Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 29 April 2004 On The Rules No 466 "rules On Vehicle Technical Inspection And The State Technical Control On The Road"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 29.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.466 "Noteikumi par transportlīdzekļu valsts tehnisko apskati un tehnisko kontroli uz ceļiem"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 81 2005 in Riga on 1 February (pr. Nr. 7 20) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 April 2004 on the rules No 466 "rules on vehicle technical inspection and the State technical control on the road" issued under the Highway Traffic Act in article 16, the seventh paragraph to make the Cabinet of 29 April 2004 on the rules No 466 "rules on vehicle technical inspection and the State technical control on the road" (Latvian journal, 2004, 69 no) the following amendments: 1. Express 8.1. subparagraph by the following : "' key-mandatory 8.1 technical inspection according to the Road Traffic Act in the recurrence, as well as the technical inspection, which is carried out if: 8.1.1. vehicle in the previous ' key identified shortcomings or defects, rated at 3. ratings; 8.1.2. repeating expired inspection deadline; 8.1.3. the technical controls on the roads, the vehicle defect or damage are found, rated at 3. rating; ". 2. Express 8.2. the first sentence of the subparagraph as follows: "the new validation-8.2 mandatory technical inspection, which is carried out within 30 days or the control key controls on the road, if the ' key or the technical controls on the roads, the vehicle defect or damage are found, rated at 2. rating." 3. Add to paragraph 23, after the words "case" with the words "' key '. 4. Supplement with 23.1 points as follows: "If the vehicle the repeating check 23.1 the identified shortcomings or defects, which are evaluated by 2. evaluation, technical inspection sticker is not issued, but is then given temporary permission to participate in road traffic in the territory, subject to the prudent, to the provisional authorisation granted ' key expires. The provisional authorisation of certifying the technical inspection protocol with the assigned rating 2 and an indication of the period of validity of the provisional licence (the date until which you want to take the next repeated check). " 5. Make 42 as follows: "42. If the vehicle has a defect or damage, rated at 2. rating, driver shortcomings noted or damage. If it is not possible to prevent the spot the vehicle by removing the technical inspection sticker, is cancelled in the previous tolerance for road and temporary permission is given 30 days to participate in road traffic in the territory, following the precautions. " 6. Supplement with 42.1 points as follows: ' 42.1 vehicle owner (Manager) the shortcomings noted and presented the vehicle in any of the categories in the vehicle technical inspection station checking again. If the examination shows that the above shortcomings or defects are removed and the vehicle is not an obvious lack of or other damage, vehicle tolerance is restored to the road and the vehicle registered in Latvia are provided with technical inspection sticker with the previous expiration date. " 7. Express 43 as follows: "43. If the vehicle has a defect or damage, measured by the assessment of vehicle 3 further participation in road traffic is prohibited. In this case, the Inspector, removing the technical inspection sticker, revoke the clearance of roads, retention (removes) the national vehicle registration plates and make the relevant entries in the Protocol of technical control. " 8. Add to 46 after the words "technical inspection station" with the words "or the nearest appropriate for the category of vehicle technical inspection station." 9. Make 58 and 59 points as follows: "58. Sports Car, which by design for sports competitions, which can include movement on a public road or stage, the technical inspection shall be carried out on the equipment, making sure the device and the appropriate node uptime and technical condition according to this provision of the procedures laid down in chapter II and the specific technical requirements of the particular group of sports cars. 59. Sports car is given a temporary tolerance road traffic (road race and training stages, moving from one stage to another race or moving elsewhere in connection with the participation in the competitions). Temporary road traffic tolerance limit is specified in the approved application for participation in competitions. The sports car is not given to the technical inspection sticker, but there is a corresponding entry in the sports car's technical passport. Sports cars a temporary tolerance to certify road sports car technical passport containing mark (record) on the technical inspection. " 10. Put the title of Chapter VIII in the following wording: "VIII. road to tolerance and the technical inspection stickers and restore cancellation special event." 11. Delete 62.1 and 62.2... 12. Express point 73 the following: "73.1 January 2008 technical bus intended for the performance of the passenger transport in the territory of the country, once a year you can take technical inspection station, which is not installed in accordance with the coach category or design characteristics. In this case, the coach's technical condition evaluates the extent warranted by the particular technical inspection station equipment and furnishings. " 13. Express 109.3 of part I of the code as follows: "vehicle equipped with 109.3. class BOTH fire apparatus. If the engine of the vehicle powered by a gas power plant, the vehicle shall be fitted with a refill and a working class ABC fire extinguishers. The minimum number of fire extinguishers and the capacity indicated in table 1.2. 1.2. Vehicle category table portable fire extinguishers, the number and capacity of at least one M1 with 1 kg capacity (litre) M2 and M3 one or more with a total capacity of at least 8 kg (litres) N1, N2 and N3, at least one with a capacity of 2 kg (litres) N in connection with O at least two 2 kg capacity (litres)

