The Procedure For The Grant, Administered And Monitored By National And European Union Support For The Beekeeping Sector

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā piešķir, administrē un uzrauga valsts un Eiropas Savienības atbalstu biškopības nozares attīstībai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 271 in Riga 2005 April 19 (Mon. No. 21) order in which grant, administered and monitored by national and European Union support for the beekeeping sector Issued under the agricultural and rural development Act article 5, fourth and seventh subparagraph 1. determines the order in which grant, administered and monitored by national and European Union support for the development of apiculture industry 2005-2007 (hereinafter referred to as aid).
2. the aid shall be granted on the basis of the Council of 26 April 2004, Regulation (EC) No 797/2004 on measures to improve the production and marketing of apiculture products.
3. the rural support service grants, manage and monitor these rules aid referred to in paragraph 1.
4. the aid shall be granted each year for the period from 1 September to 31 august of the following year.
5. To support eligible beekeepers Association, registered in the register of associations and foundations (hereinafter the applicant), if these provisions annex 5.1:1. the measures referred to in paragraph 1 shall implement the individuals with professional secondary education in beekeeping or higher academic training in agriculture;
5.2. these rules 2 and 3 of the annex measures referred to in paragraph implements the people with higher academic education in agriculture or veterinary medicine;
5.3. activities are organized in all regions of Latvia beekeepers.
6. the applicant for support each year to 15 July in the rural support service: 6.1. implementation plans and expenditure in accordance with the provisions of this annex;
6.2. the bee Association a copy of the registration certificate;
6.3. the annual report on the previous financial year;
6.4. implementation of those involved in formal education.
7. the rural support service need to grant aid to be assessed in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 5 and 6 of these requirements and the Council of 26 April 2004, Regulation (EC) No 797/2004 on measures to improve the production and marketing of apiculture products.
8. the rural support service within one month of receipt of the documentation the applicant shall evaluate them and inform the applicant in writing concerning the granting of aid. If the documents submitted the information is inaccurate or incomplete, the rural support service requires additional information in writing, subject to the limits required to receive the information. If a decision on refusal to grant support, field support service shall inform in writing the applicant and the indication of the support the reasons for the refusal.
9. the rural support service with the beneficiary of the contract, in determining whether the aid receives one payment or in instalments. The beneficiary shall submit on a quarterly basis in the rural support service request for payment together with payment transactions and supporting documents, as well as the expenditure supporting documents. These documents shall be submitted to each next quarter's first month on the 10th.
10. the beneficiary each year up to 10 September in the rural support service shall submit the final payment claim together with supporting documents (invoices, invoice, Bill of lading, cheque) and the report on the activities during the reference year.
11. the rural support service provides supervision and control measures, random inspections of at least 5% of the sites for the implementation of the measures.
12. The applicant field support service support refusal decision may be challenged and appeal to the rural support service in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law.
13. in 2005 the applicant that rule 6. documents listed support services in the Field by May 6.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to the April 27, 2005.
Annex a Cabinet of 19 April 2005, regulations No 271 beekeeping industry development activities and their funding in 2005-2007, no PO box
Event funding (in dollars) 2005.
1. the dissemination of information (courses, seminars, training) and technical assistance to beekeepers and beekeepers groups 90862 98312 107088 2.
The control of varroasis control (control of varroasis combat preparation test, varroz-absorbing methods of darvošan, the control of varroasis airborne virus detection) 15082 16318 17774 3.
Honey analysis 8392 9078 9890 4.
Together all the measures 114336 123708 134752 Minister of Agriculture m. rose