Student Personal Things And Updating Procedures Design

Original Language Title: Studējošā personas lietas noformēšanas un aktualizēšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 366, Riga, 31 May 2005 (pr. No 32) 4 student personal affairs and escalation procedures design Issued in accordance with article 46 of the Law School's eighth 1. determines the order in which the University draws up and updates student personal affairs.
2. On the management of college student party of the person in charge of establishing by person imatrikulācij, supplemented and updated in the course of the study and completed by student eksmatrikulācij.
3. About the management of the relevant University Department responsible person (hereinafter referred to as the unit clerk) studies on the map indicates the following: 3.1 student personal data (name, surname, personal number, student ID number or code imatrikulācij);
3.2. the student declared place of residence address;
3.3. data on previously acquired education (General secondary, vocational secondary or higher education, education);
3.4. entrance examination (name and rating) on the basis of which the student imatrikulēt;
3.5. the name of the program of study;
3.6. the courses in classification code;
3.7. imatrikulācij data (order number and date);
3.8. the licence and accreditation page specified in the duration of the study programme;
3.9. the Studio type (full/part time studies) and form (the nes/distance covered studies);
3.10. type of funding (contract with student number and date), in vojum, of the fees (if any), news of the study of changes in the method of financing;
3.11. the particulars of the change of study program (order numbers and dates);
3.12. the news of the suspension and resumption of study (order numbers and dates);
3.13. details of semester course of study (mastered study courses and practices, volume kredītpunkto, rating, date of test, the name of the Faculty and in the formal, academic title and degree);
3.14. details of other universities in the course of learning and their recognition;
3.15. details of academic degree, degree, professional degree and/or professional qualification (Bachelor, master, doctorate or skilled labour, driver name, and the reviewer's name, surname, academic degree, position and advocacy work, credits, valued you, culminating in an examination, or national name, academic, scientific or professional degree or qualification awarded by the granting authority, or the name of the degree qualifications, rating, date and number of the decision);
3.16. the name of the diplomas issued by series and number;
3.17. eksmatrikulācij data (order number and date).
4. The University Senate established the Studio map permitted the provision in paragraph 3 is not mentioned in the news and in the personal file of the student in addition to University of article 46 of the law on the seventh of the documents set out in part allowed to include other documents (for example, general secondary education, copies of the certificates, copies of documents proving the person's last name or change of name).
5. within 20 days after the imatrikulācij unit clerk courses map data in the record, on the basis of which the student is imatrikulēt.
6. within 20 days after the end of a semester unit clerk courses map entry test results that correspond to entries in the test protocols, signed by the faculty or academics, eksaminējoš.
7. the Department of the Registrar according to the progress of the process of study, student or personal submissions, decisions of the institutions of the public administration and the actual action updates the map, the Studio is responsible for the study map news for the Ziba and the end of the academic year with a signature certifying the correctness of the data and news.
8. the month of student eksmatrikulācij of the Dean (or head of Department in accordance with article 24 of the Law School's second part of faculty was created) and the management of the University responsible person signature of card.
9. If the certificate was issued, the academic on the basis of a written application of the person eksmatrikulēt, student in the personal file shall be placed after the student eksmatrikulācij.
10. The academic certificate signature University Rector. This is confirmed by the stamp of the University.
11. academic certificate include the following: 11.1. study programme;
in the course of the two UR11.2.apg name;
11.3. the name of the faculty, academic or scientific degree and academic posts;
11.4. the amount of the kredītpunkto course of study;
11.5. the amount of the course of study to the European credit transfer system (European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)) points;
11.6. the assessment;
7.3. test date.
12. The student who imatrikulēt up to the date of entry into force of the provisions, the University student personal Affairs presented pursuant to these provisions by 1 December 2005.
Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and Science (I). Druviet is the Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 4 June 2005.