Water-foam fire extinguishers are only M1kategorij vehicles. The fire extinguishers should be specified for the validity period. Fire apparatus secure for this purpose by the vehicle manufacturer, but if such space, store it in an easily accessible place. If a vehicle of category M2 or M3 is equipped with one fire apparatus, it shall be positioned in the immediate vicinity of the driver. If a vehicle of category M2 or M3 equipped with more fire extinguishers, one placed in the immediate vicinity of the driver, while the other-in the passenger compartment. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods shall be equipped with fire extinguishers in accordance with the requirements of the code 1206.1. " 14. To complement the 503.1.3 of part I of the code in the second sentence by the following: "" Greener and safe "and" safe "Euro 3 trucks and trailers tire tread depth determined code 1303." 15. Delete 621.4 of part I of the code. 16. Add to 622.2 code of part I of third sentence by the following: "prohibited car set security circles or the frame, if the car is not designed for competitive sport and it is not provided with a sports car technical passport." 17. Add to 626 of part I of the code with a third paragraph as follows: "to work the glass lifting and lowering mechanism." 18. Make 627.3 of part I of the code as follows: "the car windscreen 627.3. (windshield) prohibited to be covered with any type of coatings, except for its top 14 cm wide bar or, in so far as it may conceal the manufacturer-installed interior sun visor, keeping the transparency to make them amenable to traffic lights. Windscreen (windshield) light transmission in any case must not be less than 75%. The rest of the field of vision of the driver of the car in the glass (driver's door and the driver blakussēdoš passenger door glass) light transmittance shall not be less than 70%. Light transmission-reducing coating for all glass prohibited: 1) driver training and examination and appropriate use for vehicles registered (tuition cars); 2) route taxis. The driver's direct field of vision (front door glass and windshield) must not be objects, curtains, blinds URu.tml., significantly limiting visibility. " 19. Make 629.1 of part I of the code, the third paragraph as follows: "vehicles of category M1 may be installed in special sports seats, which made the international motoring Federation (FIA) homologated. FIA homologated to be expired (except sports cars). " 20. Express 629.2.2 of part I of the code as follows: "If, in the case of category M1 vehicles set up special sports seats, the car must be equipped with special sports bezinerc the type of seat belts, where the FIA homologated and with at least three mounting points to the bodyshell. FIA homologated to be expired (except sports cars). " 21. To supplement the annex 801.1 code with a third paragraph as follows: "in the case of category M1 vehicles the exhaust system must not be displayed on the side of the vehicle (except in the case where the car manufacturer intended it)." 22. Make 1201 of part I of the code the first paragraph by the following: "to get down carrier of hazardous substances the vehicle certificate of conformity (referred to as the ADR certificate) shall be subject to the presentation of the vehicle manufacturer or his authorized representative in Latvia provided proof that the vehicle and its equipment made according to the European Agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) (hereinafter referred to as the ADR Agreement) requirements in respect of a type of vehicle, the ADR as indicated in table 12.1. " 23. the express 1202.2 of part I of the code as follows: "All dangerous 1202.2. equipment easily accessible location must be permanently attached to the stainless steel plate, which indelibly contains at least the following information: 1) approval number 2) name or mark of the manufacturer, 3) serial number, year of manufacture), 4 5) test pressure, volume 6) (if container consists of several sections, each section of the volume), 7) the intended operating temperature (if it is higher than 50 ° C or below-20 ° C) , 8) initial and last periodic test date (month and year), 9) the test made in the expert's stamp, 10) dangerous equipment facilities and protective cover (if any) material with reference to material standards (if any); 11) dangerous equipment tank test pressure and test pressure of sections (if the section in the test pressure is less than all the tank test pressure). This information can carve on dangerous equipment, if its walls are strengthened accordingly, and thus their strength is not affected. Dangerous equipment tanks that are filled or drained with pressure, it is necessary to indicate the maximum working pressure. " 24. Make 1203 of part I of the code as follows: "1203. Braking equipment for ADR certificate, must be submitted by the vehicle manufacturer or its representative certifying the conformity of the lēninātāj intended for the carriage of dangerous goods vehicle requirements. This receipt by the vehicle manufacturer or by his authorized representative in Latvia can be included in the attestations referred to in the code 1201.1. " 25. replace part I of the annex, 1206.1.1, 1206.1.2, 1206.1.3 1206.1, 1206.1.4 and the 1206.1.5 code, the word "fire" with the word "fire". 26. Replace 1206.1.6 of part I of the code, the word "fire" with the word "fire". 27. Express 1207 of part I of the code name for the following: "1207. Speed limitation device". 28. Make 1303 of part I of the code as follows: "1303. the tyre tread depth" Greener and safe "and" safe "Euro 3 trucks and trailers of all the tyres of the tyre tread depth minimum is 2.0 mm." 29. Make in part II, paragraph 107 as follows: "107. Speed limitation device 107.1, not running, inadequate X X 107.3 107.2. Certified. No information on the set speed is certified X 107.4. not" X 30. seals make in part II, 208.2. subparagraph by the following: "208.2.

