Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 24 August 2004, The Regulation No 740 "rules For Scholarships"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 24.augusta noteikumos Nr.740 "Noteikumi par stipendijām"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 94 in Riga 1 February 2005 (pr. No 7 45) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 24 august 2004, the Regulation No 740 "rules on grants issued under the University Act 52. the third paragraph of article 14 of the Education Act and article 23 to make a Cabinet of 24 august 2004, the Regulation No 740" rules for scholarships "(Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 138) the following amendments: 1. Make the introductory paragraph 3 by the following:" 3. the tender of Scholarship can get this rule 1.1. student referred to in who: ".
2. Express 3.3 subparagraph by the following: "3.3. not be considered as a worker or self-employed according to the law" on State social insurance ".
3. To supplement the provisions under point 3.1, the following wording: "3.1 3.3 of these regulations, the conditions of subparagraph does not apply to the provisions referred to in point 1.1 student who, while studying in higher education, at the same time carry out pedagogical and scientific activities of the higher education institution or institution of higher education founded in national nonprofit scientific or teaching establishment (Institute, Center, clinic, experimental station, the Observatory and the other company), as well as the scientific, educational or medical institution If it participates in the implementation of the programmes of higher education. "
4. Express 4 by the following: "4. the higher education scholarship fund may grant: 4.1 scholarship programme 4.1.1. learning: undergraduate study programmes, vocational higher education programs, masters degree programs student and resident in medicine, 10 months a year (scholarship is not awarded in July and august);
4.1.2. the doctoral program student — 11 months a year (scholarship is not awarded in august);
4.2. the one-time scholarship once a semester. One-off grants for no more than the minimum amount of the scholarship;
4.3 increase the scholarship. The increased scholarships for an amount not exceeding twice the amount of the minimum scholarship. "
5. Make the paragraph 9 by the following: "9. in order to be able to get that provision referred to in paragraph 4, the scholarship, student submit to higher education scholarships in the Commission the following documents: 9.1. grants application (annex);
9.2. certificate from the place of work, if a learner is a worker employed by the employer. "
6. Supplement with 9.1 points as follows: "If the scholar become 9.1 workers or self-employed, he has the obligation to inform the Commission of the allocation of scholarships for non-compliance with this rule 3.3. the condition laid down in point."
7. Express 10.1. subparagraph by the following: "10.1. scholarship applications, evaluate the applicant's compliance with the rules referred to in paragraph 3, as well as promotions or entrance examination results and scientific activities (publications, participation in conferences, participation in projects and other indicators);".
8. Make the following introductory paragraph 11: "11. If two or more student who qualifies for this provision referred to in paragraph 4, equivalent to success scholarship and research performance, higher education grants Commission scholarship grant: "first.
9. Express 18 as follows: "6. the higher education scholarships during the semester, the Commission repealed the decision on scholarship award, if it finds that the person: 18.1. provided the false information;
18.2. to fulfil the academic plan of study;
18.3. the educational authorities of violating internal rules;
18.4. the time of receipt of the Fellowship have become employed or self-employed workers, except those provisions referred to in paragraph 3.1, the unfocused learning. "
10. To make a new version of the annex (annex). Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and science Druviet of annex I of the Cabinet 1 February 2005 Regulation No 94 application for fellowship education and Science Minister i.-Druviet

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