Potato Cyst Nematodes Control And Eradication Procedures

Original Language Title: Kartupeļu cistu nematožu izplatības ierobežošanas un apkarošanas kārtība

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/111331

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 432 in Riga on 21 June 2005 (pr. No 36 40) potato cyst nematodes control and combat order Issued under the plant protection act, article 13 i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the limits and combats the quarantine organisms — plants of potato cyst nematodes (Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida) (hereinafter referred to as the nematode). 2. the national plant protection service (hereinafter service): 2.1 monitor and control the spread of nematodes, the control of nematodes and control measures (hereinafter referred to as phytosanitary measures) and control their operations, as well as carrying out phytosanitary measures forced;
2.2. laboratory diagnosed nematodes in accordance with European and Mediterranean plant protection organisation guidelines. 3. Distribution in the field intended for breeding, propagating material of food and seed potatoes may be grown solely holdings in the fields where service is not a cyst found. 4. a Person who cultivates in the field propagating material or seed potatoes each year up to October 1 shall submit a written application to the Department on the planned or propagating material of potato planting. The application indicates the planned planting time and field position. 5. If, during a check in the field for planting potato cyst nematodes are found, departments, it prohibits the field in planting potatoes. 6. A Person must not be stored or reproduced, nematodes, except as provided in law for trial or scientific purposes and for work on varietal selections of harmful organisms, plants, plant products and contact with them in the introduction into and movement of objects. II. determination of phytosanitary measures 7. If the nematode, service shall decide on the following health measures: 7.1 7.1.1 determine: the field where the nematode is found to be infested, and infested the field boundaries highlights parcel plan;
7.1.2. the potatoes grown in infested field is infested;
7.1.3. it is possible the infested seed potatoes produced in the farm where the infested potatoes, grown or stored in the same warehouse to infested potatoes, or harvested by the same machinery that infested potatoes harvested;
7.2. prohibit the owner or the field infested holder to be grown or stored in the infested field: 7.2.1. potatoes and other host plants of potato cyst nematodes (tomatoes, Eggplant and other Solanum spp.);
7.2.2. propagating material;
7.3. instructs the infested field owner or holder to clear agricultural machinery, inventory and equipment each time after usage in the infested field. 8. Infested and potentially infested seed potatoes may be distributed as seed potatoes, if they are appropriately treated and after nematode has not been established. 9. If the person provides a risk of spreading of nematodes, infested field permit service to grow: 9.1. against the findings in the field infested nematodes patotip resistant varieties of potatoes, if pretnematož of crop rotation is established in accordance with paragraph 13 of these rules;
9.2. potatoes (excluding seed potatoes), if the potatoes are introduced provocations plantations in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 15, by providing potato harvesting before the maturation of potato cyst;
9.3. potatoes (excluding seed potatoes), if the soil is adequately disinfected. 10. A potato variety shall be regarded as being resistant to a particular nematode patotip when raising this breed, is a proven natural and annual patotip of the nematode population decline. 11. the degree of infestation of the nematodes can be: 11.1. weak (1-2 cysts 100 cubic centimetres of nematodes in the soil);
11.2. medium (3 to 25 cysts 100 cubic centimetres of nematodes in the soil);
11.3. strong (more than 25 nematodes 100 cubic centimetres of cysts grow SNES). 12. Pretnematož-crop rotation may introduce, if the degree of infestation is moderate or weak. 13. Pretnematož-crop rotation can be implemented in the following ways: 13.1 infested fields without crops grown invadējam — multiannual VOC in legumes and grasses, legumes, and cereals, vegetables, technical crops that reduce the degree of infestation in the soil;
13.2. infested fields grown against nematodes resistant potato varieties. 14. in the field, which is a strong infestation degree of nematodes, 2-3 years after detection of nematodes are grown against nematodes resistant plants (legumes, peas, beans, beans, corn and clover; other au gus, which contribute to the reduction in the number of nematodes), regularly disposed of potatoes and other host plant nematodes of pašsēj plants and then introduces the pretnematod rotation. 15. potato plantations of introduced such provocations: 15.1 in rotation planted jarovizēt (custom, Hardy) and bean sprouts for three weeks in early against nematodes resistant potatoes of varieties;
15.2. the potatoes early in the exhibition, so that they can be harvested up to 1 July;
15.3. after potato harvesting plants harvested green pods or medium zaļmēsloj Mama. 16. Service: 16.1 these rules the decision referred to in paragraph 7 indicates the phytosanitary measures mu deadlines;
16.2. monitor and control the implementation of phytosanitary measures. III. Phytosanitary Measures 17. Service cancellation shall take a decision on the phytosanitary measures laid down in the atcelš well, if a field that has been infested, the nematode has not been established. 18. in order to verify that the field in the nematode survived in service, take soil samples and the laboratory analysis the following periods of time: 18.1. fields, where the degree of infestation of nematodes had a strong 7-8 years after the phytosanitary measures;
18.2. the fields that the degree of infestation of nematodes had a medium, 5 to 6 years after commencement of the phytosanitary measures;
18.3. the fields that the degree of infestation of nematodes had a weak 3-4 years after the start of phytosanitary measures. 19. Where it is established that the test field in the nematode has survived, the die would bring a decision on the continuation of phytosanitary measures. Informative reference to European Union directive rules included provisions deriving from Council of 8 December 1969 Directive 69/465/EEC for potato cyst nematode control. Prime Minister a. Minister of Agriculture Halloween — Minister of finance Spurdziņš o.