National Information System Registration Rules

Original Language Title: Valsts informācijas sistēmu reģistrācijas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 572, Riga, 2 august 2005 (pr. Nr. 1) 44 national information system registration rules Issued under the national information system, article 13 of the law, the first paragraph 1. establish a national information system in the registration procedure.
2. the national information system in the national register information system register (hereinafter register).
3. the information contained in the register of the national information system (hereinafter referred to as the scheme) is general information.
4. the registry administrator is a special task Minister for electronic Government Affairs Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as the Secretariat).
5. a system administrator shall submit to the Secretariat the submission system registration mu (hereinafter application). The application shall state: 5.1 system;
5.2. legal basis of the system;
5.3. functions that are provided with the information for the performance of movement, using System;
UR5.4.par system of registration officers (Officer) the name, business address, telephone number, electronic mail address.
6. the Secretariat shall within 10 working days of the receipt of the application, examine the information about the system and sent to the system administrator opinion on registration system (opinion).
7. If the information supplied in the application of the system does not comply with the provisions of paragraph 5 of the above requirements, the Secretariat shall refuse to register the system and indicate the grounds for refusal.
8. in the opinion of the deficiencies of the system administrator to resubmit the application.
9. If the opinion is positive, the Secretariat shall record the system and give the answer in the gajai official right to enter data in the register.
10. the responsible officer within three working days following that rule referred to in paragraph 9 of the award entered in the register data on the system, the system administrator and system holder (hereinafter referred to as data).
11. the register entered in the data content is determined by the system administrator, subject to the public information system of the article 13 of the law first there and referred to in the second subparagraph.
12. If the changes associated with the system, the data entered in the register have become incomplete or untrue, the system administrator within three working days after the date of entry into force of the changes this data updated.
13. If the rules referred to in paragraph 12, the changes affect the information specified in the application, the system administrator to the data entered in the register in line with the updating of the Secretariat. The System Manager registry entries updated within three working days after consulting with the Secretariat.
14. the administrator ensures the officer to enter the registry data, using the internet.
15. If the system administrator can use the internet, the Secretariat shall provide the officer to enter the data in the registry specified location of the Secretariat.
16. the registry is financed by the Secretariat assigned to the national budget.
Prime Minister a. Halloween special task Minister for electronic Government Affairs j. Rare Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by 5 august 2005.