Amendments To The Cabinet Of 23 August 2001 Of Regulation No 378 "work Injury Compensation Calculation, Financing And Costs Order"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2001.gada 23.augusta noteikumos Nr.378 "Darbā nodarītā kaitējuma atlīdzības aprēķināšanas, finansēšanas un izmaksas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 244 in Riga in 2005 (April 12. No 19 25) amendments to the Cabinet of 23 august 2001 of Regulation No 378 "work injury compensation calculation, financing and costs order" Issued in accordance with the law "on compulsory social insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases" (4) the transitional provisions to make the Cabinet of 23 august 2001 of Regulation No 378 "work injury compensation calculation, financing and costs order" (Latvian journal, 2001, nr. 123) the following amendments : 1. Replace the words "in paragraph 3.3 of the cabinet authorized a Special Commission of the occupational physician" with the words "Paul stradins clinical University Hospital of occupational and medical center of radiation Medical Advisory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Consultative Commission doctor)".
2. Replace paragraph 5, second sentence, the words "If the company (uzņēmējsabied capacity) privatised" with the words "privatisation case".
3. Make paragraph 6 by the following: "6. If the employer in the event of termination, the employer or his successor rights and obligations of an employee or dependant is paid all damages, as well as the transfer of debts to the State social insurance disability, maternity and sickness special budget (hereinafter referred to as the special budget) the amount of compensation for the subsequent three years, calculated in accordance with the rules laid down in chapter III. In this case, the harm you rewards in the future by the State social insurance agency (hereinafter Agency), but not earlier than the date when the amount of the compensation paid to the special budget. "
4. Express 8 and 9 point as follows: "8. Where an employer is responsible for the damage caused by the work cannot be determined (judgment of the Court of Justice on the legal is the finding of facts or documents that demonstrate that the employer does not have the rights and obligations of the transferee), an employee or a dependant of the compensation granted to the Agency by day, recorded the fact that the employer is not detectable, but not earlier than 12 months before the claim of injury and its award requires the submission of the documents.
9. This provision 8. in the cases referred to in point of compensation calculated in accordance with Chapter III of these rules. The Agency does not reimburse these provisions in chapter IV of these additional costs. "
5. Express 10.1. subparagraph by the following: "10.1. all damages and cost-related documents (things) transfer (send) the Agency shall have 20 days following these rules referred to in point 6 of compensation in the amount of money transfer to the special budget;".
6. The deletion of paragraph 12, the words "and presented a passport with a mark on the sign-off".
7. Put the following in paragraph 14: "14. disputes between employees and employers on work injury compensation cases pending in court. The Agency's decision in the appeal of the administrative disputed and process control legislation. "
8. Deleting the introductory part of paragraph 16, the words "and 8".
9. Amend paragraph 16.3.
10. the introductory part of paragraph 17 be expressed in the following: "17. the decision on the award of compensation for this rule 3.2., 3.3., and 3.4 and point 8 of these cases based on the following documents:".
11. the express section 17.1.2. by the following: "Act on employment in 17.1.2. the accident or the doctor of the Advisory opinion of the Commission on occupational diseases found;".
12. Make the following paragraph 17.1.4.: "17.1.4. judgment of the Court of Justice or the documents proving that the employer is not discoverable;".
13. Express section 17.2.2. the following wording: "17.2.2. death certificate;".
14. Delete paragraph 17.2.3. and 17.3.
15. Express 17.2.4., 17.2.5. and at the bottom of this paragraph 17.2.6.: "17.2.4. a document certifying that the person is a dependant;
17.2.5. Act concerning the work of the accident or the doctor of the Advisory opinion of the Commission on occupational diseases found;
17.2.6. judgment of the Court of Justice or other documents proving that the employer is not discoverable; ".
16. Replace paragraph 18, first sentence, the words "in these regulations" with the words "this provision in paragraph 10 or 17".
17. Make the paragraph 19 by the following: "19. Compensation is paid monthly. Damages in accordance with the employee or dependants, or his legal representative's submission, the Agency transferred his specified credit institutions of the Republic of Latvia or in the account settlement system (PNs) is charged to the account of the service provider charges set by the site or the service damage beneficiary's place of residence. "
18. Amend paragraph 22, the words "as well as the change of residence".
19. To supplement 27 behind the words "invalidity pension" with the words "in accordance with the law" on State pensions ".
20. Supplement with 27.1 points by the following: "If an employee assigned to 27.1 other public pension or retirement pension in accordance with special laws, compensation shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph. 25.2."
21. Supplement with 29.5. point the following at the bottom: "changing the number of dependants 29.5. (calculating damages the rules referred to in paragraph 28 of Kuma in the order)."
22. the express section follows 33.3.: "the Act of work 33.3. the accident or the doctor advisory opinion of the Commission on occupational diseases found."
23. Amend paragraph 34.
24. Make 35 as follows: ' 35. If the consideration for the current month calculated according to these rules, shall be less than the compensation of an employee or dependant paid in December 1997, then the compensation until the amount of compensation to be paid to plug, which calculated for December 1997. This condition need not be met: 21.8. If the capacity of the Commission employee expertise due to the improvement in the health status of lower disability group or lower capacity loss percentage;
35.2. If decreased the number of dependants. In this case, the damages that were awarded for December 1997, reduced the part that corresponds to the reduction in the number of dependants, if this amount is not less than that calculated in accordance with these rules;
35.3. If there is a court order or inaccuracies found in the documents submitted, which affect the amount of compensation;
35.4. This provision 6 and 8 in the cases referred to in point. "

25. The deletion of paragraph 36 and 37. Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister d.-Staķ