The Rules On Benefits To Compensate For The Transport Costs For Disabled People Who Have Difficulty Moving, Its Review Procedures And Grant Award Procedures And Costs

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par pabalsta apmēru transporta izdevumu kompensēšanai invalīdiem, kuriem ir apgrūtināta pārvietošanās, tā pārskatīšanas kārtību un pabalsta piešķiršanas un izmaksas kārtību

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 563 in Riga, 26 July 2005 (pr. No 43 79. §) rules on benefit to compensate for the transport costs for disabled people who have difficulty moving, its review procedures and grant award procedures and costs Issued in accordance with national social benefits law article 15, first subparagraph, and article 17, first and second part i. General provisions 1 the questions determines the benefits ingoffsetbya rapid rise in transport costs for disabled people who are sowing difficult movement (hereinafter benefit), benefits review procedures and grant award and payment procedures.
II. Benefits and review 2. Benefit is $28 for each six month period.
3. Benefit statement by the Cabinet of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister of welfare, according to the State budget, as well as assessing the economic situation in the country, and taking into account the Central Statistical administration determined the average actual consumer price index.
III. Benefits, assignment, and requesting payment for benefits 4, the applicant or the authorized person makes in any State social insurance agency Division (optional) a written request for the grant of the allowance and the presentation of the following documents: 4.1. identity document;
4.2. proxies, if requested by an authorised person benefits;
4.3. disability certificate;
4.4. the health and integrity of the expertise of the National Commission of doctors or the medical indications for the discovery of customized passenger car purchase and payment of the allowance.
5. The allowance shall be granted to the day when the person has been issued that statement referred to in paragraph 4.4.
6. If the benefit requires the child to a disabled person, assign it to one of the child's parents, guardian or adoptive parents, if the child is placed in the adoptive family upbringing for a period that is longer than six months.
7. the decision on the grant of benefits adopted in national social insurance agency of Department according to the applicant's declared place of residence.
8. the documents for the granting of benefits, the State social insurance agency Division appearance within 10 days after the date of filing and shall decide on the allocation of the allowance or justify the refusal to grant an allowance.
9. the national social security agency refused to grant Department of attractively faded st: If the applicant benefits 9.1 does not meet the social benefit of State statutory requirements benefit;
9.2. If the applicant does not submit or present all these notes to the accession documents. For filing documents and reporting shall be notes of application for the granting of benefits.
10. Decision concerning the granting of benefits or a reasoned refusal to grant benefits to the State social insurance agency benefits the Department shall notify the claimant in writing and specify the opposition or appeal procedure.
11. If the State social insurance agency a division of fault the person assigned the allowance is not paid within the prescribed period, the amount of the allowance shall be paid without a time limit.
12. the fault of beneficiaries not justified the amount of benefit received by the recipient of the allowance released voluntarily or it is deducted from the national social benefits, payable to the beneficiaries in the coming months, and that are allowed to make deductions.
13. If a person does not reasonably amount of benefit received shall not be refunded the cost of the benefit voluntarily or is interrupted before the debt is extinguished, the amount recovered, to travel to the Court of Justice.
14. to be calculated, but the beneficiaries of the death benefit amount is not received, the applicant or the authorized person in any State social insurance agency Division (optional) submit a written request for an amount of benefit received, and presented the following documents: 14.1. identity document;
14.2. the beneficiaries of the deceased's death certificate;
14.3. marriage certificate, if you did not receive the amount of the allowance requires the deceased beneficiary's spouse;
14.4. the relationship of the supporting documents, where the amount of benefit received by the deceased beneficiaries require first or second-degree relatives;
14.5. the mandate, if the amount of benefit received requests the authorized person.
IV. final question 15. provisions applicable to 1 July 2005.
Prime Minister a. Halloween Welfare Minister, Minister with special responsibility for electronic Government Affairs j. Rare Editorial Note: rules applicable to 1 July 2005.