The Provisions On The Detailed Design And Development Of A Detailed Plan And Funding Arrangements

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par detālplānojuma izstrādes līgumu un detālplānojuma izstrādes un finansēšanas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 367, Riga, 31 May 2005 (pr. No 32 5. §) rules on detailed development agreement and a detailed development and financing arrangements Issued in accordance with the spatial planning law 12 the third paragraph of article 1 shall determine the detailed rules for development and its financing arrangements, as well as the agreement on the detailed design (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) is to be included.
2. the elements of the Detailed design and public consultation, the entry into force of the amendment, suspension, evaluation and due diligence procedures for monitoring compliance with the local government level territory planning law and the Cabinet of Ministers on 19 October 2004, the Regulation No 883 "local municipal territory planning rules".
3. to start the detailed design, the natural or legal person — a detailed development agents — submitting local Government Council (the Council). The application shall specify: 3.1 area who needed to develop a detailed plan;
UR3.2.det ālplānojum development needed justification;
UR3.3.det ālplānojum developer.
4. The local Government Council (the Council) within a month a detailed plan for the development of the agent receiving the application to evaluate the conformity of the proposed local government planning and, if the proposal meets the local municipal territory planning, shall decide on the detailed design and contract closure.
5. If a proposal does not comply with planning, local Government Council (the Council) adopted a decision on the refusal to initiate the development of a detailed plan, as well as the conclusion of a contract and send a detailed design for the agent. That decision may be appealed to the administrative court.
6. If a detailed development funded a detailed development agents, the local municipal Council (Council) decision in addition to the Cabinet of Ministers on 19 October 2004, the Regulation No 883 "local municipal territory planning rules" set out in paragraph 58 indicates the territory according to a detailed property description and structure in graphical form, as well as a detailed development of the agent that will be closed. The decision to add to the draft Treaty.
7. Agreement specifies: 7.1 that the territory is developing a detailed plan;
UR7.2.det ālplānojum development financing;
UR7.3.det ālplānojum Development Manager;
7.4. rights and obligations of the parties;
7.5. the liability of the parties.
8. If the development of a detailed local authority, detailed development of the necessary financial resources for the development proponent including a detailed local authorities in General. These funds included in sections. 10 working days after the conclusion of the contract shall make an advance payment of 50%. The remaining amount of the detailed development of the agent of the local Government paid off after the entry into force of the detailed plan.
9. If the local government in the development of a detailed plan, fees for services from agents are charged according to the local Government Council (Council) decision in the price list.
10. If you do not develop a detailed local authority, detailed development agents shall have the right to choose a detailed developer.
Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and local Government Minister m. kučinskis Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 4 June 2005.