļvadiem un maģistrālo cauruļvadu tehniskās uzraudzības kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1043 in Riga 2004 December 21 (Mon. No 74 14. §) amendments to the Cabinet of 23 April 2002, the Regulation No 164 ' requirements main pipes and main technical supervision order Issued in accordance with the law "on technical supervision of dangerous equipment," the second part of article 3 to make a Cabinet of 23 April 2002, the Regulation No 164 ' requirements main pipes and main technical supervision procedures "(Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 64) the following amendments: 1. Put 1. , points 2 and 3 by the following: "1. the provisions set out the requirements that must be followed, organizing and doing work with petroleum, petroleum product or natural gas (referred to as agents) transmission and transportation of onshore applications for metal or glass-fibre epoxy pipelines and auxiliary equipment for material designed specifically for these pipelines (hereinafter referred to as the trunk pipelines), as well as a main technical supervision procedures in order not to create a threat to human life, health, property and the environment.
2. the provisions do not apply to the pipeline that transported natural gas with a maximum permissible working pressure that is less than 16 bars.
3. The Ministry of economy in cooperation with the relevant technical standards Committee recommends limited liability company "Latvian standards" in connection with these terms, reliance and designing standard applicable list. "
2. Delete paragraph 4, the words "non-profit organization".
3. Express the point 5 and 6 by the following: "5. the main technical inspection is entitled to take an accredited institution, for which the economic Ministry has published a notice in the newspaper" Gazette "(hereinafter referred to as the inspection authority) if it: 5.1. accredited Latvian National Accreditation Bureau according to the standard EN 45004" EN main criteria in different types of bodies performing inspection "and the requirements of these regulations;
5.2. is insure their civil liability of an amount to cover the possible losses incurred by mistake, which, in cooperation with the institutions of the selected insurer calculated the areas of activity of the institutions of the risk assessment.
6. Latvian National Accreditation Bureau will evaluate and monitor the adequacy of inspection bodies in paragraph 5 of these rules. "
4. Make the introductory paragraph 10 by the following: ' 10. Trunk pipeline possessor adds technical passport the following documents in the language of the country (hereinafter referred to as use documentation): ".
5. Add to paragraph 11 behind the words "If the pipeline does not have" with the words "in the Act, regulations on line design, construction and the conformity assessment procedures laid down in the certificate of conformity issued or".
6. To express the point 14.2. as follows: "to designate the staff of 14.2, powering transfer (transmission) of equipment (Service staff), as well as the rest of the staff. Service staff is trained and instructed according to the laws and regulations on labor protection requirements for the use of work equipment, and are trained to work in matters of protection, taking into account the transfer (transmission) of equipment design and usage conditions; ".
7. Make the following subparagraph 14.5:14.5 to ensure those rules "in certain trunk pipeline and its technological equipment (such as leak detection, cathodic protection, earthing equipment) test. These checks shall be carried out for the inspection body this provision in accordance with the procedure laid down in chapter V; ".
8. Replace paragraph 37, the word "transportation" with the word "line".
9. Add to paragraph 38 of the line after the words "pipeline" by the words "elements and".
10. Replace the words "in paragraph 30.6. The State Environment Inspectorate's" with the words "environmental inspectors".
11. Chapter VI shall be deleted.
12. To make 75. paragraph by the following: "75. If the trunk pipeline of these provisions at the date of entry into force of the national labour inspection established, the possessor uses the line without that provision referred to in paragraph 11 of the statement of conformity. " Prime Minister a. Halloween economic Minister A.r. Kariņš