Of The Grant Contract "on The Fight Against Fraud Affecting The Eu Financial Interests (Latvia)" Amendment 2

Original Language Title: Par granta līguma "Par cīņu pret krāpšanu, kas apdraud ES finanšu intereses (Latvijā)" grozījumu Nr.2

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1033 Riga 2004 December 21 (Mon. No 74 32) on the grant contract "on the fight against fraud affecting the EU financial interests (Latvia)" Amendment 2 Issued under Cabinet installations article 14 of the law, first paragraph, point 3 of the Grant contract 1 "on the fight against fraud affecting the EU financial interests (Latvia)" Amendment 2 (Amendment) project with these terms are accepted and approved. 2. the amendment shall enter into force on the date of its signature. Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš adopted and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 21 December 2004, the Regulation No 1033 Amendment 2. Grant Agreement on the fight against fraud affecting the EU financial interests (Latvia) Grant identification number: 2003/074-293 the European community represented by the Commission of the European Communities (the contracting authority) of the one part, and the Republic of Latvia, the Finance Ministry's Secretary of State, the national officers of the Andrējev in the name of Valentine's (beneficiary) of the other part , have agreed that: 1. the article the following contract No. 2003/074-293, 2003-15 November between the contracting authority and the beneficiary, and the amendment to the regulations is replaced by the following: article 2, point 2.3 of the agreement should be read as follows: the period of the Action, as defined in annex 1, is 23 months. Article 3 the rest of the original amendment of the Treaty and its previous terms and conditions remain unchanged. Drawn up in Brussels in four originals in the English language, the three of them contracting authority and one recipient.

