Amendment Of The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 25 March 2004, Regulations No 174 "foster Parents Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījums Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 25.marta noteikumos Nr.174 "Audžuģimeņu noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 376 in Riga, 31 May 2005 (pr. Nr. 32 32) amendment of the Cabinet of Ministers of 25 March 2004, regulations No 174 "foster parents" rules Issued in accordance with the law "on pagastties" fosters and article 13, fourth to make the Cabinet of 25 March 2004, regulations No 174 "foster parents rules" (Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 54, 144; 2005, 72 no) amendment and make paragraph 9 by the following: "9. In order to qualify for the status of audžuģimen, spouses (person) family courts (pagastties) presented identity documents and also submit the following documents: 9.1. submission (annex 1);
9.2. the family doctor's opinions on spouse (the person). The opinion issued by the family doctor, at which the spouse (the person) is registered and in which health care is at least six months;
9.3. the psychiatrist and narkolog opinions on the spouses ' (people). "
Prime Minister a. Halloween Health Minister g. Smith Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 4 June 2005.