The Order In Which Defines And Carries Out Environmental Clean-Up Work, Which Compensates For Fish Resources Damages

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā nosaka un veic vides sakopšanas darbus, kas kompensē zivju resursiem nodarītos zaudējumus

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 466 Riga, 28 June 2005 (pr. No. 37) order in which define and carry out environmental clean-up work, which compensates for fish resources damages issued under the Fisheries Act, article 26, seventh subparagraph 1. determines the order in which you define and carry out environmental clean-up jobs to compensate for the loss of fish resources. 2. If within six months of the legal or natural person is not rewarded fish resources damages (losses) under the taxi, laws established for industrial fishing in the territorial waters and economic zone waters and on industrial fishing in inland waters, it compensates for the losses through cleaning up the environment. In that case, the national environmental service filed with the Court a claim for compensation for damage, determining environmental clean-up work. Environmental clean-up work are not applicable dependant persons. 3. environmental clean-up work on the entire amount calculated and unpaid loss amount. Environmental clean-up will be determined, taking into account the estimated loss amount. Losses in the amount of one dollar is equivalent to one hour of cleaning up the environment. 4. to compensate for the loss, take the following environmental clean-up work: 4.1. surface cleaning and ūdensobjekt cleaning up the coast;
4.2. installation of fish spawning grounds and restoring;
4.3. fishing site redevelopment;
4.4. ancillary jobs in the fish farming;
4.5. removal of surface ūdensobjekt of aizaugum (mowing, brush cutting);
4.6. discarded waste collection;
4.7 cleaning, plantation park installation, care and mowing;
4.8. the elements of the landscape and cultural heritage object cleaning;
4.9. other environmental and resources protection work. 5. environmental clean-up work in the natural and legal persons in accordance with a court order to compensate for the loss, after coordination with the relevant authorities, organised by the national environmental service. 6. Within five working days after the Court ruling on damages ingoffsetbya rapid rise the sowing date of entry into force of the legal or natural person logged on the national environmental service. 7. Individual environmental clean-up work is carried out in the territory of the local government, which declared her residence, employment or training of spare time and without remuneration. 8. National Environment services, according to the Court ruling, the information contained in the register: 8.1 environmental clean-up work. operator's name (physical person) or the name and number of the registration (legal person), address and telephone number;
8.2. the environmental clean-up start date and the number of hours;
8.3. environmental clean-up (of the relevant authorities). 9. National Environment Service environmental clean-up work on the specific operator show the place and cleaning up the area, describes the work to be done, indicate the objectives pursued and the results. 10. National Environment services provide the operator with the necessary equipment and personal protective equipment appropriate to the job protection law requirements as well as provide instructions for work to be done. 11. The national environmental services control the cleaning up of the environment, as well as lists the person hours worked for each of the previous day. 12. the environmental clean-up national environment service accept jobs and presented in the work acceptance. The Act of signing the national environmental service representative and a representative of the authorities in the territory of which made cleaning up the environment. National environmental service after ruling enforcement shall notify the Court which handed down its ruling. Prime Minister a. Halloween Environment Minister r. vējonis