Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 19 March 2002, Regulations No. 127 "epizootic Outbreaks And Threats Of Conventional Routines"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 19.marta noteikumos Nr.127 "Epizootiju uzliesmojuma likvidēšanas un draudu novēršanas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 571 Riga, 26 July 2005 (pr. No 43 35) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 19 March 2002, regulations No. 127 "Organisation for elimination of the outbreak, and the arrangements for" threats Issued in accordance with article 26 of the law on veterinary medicine, first subparagraph, and article 27 of the third to make the Cabinet on March 19, 2002 regulations No. 127 "epizootic outbreaks and threats of conventional routines" (Latvian journal, 2002, nr. 47; 2004, 27, 193. no) the following amendments: 1. Replace the text, the words "company (company)" (fold) with the word "company" (the fold).
2. Make 2 first sentence of the paragraph by the following: "Where are the epizootic diseases (further-disease) outbreak (a situation where the animal has been free of that laboratory studies carried out for the approval of the State Veterinary Centre of nostik into according to the food and veterinary service or other methods laid down in a Member State of the European Union laboratory has the right to a reference laboratory in the field of diagnostic (further-into the industry officially confirmed)), the food and veterinary service of the country's main food and veterinary inspector shall inform the Management Board Secretariat, the crisis of this fact."
3. Express 4.3 and 4.4 subparagraph by the following: "these provisions participating 4.3 14 referred to the establishment of the expert group, which plans to disease eradication measures, assess, predict, effectively prevent the spread of the disease and plans the sampling procedures laboratory examinations;
4.4. regional and national disaster crisis management reported to the Secretariat of the Council for the development of the disease and control measures, as well as inform you about disease in the animal, animal food processing, animal by-products processing and production of animal feed merchants and eradication activities in the participating State and local authorities; ".
4. Replace paragraph 8, the word "marked" with the word "means".
5. Make the introductory paragraph 10 by the following: ' 10. animal owner, holder, a slaughterhouse worker, a driver, a practicing veterinarian or any other person who has contact with animals is immediately reported to the food and veterinary service to the Department, but the territorial Department-District Municipality: ".
6. To express the following paragraph 11: "11." finding of avian influenza sick or potentially sick birds, food and veterinary service shall immediately provide the State Agency "public health agency" written information and carried out in cooperation with the avian influenza control and eradication measures (both people and animals). The written information: 11.1. detection of disease;
11.2. the disease control measures taken;
11.3. the possible directions of cooperation and planned joint disease control measures. "
7. Express 12.2. subparagraph by the following: "12.2. take samples for laboratory examination in accordance with the food and veterinary service of the sampling procedures or the recommendations of the Group of experts."
8. Make a point 14 the introductory paragraph by the following: "14. State and local authorities, which included civil protection plan in response, prevention, relief and emergency measures, organized a group of experts, which is assisted by the food and veterinary service and participate in the epizootiological inquiry. Epizootiological inquiry: ".
9. Replace the introductory part of paragraph 15, the word "ensure" with the word "control".
10. Delete paragraph 9.9..
11. Express 18 as follows: "18. the delimitation of the territory after the karantinējam in all enclosed areas in accommodation officer organizes the monitoring measures and controls the infected holding: 18.1. This provision requirement referred to in paragraph 15;
18.2. all infected shed the existing killing susceptible animals. Animals are killed right there on the spot, under the supervision of a veterinarian or inspector. The killing of animals to choose methods that ensure the disease does not spread further.
18.3. killed and dead animals, as well as contaminated waste, materials and articles, to prevent the risk of further spread of the disease;
18.4. the products of animal origin, hatching eggs, chicks hatched, adult and newborn animals (if they obtained during the period of the disease agent into the body to the presence of clinical signs of the onset of the moment (incubation period)) (tracking) and the clearance of the accounts of the liquidation, to prevent the risk of further spread of the disease;
18.5. the infected sites, its surroundings, and equipment contaminated vehicle washing and disinfecting after these rules 18.2 and 18.3. implementation of the measures referred to in point. Washing and disinfection to be carried out under the supervision of the official veterinarian. "
12. Replace paragraph 19.1. the word "marked" with the word "means".
13. the introductory part of paragraph 22 be expressed as follows: "22. If there is an outbreak of disease, the food and veterinary service, in cooperation with State and local authorities, which included civil protection plan in response, prevention, relief and emergency measures in the protection zone shall be determined in such a away from the infected holding: ".
14. Delete paragraph 22.1, the words "foot-and-mouth disease".
15. Delete subparagraph 14.7 14.7. and..
16. Delete 24.6. section.
17. the introductory part of paragraph 26 to express the following: "26. State and local authorities, which included civil protection plan in response, prevention, relief and emergency measures, as well as the owner of the animal protection and surveillance zones shall ensure that the following requirements are met:".
18. Amend paragraph. 16.3.
19. Delete the words in paragraph 17.6. "foot-and-mouth disease".
20. Delete paragraph 33, the words "foot-and-mouth disease".
21. Delete paragraph 49.
22. Make the following introductory paragraph 56: "56. food and veterinary service, in cooperation with the expert group organised by the epizootiological studies to obtain information about:".
23. paragraph 57 of the Present introductory paragraph as follows: "the infected area 57. the Group of experts, in cooperation with the food and veterinary service and national forest service employees:".
24.46.2. in subparagraph be deleted, the words "and marked".
25. replace the words "paragraph 74.4 marked" with the word "marked".
26. The deletion of informative references to the directives of the European Union 1.
27. paragraph 1 of the annex shall be deleted. Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. rose