The Food And Veterinary Service Charter

Original Language Title: Pārtikas un veterinārā dienesta nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 142, Riga, 22 February 2005 (pr. 10. § 34) food and veterinary staff regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. food and veterinary service (hereinafter service) are under the supervision of the Minister of agriculture existing direct regulatory authority.
2. the aim is to organize and carry out the supervision and control of the food chain and veterinary medicine, to provide consumers with healthy and safe food, as well as animal health and welfare requirements.
II. the functions, tasks and responsibilities 3. Service specific veterinary law, law of the food chain monitoring, law for the protection of animals, animal feed and pharmaceutical Law Act.
4. in order to ensure the fulfilment of service function performs the following tasks: 4.1. appropriate monitoring programmes organized and carried out the food business company product and process control;
4.2. organized and carried out under the supervision of the veterinary control objects;
4.3. the organized and coordinated by the infectious animal disease prevention and control measures;
4.4. in accordance with the food and veterinary control and monitoring of organized and conducted laboratory and diagnostic studies;
4. draw up and submit to the Ministry of Agriculture of the proposals relating to the measures to be taken by professional competence areas;
4.6. inform the public about the activities of the service and provide advice to the natural and legal persons;
4.7 external regulations issued in the cases specified in the regulations;
4.8. the laws provide certain paid services;
4.9. participate in legislative drafting and in the opinions of the other institutions the competence of service made by the existing legislation;
4.10. the European Commission and the Council of the European Union working group and Committee meetings of professional competence;
4.11. The rural support service provides the information necessary for the public and support the administration of the European Union;
4.12. the introduction of administrative and technical management system, to make the European Union's common agricultural policy measures in specific laboratory tests of products;
4.13. in private transactions, which are required for the operation of the service;
4.14. stores services balance existing in the public domain;
4.15. the laws and carry out other tasks.
5. Service within the limits of its competence, is entitled: 5.1 prepare and regulations established to make proposals about service tasks necessary financing from the State budget;
5.2. to request and receive, free of charge from national and municipal authorities, as well as external regulations — cases — from individuals service tasks required for the implementation of the information and documents;
5.3. to involve ministries and other institutions representatives harmless and safe food, as well as animal health and welfare issues.
III. structure and governance 6. Service led by the Director-General of the service. General Director of the service, is also the country's main food and health inspector. The Director-General of the service comply with the equipment of the public administration Act direct authorities managerial functions.
7. the Director-General of the national civil service prescribed by law shall be appointed and removed from Office by the Minister of agriculture. The Director General of the service can be a Vice.
8. the Director-General of the service creates the internal organisational structure of the service.
IV. activities of the service provision of the rule of law and reporting 9. Service activities are provided by the Director-General of the Justice Department. The Director-General of the service creates the service of internal control and inspection system.
10. the Director-General has the right to cancel service for unlawful decisions of officials and internal regulations.
11. the officers of the administrative acts issued and actual action can be a challenge and appeal in accordance with the administrative procedure law in the following order: 11.1. Department officials issued administrative act or actual action may be challenged, submitting the application to the Director-General of the service. The Director-General of the service's decision may be appealed to the Court of Justice;
11.2. the General Director to succeed administrative provisions (except this rule 11.1. the decision referred to in point) or the actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of agriculture. The Ministry's decision may appeal to the Court.
12. the service shall prepare a report on the use of budgetary means and public accounts. The Director-General of the service at least once a year, submit to the Department of agriculture Minis tr activity report. The Minister of agriculture may at any time require the service activity report.
13. the service not less than annually submit to the Minister a report on the service's functions and the use of budget resources.
V. closing question 14. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 12 March 2002, the provisions of no. 112 "food and Veterinary Service Charter" (Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 42).
Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 26 February 2005.