A vehicle of category M1 constructed or first registered to 2000 December 31, burn the only additional brake lamp or two additional brake lamp;
M2, M3, N, category O vehicle do not burn any of the additional braking lights or no additional brake lamp X burn any of the basic brake lamps;
do not burn any of the basic brake lamps, but it burned at least one additional brake lamp;
A vehicle of category M1 constructed or first registered after 1 January 2001, burn no additional [S3] type brake lamp X burn none stop lamp "X 31 make in part II, paragraph following the 407:" 407. action of the uneven dispersion of activities, the difference between the wheels of the same axle exceeds 50% X not working one side "32. Deletion of annex X part II. 621.4. 33. Make in part II, section follows 622.2.: "dangerous or 622.2 secured the cabin equipment for the car, not X sports car, installed security circles or frame X ' 34. Make in part II, the following paragraph in the 626:" 626. doors, covers, handles, locks, locks are harder to open or close X is not inappropriate mounting the door handle, the door with the handle not opening from the outside or from inside not cover opening the device or it does not work the way you expect; other road users in danger of damage; not working glass lifting and lowering mechanism of X is the door, bonnet, they are not locked in the closed position X ' 35. Make in part II and section 629.1 629.2. by the following: ' the difficulties of the seat or seat back 629.1 moving the X number of inappropriate, anchorage, improvised seats; not working transfer or locking devices; not registered conversion; Sport seat without FIA homologated or it is not amenable to X not 629.2; safety belt without FIA homologated or it is not amenable to "express the X 36. part II of the annex 801.1 the following subparagraph:" the 801.1. Impossible or difficult to control waste, inadequate exhaust system design for X "37. Put part II 12. group as follows:" No 12 group. Vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods assessment 1 2 3 1201. no manufacturer, inappropriate X 1202. dangerous equipment Declaration of conformity No, inappropriate X 1203. Braking equipment is certified X 1204. the combustion heaters autonomous 1204.1. Inappropriate construction, fuel, operation X 1204.2. Inappropriate action X 1205. Electrical equipment 1205.1. Inadequate design X 1205.2. Inadequate anchorage, location; inadequate insulation X 1205.3. Inappropriate placement; inappropriate isolation of Terminal X

1205.4.; inappropriate location designation; not immune from unintentional starting X 1206. Fire protection, inadequate 1206.1; inadequate capacity; inconsistent placement; not in the driver easily accessible location, not protected from weather influences; missing or illegible expired or next check date X 1206.2. Inadequate design; inappropriate location X 1206.3. Inadequate design X 1206.4. Inadequate design X. Inadequate design 1206.5 X 1207. Speed limitation device; inappropriate setting; not checked X 1208. Chassis and bodywork 1208.1. Inappropriate design X 1208.2. Inadequate design X 1209. information and warning signs are not, inadequate X 1210. Additional equipment not 1210.1; lamp not working X 1210.2.; inadequate X 1210.3.; burn X ' 38. Make in part II, paragraph 307 as follows: "1303. the tyre tread depth low X" instead of the Prime-Minister a. traffic shlesers child and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik in