Rules For The Socially Disadvantaged Groups Of People

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par sociāli mazaizsargāto personu grupām

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 32 in Riga on 11 January 2005 (pr. 3. § 20) rules for the socially disadvantaged groups of persons Issued in accordance with the public good the organization Article 2 of the law of the fourth rule 1 shall determine the persons who meet socially disadvantaged groups of people. 2. the following persons socially vulnerable groups: 2.1. families that bringing up three or more children;
2.2. full family;
2.3. people with disabilities;
2.4. persons over the age of capacity;
2.5. the 15-25 year-olds;
2.6. persons released from custodial institutions;
2.7. the long-term unemployed;
2.8. the homeless;
2.9. human trafficking victims;
2.10. repressed persons;
2.11. persons in the case of natural disasters or natural disasters is harmed, or their families;
2.12. the Chernobyl nuclear power plant emergency relief actors and their families, Chernobyl nuclear power plants crash because the victim and their family;
2.13. persons with alcohol, drugs, psychotropic, toxic substances, gambling or gaming addiction problems and their families;
2.14. families that bring up a disabled child;
2.15 children;
2.16. the victim of domestic violence. Prime Minister a. Halloween special task Minister for society integration a. Latkovsk a