The name of the contracting authority in the name of Valentine's Andrējev Helmuth Lohan, State Secretary, National Executive Manager signature date signature date Appendix I description of the action program for combating fraud, the protection of the financial interests of the community a. Description 1. Overall objectives the objectives of this agreement comply with the 2002 PHARE cross border programme "anti-fraud program for the protection of the financial interests of the community" for general purposes. The main objective of the programme is to help candidate countries of PHARE to fulfil the obligations arising from Treaties and other legislation for the protection of the community's financial interests by introducing effective defensive, based on national and European experience gained by the Commission. In order to achieve these objectives, the 2002 program and direct objectives this agreement is divided into three components: (a) the anti-fraud structure help create central bodies, able to react immediately to the signs of fraud and irregularities or the requirements of independent Commission to carry out, or coordinate help to investigate allegations of fraud and irregularities affecting the Community budget. Administrative powers granted to the Commission, the European anti-fraud Office (OLAF); (b) communications systems and databases help to (i) promote the involvement of the central structure in a safe and effective exchange of information in the spoofed or irregularities related activities with all competent national authorities as well as with the Commission (OLAF) and the competent authorities of the Member States; (ii) create the anti-fraud databases; (c) the know-how help to increase central control on the structure and effectiveness of the investigation and law enforcement and prosecution agencies, with which they cooperate, in particular at future external borders. 2. Specific objectives the specific objectives of this agreement are put to promote: • meetings, seminars, conferences, etc., the organisation and conduct in connection with the aforementioned components • recipient country experts in activities undertaken to achieve these program components. 3. the types of activities included in the agreement/Detailed description of the transaction activity, which may be granted under this agreement, funding, are the following: (a) participation in meetings of the AFCOS) (covers only AFCOS staff travel expenses), (b) participation in seminars) working groups and other multilateral activities organised in particular PHARE candidate countries ' officials involved in the fight against fraud. It mainly includes participation in training programmes organized by OLAF as part of the planned General support for these countries, and what happens in these countries, in Brussels and in the Member States, OLAF c) fact-finding trip to the EU institutions, the EFTA countries and the candidate countries of the PHARE and international organisations, in particular on OLAF in Brussels and the Member States ' anti-fraud services, d) sending trainees (to OLAF or the Member States), e) conferences, seminars, training courses the organisation of the beneficiary country, etc., including the provision of translation, f) training materials and manuals and guidelines for OLAF. This technical description is added to the list of activities. The recipient should ask OLAF consent in connection with the admission of trainees from the State. The beneficiary provides administrative and logistical support (air and ground transportation, accommodation, per diem cost of reservation, etc.) these activities. 4. Duration of the action and planning action lasts 23 months. B. expected results through the various activities mentioned above and detailed in the annex, the list is reached the 2002 PHARE cross border "anti-fraud programs for the protection of the financial interests of the community" and the objectives of this agreement, taking into account in particular the three main components. C. reporting interim and final reports (each including technical and financial section) shall submit, as set out in the special conditions of the agreement and the General conditions. All messages shall draw up and submit to the English language and, unless otherwise specified, they are available in two paper copies and in electronic format. As far as possible, the reports and forecasts are drawn up on the basis of a standard form, which will be announced. 1. Interim report the interim report shall be submitted to the Directorate-General for enlargement, to justify the request for interim payment. Interim technical implementation report describes the actions taken, results achieved, mobilise resources and assess the progress of the agreement, providing for further information on any deviations from the planned work programme. The report provides information on: (a) (b) of the General progress of)) the problems you experienced (and found, and suggested solutions) c) Proposal (short and throughout the duration of the agreement) (d)) report a distinction should be made between activities that are carried out and considered complete and activities that currently take place, so as to have a clear program and the development of the agreement. 2. The recipient shall submit a final report to the Commission of the final technical report two months after the completion of the transaction in English three paper copies and in electronic format, making all the implemented activities, the results achieved, there is a problem (and the solution found and recommended) summary and definitive findings. 3. Special rules for financial statements of each financial report, send a copy to the Directorate-General for enlargement in electronic form by email or CD ROM or floppy disk. Additional explanations are required in the following cases: (a)) if the activity is cancelled and the cancellation costs are invoiced, b) if the traveler is ill or is unable to attend the activity, disease, or illness must provide proof sheet, c) where the airline ticket is changed from economic to business class at no extra cost, travel agencies must provide a certificate that was issued a ticket for economy class price. (d) the national language issued) tariff heading are also given in English. D.2. Audit costs final audit carried out at the end of the operation, and an auditor approves the transaction, as determined by the special conditions) (1 of 7. All audits conducted by the Commission of its representatives have complete access to the premises, in particular the authorities of the beneficiary at any time and all the information required for the control. The European Court of Auditors shall enjoy the same rights as the Commission, notably right of access controls and audit purposes. Annex: detailed activity list addendum 2 the grant contract fight against fraud regimes by the financial interest of the EU (and its affiliates) grant Identification number: 2003/074-293 the European Community, represented by the Commission of the European communities, ("the Contracting Authority") of the one part, and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia represented by State Secretary, the National Authorizing Officer Valentine's Andrējev of ("the Beneficiary"), of the other part, have agreed as follows: article 1 the following provision of the contract 2003/074-293 and it was concluded by the previous addend between the Contracting Authority and the Beneficiary on 15th November 2003 is hereby replaced by the as follows: article 2 article 2.3 is amended to read the Action's implementation period, as put down in Annex I, is 23 hours. Article 3 All other terms and conditions of the contract remain unchanged. Done at Brussels in four originals in the English language, the three of them for the Contracting Authority and done for the Beneficiary.

For the Beneficiary For the Contracting Authority of a Valentine's Andrējev Helmuth Lohan, the State Secretary, Head of the National Authorizing Officer unit signature signature date date

