Rules For The National Examiner's Office Paid Services Price List

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Valsts tiesu ekspertīžu biroja maksas pakalpojumu cenrādi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 374, Riga, 31 May 2005 (pr. No 32 26. §) rules for the national examiner's Office paid services price list Issued in accordance with the law on budget and financial management of the ninth article 5 part 1. determines the State forensic Office (hereinafter the Office) paid service price list. 2. the provisions do not apply to inspections carried out by the criminal and administrative procedure, if the inspection has determined a process Guide. 3. The Office shall charge the costs calculated in accordance with the paid services price list (annex 1), developing individual each order (annex 2). 4. If the charge is carried out outside the round or sooner than two working days, the price adjustment factor — 2.0.5. Customer shall pay for services before receiving it by performing transfer with credit institutions. 6. the Commission on the activities of the credit institution financial operations paid subscriber. 7. the Office's service price list apply to all fees, except where other specific legislation or Office services. 8. Revenue provided by the Office of paid services including the Office of the Treasury General account opened and used to cover expenditure under the Act on the State budget the appropriations approved. Prime Minister a. Halloween S. Minister of Justice Āboltiņ annex 1 of the Cabinet of Ministers on 31 May 2005 Regulations No 374 State forensic Office of charge service price list no PO box charge type unit price (Ls) SALES TAX ($) total ($) 1. Biological and chemical inspection 1.1. soil, plant and animal hair object of inspection of the man-hour 5.00 0.90 5.90 1.2. glass, ceramics and products , incandescent, metal and alloy expertise of 5.00 0.90 5.90 1.3 man-hours. oil and oil inspection of 5.00 0.90 5.90 1.4. colour of the man-hours materials and coatings, fibers and their products, materials, polymer materials and products inspection of 7.00 1.26 8.26 1.5 man-hours color materials and products, fiber material and products, polymer materials and products inspection using the man-hours of 8.50 1.53 10.03 is spectroscopic 1.6. shot a foot inspection using the electron microscope of 5.00 0.90 5.90 1.7. finger man-hours foot inspection (foot visualization and identification) of document 2 man-hours 5.00 0.90 5.90 inspection 2.1. document property inspection of 8.00 1.44 9.44 2.2 document man-hours material and paper inspection of 8.00 1.44 9.44 man-hours 2.3. handwriting, signature inspection and determination of the author's expertise of 4.00 0.72 4.72 2.4 man-hours economic expertise of 28.00 5.04 33.04 man-hours 3. Technical expertise 3.1. terrain changes feet marks inspection of man-hour 5.00 0.90 5.90 3.2. infotehnisk inspection of 4.00 0.72 4.72 3.3 man-hours.
trasoloģisk inspection of man-hour 5.00 0.90 5.90 3.4. autotehnisk inspection of man-hour 5.00 0.90 5.90 note. The Man-hour is the consumption unit of measure — work that one expert did in one hour.
Minister of Justice s. Āboltiņ annex 2 to the Cabinet of 31 May 2005, regulations No 374 of the State forensic Office charge them A service type B of one man-hour costs ($) C Service man-hours required to count the price adjustment factor D, E total labor costs = B x C x D (Ls) F the Services required for the implementation of the raw materials and energy costs ($) (G) common service costs = E + F (Ls) Note. The Man-hour is the consumption unit of measure — work that one expert did in one hour.
Minister of Justice Āboltiņ of S.