National Agency "latvian Sports Museum" Charter

Original Language Title: Valsts aģentūras "Latvijas Sporta muzejs" nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 559 Riga, 26 July 2005 (pr. No 43 72) National Agency "Latvian Sports Museum" Regulations Issued under the public law agency 8. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. Public Agency "Latvian Sports Museum" (further – the Agency) is the Minister of education and science under the supervision of the national regulatory authority. The Minister overseeing the Agency is implemented by the Ministry of education and science. 2. the Agency aims to interest and inform the public of the physical culture and sports, active and healthy lifestyle, developing the foundations of public moral and physical ability of spiritual and material values. II. Agency functions, tasks and rights 3. the Agency shall have the following functions: 3.1. collecting, maintaining and developing the Museum's inventory-National Museum of the inventory component;
3.2. to carry out scientific research in the history of sport;
3.3. to provide the value of the Museum public access;
3.4. promoting Latvia's physical culture and sports history and promote sports history;
3.5. to improve Latvia's physical culture and sports history information center. 4. in order to implement certain functions, the Agency shall: 4.1 maintain and continue to collect, inventory and store museum items that reflect the physical culture and sports history;
4.2. implementing the copyright to the Museum's inventory items according to the copyright law;
4.3. study and identify the physical culture and sports history, the Olympic movement in Latvia and Latvian exile sports history;
4.4. preparing and implementing sports history research and teaching projects in cooperation with sport organisations, other authorities and institutions as well as individuals;
4.5. form the exposure and exhibition on sports history topics within and outside the Museum;
4.6. makes it possible to use the Museum's inventory materials scientific research must be vanity;
4.7. in accordance with the laws and regulations of the National Museum inventory shall be deposited with the Museum's inventory items inside and outside Latvia;
4.8 runs tours, lectures, organizes events, as well as develop and implement scientifically educational pedagogical programs;
4.9. shall prepare and issue guides, catalogues and other information about Latvia mate rial in sports history, the Museum, the Museum of the history of stocks and scientific educational measures;
4.10. provides advice, scientific and methodological assistance in the sports history of the area;
4.11. collect, compile and analyse statistical data on visitors of the Museum, exhibitions and events. 5. the Agency shall have the following rights: 5.1. request from natural and legal persons to carry out the functions of the Agency the necessary information;
5.2. the charge for the following public services: 5.2.1 exhibition visit;
5.2.2. the tour management;
5.2.3. photography and film exhibition halls;
5.2.4. lecture and muzejpedagoģisk program management;
5.2.5. preparation of information in writing;
5.2.6. the subject matter of the item;
5.2.7. events;
5.2.8. the use of the premises;
5.3. According to competence to conclude agreements with State and local institūc in the end, non-governmental organizations, natural and legal persons, as well as foreign institutions. III. Agency governance 6. The work of the agency headed by the Director of the Agency. The Agency's Director shall make public administration facilities Act direct authorities managerial functions and public agency law. 7. the Director of the Agency can be alternates. Deputy Director of the Agency shall be adopted by the employment and dismissal, as well as their powers and responsibilities determined by the Director of the Agency. IV. Agency Advisory Board 8. To promote the cross-sectoral cooperation, Minister of education and science established the Agency's Advisory Board (hereinafter the Board). 9. the Advisory Board operates under the Minister of education and Science approved the Charter. 10. The Board's mission is to provide the Minister of education and science and the Agency opinions and proposals for the medium-term actions and development strategy. 11. the work of the Council for technical support agency. (V). the Agency's financial resources and assets 12. the Agency's financial resources shall consist of: 12.1. Government grants from the general revenue;
12.2. revenue for paid services rendered by the Agency;
12.3. donations and gifts;
12.4. foreign financial assistance. 13. the Agency's State budget grants: 13.1. building maintenance;
13.2. the utility payments;
13.3. the Museum's inventory replenishment (purchase), preservation, restored to find, in the exploration and exploitation;
13.4. microclimate equipment maintenance;
13.5. the conservation of material value and security (security and fire protection equipment);
13.6. the remuneration of the staff;
8.5. international cooperation. 14. Revenue provided by the agency fees, donate, donation, and our brand foreign financial assistance for the development of the Agency, used also in the exhibition and thematic evenings. 15. the law on the Agency's budget and financial management in the order with the permission of the Minister of Finance has the right to take loans and commitments. Prior authorization of the Minister of finance transactions that the documentation prepared by the Agency to coordinate with the Ministry of education and science. 16. the Agency with its possession passed to the Act public law agency in article 16. Vi. Activities of the Agency in ensuring the rule of law and reporting 17. Agency official decisions and actual action of employees of the Agency may be challenged by submitting the application to the Director of the Agency. The Agency Director's decision can be appealed in court. 18. The Director of the Agency to succeed administrative provisions and actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of education and science. The Ministry of education and science of the decision may be appealed in court. 19. the functions of the Agency is carried out in accordance with the management agreement and the medium term in the action and development strategy, which, in coordination with the Museum governance approved by the Minister of education and science. 20. the Agency's management contract and order within the time limit set in the report on the Agency's functions and the use of the financial resources shall be submitted to the Ministry of education and science, but the Museum in public administration-annual activity report. VII. final question 21. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 September 2005. Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and science Druviet of I.