Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 11 January 2005, The Provisions Of No. 40 "order In Which Issued Special Passes To The Post And Collection Vehicles"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2005.gada 11.janvāra noteikumos Nr.40 "Kārtība, kādā izsniedz speciālās caurlaides pasta un inkasācijas transportlīdzekļiem"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 369, Riga, 31 May 2005 (pr. No 32 9) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 11 January 2005, the provisions of no. 40 "order in which issued special passes to the post and collection vehicles" Issued under the cabinet installation article 14 of the law in the first part of paragraph 3 to make a Cabinet of 11 January 2005, the provisions of no. 40 "round at ba, which issued special passes to the post and collection vehicles" (Latvian journal, 2005, nr. 10) the following amendments: 1. Replace the text, the words "a trader or a collection of passports by mersant" (fold) with the words "the national registry the postal operator or operators of collection "(fold). 2. Make a point 2 as follows: "2. the pass shall be issued by the Ministry of transportation: 2.1 the merchant that issued the licence to the General individual mail through the provision of financial services or the Kali general authorisation for the provision of postal services (there could — mail operator); 2.2. the State Chancellery shall — Government mailings delivered. " 3. Replace paragraph 5, the words "mail merchant and trader of the collection" with the words "the national registry, mail and collection of merchant traders". 4. Supplement with 8.1 point as follows: "to get a pass, 8.1 the State Chancellery shall submit to the Ministry of transport and the Director of the State Chancellery in the signed application and the following documents: 8.11. documents certifying the possession of a vehicle for use of Government mail delivery to: 8.11.1. If the vehicle is in the public domain, the information in the register of the vehicle — a copy of the certificate (the original show); 8.11.2. If the vehicle is leased, a copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle (the original show) and a copy of the lease agreement (orig. MSG in professional presentation). The lease of the vehicle specified in the lease period may not be less than the period of validity of a pass; 8.12. information about the volume of mail of the Government in the previous year and the geographical area in which delivered Government mailings. " 5. Make paragraph 10 by the following: ' 10. Passes issued by the national Office or the merchant owned or owned vehicles that, in the light of this rule 8.3., 8.12., 9.1.2. and 9.2.4. information referred to, respectively, are necessary for the provision of postal services, postal delivery or cash collection and delivery. " 6. To express the following paragraph 12: ' 12. If the vehicle is changed, the State Chancellery, mail or collection of Santa komer merchant submits a reasoned application to the new passes, adding that rule 8.1, 8.11., 9.1.1 or 9.2.1. documents referred to and passing the previously issued a pass. " 7. Add to paragraph 16.2. behind the words "postal service give away" with the words "the Government mail delivery". 8. Replace paragraph 16.6. numbers and the words "in paragraph 8 or 9" with the words "s and level 8, 8.1 or 9".
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