The Rules On Charges For Air Navigation Services In The Flight Information Region Of Riga And Vas "riga International Airport" Services

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par maksu par aeronavigācijas pakalpojumiem Rīgas lidojumu informācijas rajonā un VAS "Starptautiskā lidosta "Rīga"" pakalpojumiem

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The traffic Department of the Ministry of Aviation Regulation No. 5 of 2004 in Riga on December 24, the provisions on charges for air navigation services in the flight information region of Riga and VAS "Riga International Airport" services Issued in accordance with the law "on the air" 28. the second paragraph of article 1 defines the terms charges for air navigation services and airport services and the arrangements for handling the flight information region of Riga (hereinafter referred to as "LYRA) and VAS" International Airport "Riga" (hereinafter referred to as the airport "Riga").
2. the charges for air navigation services on the route Riga SHE collected, based on aircraft maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and is determined as follows: R = P x D x W: R-charge on the route air navigation services received;
P-charging unit charges Riga LYRA. Charge the unit pricing is 28.43 €. Charges that the national joint stock company "Latvian air traffic" in a task charged the central route charges Office (CRC), the unit price is € 28.75 international routes.
D-1/100 of the total distance carried out in Riga, where SHE translated at the great circle route and is expressed in kilometers with an accuracy of two decimal places. Aircraft landing at the Republic of Latvia or taking off from them, this distance is reduced by the distance flown aerodrome control area (TMA);
W = the weight of the aircraft, which is calculated as follows: maximum take-off weight that is, dragging the square root of the quotient obtained by the aircraft maximum take-off weight in metric tons, mentioned in the certificate, the validity of flight flight instruction or other similar official document, divided by the number 50 3. air navigation services rendered the airfield access area fee shall be determined as follows: A = A-where: PxK charges for air navigation services provided airfield approach zone;
P-charging unit charges 28.43 €;
(K) — aircraft weight factor specified in this paragraph included in the table: from the MTOW (tonnes) 1 K 0-5 2-3 10 0.5 0.8 10.01 5.01-20 4-5 1.5 2.0 25.01 20.01 25-30 6-7 2.7 3.5 45.01 30.01 45 – 50-60 5.0 4.2 8 50.01 60.01-80 9 90 10 5.7 80.01-110 12110.01 90.01 7.5 6.5 11-13150.01-9.0 12.0 14200.01 150 200-300-15300.01 UP 20 Liepaja 15.0 airfield approach zone is a coefficient 0.6.4. Charges for aircraft take-off and landing at the airport "Riga": the basic airport 4.1 "Riga" is set at EUR 8.12 for every 1000 aircraft maximum take-off weight, kg (rounded up to 10 kg);
4.2. from noon. 22.00 to 6.00 local time is calculated and charged an additional fee of 20% of the basic amount.
5. Training flight hour is equivalent to one take-off and landing time, but for each next hour is applied to the factor 0.75.6. ramp parking fees: 6.1 the first 3 hours free of charge;
6.2. for every aircraft maximum take-off weight 1000 kg, and each of the next 24 hours – 1.06 EUR.
7. The fee for the airport "Riga" security measures is EUR for each 12.18 departing passengers.
8. Any carrier conducting flights to/from the airport "Riga", is entitled to receive a rebate of 4-7. the payments referred to in point depending on the time of year, from Riga passenger transport: departing passengers a discount rate (000)
% 25 10 50 20 75 30 100 40 125 50 150 60 200 70 250 80 9. Zero tariff 0.0 is applied: 9.1 in relation to these rules 1-7. the payments referred to in point: 9.1.1. special flights, which are made to carry the Latvian State or Government leaders, which gives official visits;
9.1.2. flights by State aircraft (according to ICAO the state definition of aircraft);
9.1.3. to carry out the search and rescue work after the competent aviation search and rescue service of the order;
9.1.4. flights which end airfield, from which the aircraft has taken off and is not sitting in another airfield (forced return);
9.2. in the case of those provisions 2 and 3 payments: mentioned in paragraph 9.2.1. flights that are made in Lira Riga according to visual flight rules (VFR) outside of controlled airspace boundaries;
9.2.2. aircraft, weighing less than 2 tonnes if they do not take commercial flights;
9.3. This provision 7. the fee referred to in paragraph 1 does not apply to passengers who have not reached the age of two years.
10. Charges for air navigation and airport recovery procedure is the following: 10.1 the aircraft owner and user are equally responsible for the payment of the services received;
10.2. payments shall be made within 30 days of the invoice date. If the payment deadline coincides with a Saturday, Sunday or official holiday of the Republic of Latvia day, payments shall be made on the next working day. If payment is not made, then the aircraft owner or user pays the Civil Code of the Republic of Latvia under certain interest, if not otherwise specified in the contract.
Business and payments made by Charter flights landing, taking account of the relevant air traffic information center, the airport "Riga" dispatch centre or the nearest bank branch, where the contract provides otherwise;
10.3. invoices for air navigation services provided to international flight on the route Riga, Republic of Latvia HER use of airspace and air traffic organization of national joint stock company "Latvian air traffic" in the name of and on behalf of and payment of invoices charged to EUROCONTROL central route charges Office (CRC), if the collection by that company.
11. these provisions shall enter into force on 1 January 2005.
12. from 1 January 2005 shall terminate the Aviation Department on 23 July 2004, the Regulation No 3 "rules on charges for air navigation services in the flight information region of Riga and VAS" International Airport "Riga", "services".
Aviation Department Director a. Nobles matching traffic Minister a. shlesers 24.12.2004.