Annex I Description of the Action Anti-Fraud Program for the protection of the financial interests of the Community (A). 1. Overall Objective Description the objective of this agreement with in line with the overall objective of the 2002 PHARE Multicountry programme "Anti-Fraud program for the protection of the financial interests of the Community". The program's main objective is to assist the PHARE Acceeding States to meet the obligations ensuing from the Treaty and in other legislative acts on the protection of the financial interests of the Community by putting into place effective protection mechanisms on the basis of the experience gained by the Member States and the European Commission. To meet these objective, the immediate objective for the 2002 Program and for this agreement to set out in its three components: (a) Anti-Fraud assistance to structures set up central structures able to responds without delay their indication of fraud and to requests emanating irregularit or it from this Commission to carry out in an independent manner, the co-ordinat or assist with the conduct of investigations into cases of suspected fraud and to the Community budget irregularit regimes. The power of administrative inspection conferred upon the Commission by the carried out by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF); (b) Communications links and databases assistance to (i) enable the central structures to participat in the secure and efficient exchanges of information concerning fraudulen and irregular operations with all competent national authorities as well as with the Commission (OLAF) and the competent authorities of the Member to the States; (ii) develop anti-fraud databases; (c) the Operational know-how assistance to increase the effectiveness of the controls and enquiries conducted by the central structures and the law enforcement and prosecution services with which they co-operate, in particular at the future external borders of the Union. 2. the Specific Objective of the Specific objective of this agreement with the organisation and facilitat • the through administration of meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. linked to these components, • the participation of experts from the beneficiary's country in activities implemented in pursuit of the above programme components. 3. the type of activities included in the agreement Detailed Description of the Action/the activities, for which financing may be provided in this agreement, with the following: (a) participation in meetings of the AFCOS) (only travel expense insurance AFCOS staff to be covered), (b) participation in seminars,) working group and other multilaterals events specifically organised for officials of the PHARE Acceeding States ' engaged in combatting fraud. This mainly to participation in training programmes of impl organised by OLAF as part of the planned overall support to these countries, taking place in these countries, at OLAF in Brussels and in the Member States. (c)) at its it-study institutions of the EU, EFTA and the PHARE Acceeding States and international organisations, above all the OLAF in Brussels and to the Member States ' Anti-Fraud Services. (d)) of traine secondmen (OLAF or Member States), e) organisation of conferences, seminars, training courses etc, within the beneficiary's country, including providing interpretation, translation of training materials (f)) and of OLAF users manuals and guidelines. A list of the activities is attached to this Technical Description. The Beneficiary will seek OLAF's agreement to the participants from its country for actions related to the secondmen of traine. The Beneficiary will provide administrative and logistics support (air and surface travel, accommodation booking, payment of per diem, etc.) to these actions. 4. Duration and Planning of the Action the action shall run for 23 hours. B. Expected results Through the various activities set out above and in the detailed list in the annex, the objective for the 2002 PHARE Multicountry "Anti-Fraud program for the protection of the financial interests of the Community" and for this agreement, above all regarding the three main components, are fulfilled. C. Reporting interim and final reports (including each (a) technical and financial section) shall be provided as foreseen in the Special conditions and in the General conditions of the agreement. All reports shall be written in English and, if established and not specified otherwise, be made available in two papers in electronic format and the cop. As far as possible, reports and forecasts shall be produced in a standard form to be communicated. 1. Interim report An interim report shall be submitted to DG enlargement to back up an interim payment request. The interim technical implementation report of the activities carried out shall be describ, results obtained, resources mobilised, and assess progress on the agreement giving details of any of the divergenc from the planned work programme. It shall provide information on: (a) the progress made (b)) General) problems encountered (and the solutions found or proposed), c) recommendations (short-term and within the life of the agreement) (d)) the report should distinguish between activities achieved and considered finished and activities currently under way, so that the evolution of the Programme and the agreement is clear, 2. the Final report the Beneficiary will submit to the Commission a final technical report , within two months following the completion of the action in the English language and made out in three papers in electronic format and the cop, summarising all the activities implemented, results achieved, the problems encountered (and the solutions found or proposed) and final conclusions. 3. Specific rules for the financial reporting A copy of each financial report shall be transmitted to the DG enlargement in electronic form, by e-mail or on CD ROM or diskett. Additional explanatory notes not in the following cases cessary: a) When an activity has been cancelled and cancellation costs are invoiced field, b) If a traveller fell ill, or was unable to attend an activity through illness, a declaration or a medical certificate must be provided, (c) If a flight ticket) has been upgraded from economy to business class without additional costs a certificate of the travel agency must be provided stating that the ticket was issued at an economy price. (d)) the title of certificates issued in a national language shall also be stated in the English language. D.2. Audit costs (A) the final audit will be carried out when the action ends, for the auditor to certify the accounts of the Operations as specified in article 7.1 of the Special Condition. For all audit carried out by the Commission, its representatives shall have a total on-the-spot access, notably to the Beneficiary's offices, at all times and to all the information needed for control purpose. The European Court of Auditors shall have the same rights as the Commission, notably right of access, for the purpose of check and audit. Attachment: a Detailed list of activities