Amended By The Ministry Of Transport Of 11 July 2003, The Regulation No 17 "bulk Carrier Safe Stacking Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Satiksmes ministrijas 2003.gada 11.jūlija noteikumos Nr.17 "Beramkravu kuģu drošas kraušanas noteikumi"

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Provisions of the Ministry of transport no. 16, Riga, June 3, 2004, amended in 2003 by the Ministry of transport 11. Regulation No 17 July "bulk carrier" safe handling rules Issued in accordance with the maritime administration and the Maritime Security Act 11 the third paragraph of article 10 and paragraph 12 be done in 2003 by the Ministry of transport of the July 11, Regulation No 17 bulk carriers "safe handling" the following amendments: 1. Replace the words "in paragraph 4.11 of the Republic of Latvia on maritime and hydrographic authority" with the words "maritime administration". 2. Replace paragraph 5, the words "maritime safety inspectorate" with the words "Latvian maritime administration maritime safety Department (KDD)". 3. the title of chapter V be expressed as follows: "v. maritime safety the Department's action".
4. Replace the 6, 8, 11, 14, 19, 20 and 26, the words "maritime safety inspectorate" with the words "KDDI". 5. Replace paragraphs 22 and 23, the words "maritime safety inspectorate" with the words "maritime safety inspection". 6. To express the point 7 by the following: ' 7. By way of derogation from the requirements of paragraph 6.4., KDDI inspectors can issue Terminal which has just been created or created before the entry into force of these regulations, the provisional authorization of the activity, which is valid for a period of not more than twelve months. Terminal presentation of quality system implementation plans in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 or equivalent standards in accordance with point 6.4. Before the temporary permit inspectors shall carry out surveillance in the Terminal KDD, creating bulk terminal Inspection Act. Bulk cargoes Terminal Inspection Act and form the provisional authorisation form laid down in annex 7 of these rules ".
7. Add to paragraph 12, a new sentence: "loading/unloading plan model form laid down in Latvian and English in this provision in annex 8."
8. To supplement paragraph 15 with a new sentence: "ship/terminal control page Latvian and English set out in annex 9 of these regulations."
9. Supplement with 7, 8 and 9 of the annex by the following: "Supplement" Edition received 22.12.2004.